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Skorzeny: Dancing with the Devil

by Hugo N. Gerstl

1943: The tide of the War has turned against Hitler. Mussolini is deposed, imprisoned, and hidden. A single commando leads gliders to the top of the highest peak in the Apennines to rescue the Duce.
October 1944: Hungary’s Admiral Horthy is about to defect to the Soviets. Hitler’s man kidnaps Horthy’s son, and advises him it’s time to “retire” if he ever wants to see his son again.
December 1944: The Battle of the Bulge. Hitler’s favorite soldier, using 2,000 stolen American Army uniforms, leads a group of English-speaking Germans behind enemy lines and wreaks havoc throughout the front.
That same man helps former SS members get to South America; becomes Juan Péron’s security chief and Eva Péron’s secret lover; trains Arab forces and Yasser Arafat for the next Israeli war; sells arms to both sides of wars throughout Africa; and ultimately, as a Mossad agent, “takes out” the very group of nuclear scientists Egypt recruited to destroy Israel!
The same man, Otto Skorzeny, did all these things and more. Unrepentant Nazi, this ultimate predator, the most dangerous man in the world, lived more lives than a dozen James Bonds.
International best-selling author Hugo N. Gerstl, brings the life of this amazing hero/villain, now almost forgotten, back onto the world’s stage where, during the time he lived, he made the world a much more exciting – and scary – place.

The New Order of Alexandria: The Island of Hella (The New Order Alexandria Series Book 1)

by Joseph Wright

Join Jack Carr and his brother Derek as they join The New Order of Alexandria, a new army that wants to take control of what remains of The United States of America after climate change in the year 2050. Jack and Derek will witness the horrors of the western world, they will see humanity at it’s worst. Derek will meet the beautiful Jade Sanders and fall in love, Jack will get lost on the island and he will have to learn how to survive on his own and people will die as a killer stalks the island and a war will take place! A post apocalyptic adventure intended for mature audiences.


by Baklajin Nirvokurovich



by Welona Sombatina


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