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Broken Frames of Mind: Chronicles of a Glass i

by Seth Ian

The title of the body of work has troubled me somewhat because these writings span 23+ years of my life, maturity, relationships, how the world affected me, my mental health, my battles, scars, losses, wins… What would fit? I have labored over this for so long.

Broken Frames of Mind: Chronicles of a Glass i

Cool, but what’s that? Well, the band I played in I had named Glass i. Which literally meant ‘transparent me’ because of how open and raw, emotionally my lyrics were. Broken Frames of Mind… That too is a nod to the days of playing music. The very first band I played in while in high school I had named this. A few members changed and our name did too. As one of the primary writers in the band I amassed a lot of writings. With stacks of composition book and spiral ring notebooks laying around I felt it was time to edit the entire body of work and publish it. So much of my life is in these pages. Whether it is a direct experience or me giving voice to those who have not felt they had one; this is 100% what I have experienced. With life having settled down and my perspectives changing with age I felt this was a good stopping point on this kind of writing. I continue to write and will publish more works but this felt right to bookend these experiences like this.

ODES TO BLACKNESS: Gender Representation in the Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kara Walker

by Iryna Fedorchak

The Post-black generation of artists, namely the generation born after the Civil- Rights Era, spawned with the new concept of black aesthetics and its artistic language that has been reflected in the visual arts, using the white supremacist’s image of the Negro in order to provide a reinterpretation of history by ironizing stereotypes. This is an issue of growing importance that this book aims to discuss along with the further exploration of self-representation and cultural belonging in the paintings of Jean- Michel Basquiat and various art creations of Kara Walker.
The investigation of the cultural taboos highlighted controversial artistic means of Jean-Michel Basquiat by exploring the influence of the Post-Civil Rights concept and fusing it with ambiguous and ironic perspective of the Black male hero, while Kara Walker reworked the old South realities by affiliating with her Negress.
The analysis carried out in this book, sheds the light on the nature of irony and the stereotype in the way that it was explicated in the art reproduction of Basquiat and Walker. The results of the investigation have proven that the notion of irony as artistic means became an inevitable element of the artistic representation which is inherent in contemporary Black American artistic discourse. Visual imageries of both artists project social constructions of irony and controversy whose values and meanings promote social healing from unconscious racialization.

Kasimu: Taller para sanar el karma (Spanish Edition)

by Vanesa Jiménez Guerrero

Si tienes en tus manos este libro es un reclamo que tu alma ha pedido al Universo para eliminar el dolor y el sufrimiento, algo que ya está al alcance de tus manos transmutando el karma.
Si has sentido alguna vez a un ángel cerca de ti y no sabes quién es; si necesitas averiguar quién es tu arcángel divino, ese ser de luz designado por el manto de Dios para acompañarte en el bulevar de tu vida, KasiM� te enseñará el método para hacerlo. Si precisas aprender a contactar con tus guías espirituales este es el taller que te ayudará a conseguirlo.
¿Sabías que todos tenemos un maestro de luz o ser ascendido que dirige y supervisa todo nuestro aprendizaje en la escuela secular llamada tierra? KasiM� te guiará hacia el conocimiento de tu propio maestro espiritual, para que puedas contactar con él cada vez que lo necesites.
¿Y si el karma pudiera ser borrado en una danza metódica con las llamas que habitan en tu corazón? ¡Así de fácil! Lo creas o no, después de este taller práctico te convertirás en un ser de luz sin karma y con una elevación de tu vibración álmica acorde a la cuarta dimensión. Gracias a KasiM� convertirás tu ADN en un ADN dimensional de doce cadenas, posibilitándote el cruce de portales a otras dimensiones.

Beautiful Christmas girl picture book Volume three (Japanese Edition)

by DiamondPublishing




Girls photograph collection
which only the really beautiful collected!!

â??Please be assured that wearing clothes!â??

â?»185 or more photograph

ã?»Cast is more than 18 years of age
ã?»Naked women has not been published in this photo collection.

Little Music Lessons for Kids:Lesson 1 – A Fascinating Story about the Staff and Treble Clef

by Tatiana Bandurina

A Funny story about a Staff and the Treble Clef author begins a series of Little Music Lessons for Kids. The main “teacher” in this and all the other 10 lessons is a musical puppy, who lives in a musical family and knows a lot of unforgettable stories.

A musical puppy and cute pictures in this lesson are sure to attract the attention of your child. And if you want to move the content of a lesson in real life, for this purpose, the author has made a step by step instruction guide at the end of the lesson for parents. It is written so simply that you do not need any musical education! You will also learn how to help your child practice with pleasure and consolidate the new knowledge.

For children from three to nine years old.

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