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EYES OF SPIRIT: God wants You

by Paul Julius

This is inspired By Spirit, and myself as a Spiritual Medium, Its an autobiography of myself,Explaining,how Spirit ,recruited me to work for Our Lord. I talk about experiences, that they put me through. It puts a question ,into your mind. Is Spirit trying to recruit you, Does God need you, is it in your life path to become an Apostle. These are not off the wall.questions,Its those ,unexplained experiences ,that happens to you, is Spirit, only wants to communicate, I did not pick up on that one, It took 28 years later, to understand that one. Some of the contents of Eyes of Spirit are as follows…..Who am I….Prayers….Meditations…Discourses……What is To die, it is a reality….Spiritual Centres…..How is it to see Spirit…Why miscarriages and abortions,It is a child and I prove it……Healing…….Monster Spirits, what a myth, just not understanding……Man versus Spirit…….these are some of topics, I discuss, to make you understand, the true meaning of Spirit and those tons of Garbage out there, just to keep you in Fear….Hearing voice, seeing faces and the list goes on, are all for a reason. Take a moment, read it and many questions for sure will be answered. I know and understand, that the unknown is frightening, and those movies,TV,those stories of our parents, are all myths. I am not a writer, I did my best. To send a message. Spirit and Death is a reality of life. If we can only understand it, at least. I do want to make a difference, I put myself out there. I am Paul, The vibration of the Apostle and Julius is my Master Guide, My friend. Buy my eBook or not, at least you read my message. Because it is my life and I work for God, Our Lord…

Apology Accepted: A 1950’s Kid From Fairbridge

by Peter Harding

Throughout the 20th Century, in populating the Empire, too many children suffered from a flawed migration scheme to institutions in Australia, masterminded in England by the affluent. Families were torn apart, many never to meet again, many believing their parents were either dead, or too poor to care for them. I was one of them! Never before documented, finally, the Fairbridge Society, Pinjarra, WA is exposed to the day-to-day way of life, as it happened, the way one child lived it – the highs, lows, good, bad and everything in between. Apology Accepted is my personal story, living and growing up in the very first, and today, the only one globally to survive – Fairbridge, Pinjarra, Western Australia.

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