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CANVAS-X para el modelado de negocios: Una alternativa simple para emprendedores (Spanish Edition)

by Alejandro Chavez Castillo

Esta es una alternativa para los emprendedores, empresarios, consultores, asesores y maestros de negocios que usan actualmente el modelo CANVAS clásico y necesitan reflejar más información en poco espacio. Se basa en 4 secciones que se dividen en 12 cuadros o partes en donde cada una representa un aspecto del negocio o idea de negocio del emprendedor o empresario.

Cualquier persona puede usar este modelo mencionando que lo toma de este libro y autor sin problemas.

Superhuman Memory: The Comprehensive Guide To Increase Your Memory, Learning Abilities, And Speed Reading By 500% – Develop A Photographic Memory – IN JUST 14 DAYS

by Keith Hope

Do you often forget people’s names? Do you find learning difficult? Or maybe you get stressed or just too distracted to focus on getting work done? Would you like to double your productivity?

How about dramatically increasing your ability to memorize by 500% in as little just 14 days by mastering next-generation methods of memory enhancement using SUPER-LEARNING?

This guide serves to do just that, giving you a structured program on how to organize the information in your brain into an efficient file and recall system.

We will give your mind directions of how to get where it needs to go using the best shortcuts.

You will also be shown powerful advanced strategies that the world’s best memory masters get themselves to focus their minds to, as well as actionable information that will pave the road for you to enjoy long-lasting bullet-proof memory.

What does “Superhuman Memory” Give you?

  • Never be known as someone with a “bad memory” ever again
  • Become a human dictionary by recalling facts with ease
  • Never forget anyone’s name again, ever! 
  • Double – or even triple – your reading speed and get more out of your study sessions
  • Never get stressed out and master your attention so you can focus and concentrate longer
  • Attract successful people by maximizing your interpersonal intelligence!
  • How To Get more Accomplished in less Time
  • Live a life of never-ending achievement with increased focus & productivity
  • Master Difficult Tasks and Break the Procrastination Habit
  • Overcome a lack of motivation and laziness
  • Feel mentally young & fresh, no matter your chronological age
  • Learn new languages with ease
  • And much, much more
  • The “Superhuman Memory” system can help anyone of all ages and harness the incredible power of your mind to remember more with very little effort.

    If you apply the strategies inside, Inevitably – hour after hour – day after day… week after week – you will find yourself in command of ever-increasing powers of rapid learning, vocabulary building, problem-solving, clear-thinking, friend-making, and superhuman memory

    About the Author

    Keith Hope is a writer, entrepreneur and self-appointed human nature expert. He is refining Superhuman Memory and Learning strategies to help you improve your mental focus and concentration, boost your productivity and speed up your success.

    He has lived and worked on five continents and had to learn seven foreign languages. He’s worked with hundreds of people a year. (That’s hundreds of new names to remember.)

    This book has a 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked!

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    Advanced Excel Formulas Part 1: Excel’s Logical Functions: Excel step-by-step Mastery! Hands-on Tutorials on Excel Formulas and Functions (Advanced Excel Formulas Series)

    by Grant Gamble

    Excel Formula Mastery

    The ability to write, understand and maintain complex formulas is the key to mastering Excel. Complex formulas make use of multiple functions to achieve a specific operation; and it is the need to nest one function inside another that can sometimes make Excel formulas seem so impenetrable.

    Advanced Excel Formulas is a practical, hands-on series of books which will show you how to create, comprehend and maintain complex Excel formulas; those which use multiple Excel functions in combination.

    A key feature of this series is the use of explanatory diagrams; which, for your convenience, are also provided for you in PDF format. You can study them at your leisure. You can print them out; make notes on them; whatever you find useful.
    Another key feature of these books is that we write our formulas on multiple lines and make strategic use of indentation. This makes it easier to read complex formulas, since it helps to emphasize the hierarchical relationship between the various functions used in a complex formula.

    This first book of the series focuses on Excel’s conditional functions, since these are the most versatile of all Excel’s functions. You will learn how to combine logical function, like IF, IFERROR, OR and AND with other Excel functions, to create complex and insightful formulas.

    Step by Step Guide To Organically Grow Your Instagram Page: Reach 1.000.000 Followers in less than a year – Instagram Marketing Course

    by Richard Hopp

    Providing Value is the biggest goal of this course. If you are looking for various methods and techniques to bring your Instagram page to the next level this course may be the right one for you:

    The amount of followers you currently have doesn´t matter at all, anyone will benefit a lot from this product. I will teach you things like:

    -How to perfectly set up your Instagram Page

    -How to accumulate a high engagement rate

    -How to improve the quality of your content

    -How to make HUGE amounts of money with your page,

    -How to automate the “Liking, Commenting, Following” process with a free Followliker alternative no one knows!

    and many more things…

    This course is a Step – By – Step guide. You should follow all sections in a chronological order to achieve the most success with this product. You can directly carry over all the tips and tricks that are mentioned in this product to your own page. This course probably is the most applicable one on Udemy since it won´t teach you general information like: “How Instagram works”. It will teach you straight facts, statistics and methods that can be applied for any niche. This course also is a reference book. Once you have finished all sections you can always go back to this product and look up certain lectures you want to read again.

    This course is based on the experiences of many Instagram Influencers I´ve worked with. Some of them even have over 4 MILLION Followers. I´ve compiled all the information in this course through my own experiences but also through all the small tricks and tips I´ve learned while I was working with those famous Influencers.

    What are you waiting for?

    Forex Analysis: Eight Thinks They Don’t Teach In Forex School: A Complete Guide For Advanced Forex Trading (Forex Trading Strategies, Forex Analysis, Make … Trading, Day Trading, Forex for Beginners)

    by David Ring

    Eight Things They Don’t Teach In Forex School.

    Today only, get this bestseller. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.
    This book will help you implement proven steps and strategies on Advanced Forex Trading.
    I intend to condense all knowledge I have learned into a less than 50-page book.
    This book intends to take you out of the slaughterhouse and into greener pastures where a proper mindset, proper analysis techniques, risk and expectation management is put into better use. I’m no broker, so this book was made by a retail trader for other retail traders to step out of the cycle that has hundreds of thousands of forex brokers trapped.

    Here is a Preview of What You’ ll Learn:

    • Everyone (and Everything) Is Working Against You
    • Why Expert Courses Should Be Taken With A Grain Of Salt (And You Should Read Books Instead)
    • Fixing Our Mindset
    • The Importance Of Demo Accounts
    • Piping Tom (Or How Your Broker Legitimately Cheats You) And Things That Are Too Good To Be True
    • Technical Analysis Will Always Fail
    • Binary Chances Of Success
    • Stop Believing Market Predictability And Definition
    • How Not To Quickly Lose Money
    • And Much Much More

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    Podcast Promotion Report: How to Promote Your Podcast, Reach New Listeners, Build Your Audience and Find Your 1,000 True Fans:

    by Ravi Jayagopal

    A Dark Jungle

    ROI, as you know, stands for “Return on Investment”. Generally speaking, if you invest in something, you then track the returns, and then you figure out whether or not it was worth it.

    If it was a positive ROI, then you do more of it. And if it’s a negative ROI, then you can investigate it, tweak it, test it, and worst-case, do less of it.

    Like, say, you started on a special diet. Or a new workout-routine. One way to measure your ROI is to check your body weight, glucose levels, body-fat percentage, blood pressure, etc. So whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve, you have a way to test for the results, and know if your new routine (or a tweak to your existing routine) is working.

    But what if there was no way to measure your weight, or glucose levels, or blood pressure, or heart-rate? What if there was no way for you to know if what you’re doing is working, or hurting?

    What if there was no way to track the returns?

    What if you keep investing, but can’t see the changes, can’t track the results, can’t predict if it’s working?

    Like trying to navigate a dark jungle with your eyes closed.

    That’s one the biggest issue with podcasting right now. With a regular web site, you can put Google Analytics code on it, look at your analytics and page-views and bounce-rate and email signups and eye-tracking heat-map software, knowing how long a video has been played, page scrolling, exit-intent, retargeting – so many ways to monitor traffic, behavior, engagement, conversions and so on.

    With a podcast, other than the basic “Downloads” stats, there is almost nothing else available right now to help you track, measure, improve and optimize your podcast content and marketing. You don’t know how long the average person listens to your show, at what point do they stop listening, are they streaming or downloading (yes, there is a difference in terms of delivery, not consumption), how many true “subscribers” you have who have subscribed to your feed, etc. And like I like to say (third line is what I added to someone else’s original quote)â?¦

    What cannot be tracked cannot be measured.
    What cannot be measured cannot be improved.
    What cannot be improved cannot be optimized.

    It’s really hard to justify paying for something that is a blackbox, and something that is not easy to track the returns on.

    Sure, there are some basic ways to know if your show is growing:

    1.Downloads: This is the easiest one: Downloads per episode. Track how many downloads you get for each episode for up to 30 days after you’ve released it.

    2.Subscribers: After you publish an episode, don’t promote it on Social Media or anywhere else, for about 3 days. Track how many downloads you get within those first 3 days – preferably don’t include weekends and national holidays in those 3 days. Whatever number you get, is a reasonable “guesstimate” of how many “subscribers” you have – which is, how many people have actually “subscribed” to your show via your Podcast RSS Feed. Like someone who actually “subscribers” to your email list so that they can get all of your newsletters and updates.

    3.Engagement: Not easy to track. You may have a lot of listeners, but not all of them will respond to your calls-to-action. Doesn’t mean they’re not hanging on to every word you say. Just shows the difficulty of the medium when it comes to getting someone who listens to your call-to-action while they’re driving home from work, or out on a run, to come home and remember to act on your call-to-action. I have a section further down that talks about this issue.

    But that’s it. Not much else you can track.

    So you need to be creative to promote your podcast, and there are some things you need to do in order to work-around the inherent ROI challenges with podcasting. And that’s what this short book is about.

    Effective Entrepreneur Field Manual: The Art of Dealing with Failure & Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

    by Kenny Ryan

    Here’s how to create abundance, be happy, do something you love and create a life full of blessings in your journey to business success

    In this eye-opening manual, you’ll discover the way and the path to becoming an effective entrepreneur.

    A preview of what you’ll uncover:

    How to Deal with Failure
    Dealing with failure.

    This is one of the best things you can learn to do to have a successful life.

    It doesn’t matter if it it’s failure on relationship, finance or any other aspect of your life.

    Everyone almost always gets a second chance.

    That’s the great thing about failing. Usually, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world.

    Sure, some failure may literally be life and death situation. Imagine having to captain the biggest plane in the world. One mistakes and you could end up crashing.
    Those kinds of failures are rare though.

    Usually, the failures we experience every day isn’t life threatening.

    How to Be an Entrepreneur Who Doesn’t Suck!
    – Why reading books is a must
    – The books that changed my life
    – How to choose and find what you’re really good at
    – Why you shouldn’t be a jack of all trades
    – Why there’s no such thing as overnight success
    – Why the obstacle and the process is the only way to success
    – How to set your goals
    – The way I set my goals… it’s different than most people
    – How to take responsibility and start growing your company and your life to unknown heights
    – How to know whether to say yes or no to an opportunity
    – How to find the best mentor/s
    – Why it’s important to have both if you want success
    – The absolute best way to know and befriend an entrepreneur
    – When to speak your mind and when to listen
    – Why you should always decide based on your own judgement

    What are you going to do if given this opportunity to know the secrets of success in entrepreneurship?

    What are you going to do with this information?


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    Social Media Entrepreneur -2018: Use Instagram & YouTube to Make Money at Home via 4 Internet Business Models (Make Money Through Social Media)

    by Kanter Davis

    Here’s are some Step by Step Guides on Making Money Through Online Marketing

    Learn what it takes to work at home and make a living as an internet entrepreneur.

    What you’ll discover in this book bundle:

    Instagram Shopify Mastery
    – How to earn a living through Shopify store selling…without spending a dime on advertising
    – How to research a market and how to know what will make money and what won’t
    – How to find products that will SELL
    – The exact type of product to look for for a higher chance of getting a sale from the very beginning
    – How to use Instagram to sell items without spending anything on advertisements
    – How to become an Instagram influencer…internet famous and someone who earns a living doing what he loves to do
    – How to create your e-commerce store from absolute scratch
    – 10 types of content to create and what are the best ones for your chosen market
    – The apps you need to use for content creation… 70% of them are free!
    – The settings to follow…step by step explained with illustrations and images included
    – How to gain more loyal followers by posting awesome content on Instagram
    – How to sell the product without being “a snake-oil salesman”
    – This is a business that you can implement 1-2 hours per day…isn’t that awesome?

    T-Shirt Instagram Mastery
    – Follow the 6 step process for earning legit income with Instagram Teespring business
    – How to use free Instagram marketing to sell t-shirts online
    – 3 awesome ways to hire a good designer without breaking the bank
    – How to find a good design that will sell and at the same time, make your customers happy!
    – The 2 things your content must have in order to grow your followers (and buyers) fast!
    – How to create cool and awesome content that people like
    – The 7 types of content to create if you want to grow your audience as fast as possible.
    – How to create trust and bonding with your followers and potential buyers
    – The tools you need for creating insta content
    – How to sell the product to your followers without pissing them off!

    YouTube SEO Consultant
    – How to use FREE YouTube videos to make money as an SEO consultant
    – Why you don’t need to worry about experience or finding clients
    – The #1 way of researching keywords that are more likely winners and money makers
    – Why you should always do this “one thing” to make sure that you’re getting paid the right amount for every lead that comes to your client
    – How to create a 30 second video that will make you and your client/s consistent leads and additional income!
    – How to use Google SEO and YouTube Backlinking methods to rank your video fast for your chosen keywords
    – How to have unstoppable confidence in your service
    – 3 ways to look for clients… the easy way
    – What to do so you shouldn’t have to worry about convincing people to buy your video service
    – What to say to your potential client to convince him to buy from you… without even trying! (and the none annoying, none salesy way too!)
    – Example e-mail to send to a potential client
    – What opening line to say on your call that will instantly make them like you!

    YouTube Review Mastery
    – The entire step by step process of reviewing products to make money online explained..with complete details and additional images!
    – Where to look for products that you can sell online
    – What type of product I recommend for beginners to promote …so they can earn money as fast as possible!
    – Do you really need to buy the product?… yes and no…details explained inside!


    First, you can learn all of these by yourself, make more mistakes, waste your time and money in the process.
    And then eventually succeed if you persevere.

    Second, you can learn from my own mistakes and learn how to create a lifestyle/internet business from home faster.

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    how to earn money without a job – Urban Subsistence Living Off the Land Busking and Hustling (how to make money on the side): how to earn money without a job – how to make money on the side of a job

    by James Moore

    A Proven, Step-By-Step System To Making a Living Living Off the Land 

    Finally Revealed.. The Amazing Insider Secrets of  Leaving the 9 to 5 lifestyle and Finding True Freedom Free from a Slave Driving Boss 

    A Proven, Step-By-Step Method To

    Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $9.99. Regularly priced at $14.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    For the past years, we continue to witness how the statistics of unemployment and underemployment skyrocket in cities from around the world. Every year, there’s a tidal wave of graduates from universities and colleges which means that many of these fresh graduates has no choice but to join the unemployed club. With the high cost of living in urban settings, the more it is challenging to live and survive in these areas.

    Fortunately, a trend was born over the last years addressing challenges on survival and subsistence living. Busking is a new adventure which offers you the opportunity to follow your passions, enhance your skills and acquire enough income for your daily living. It is also evident that through busking, a lot people found their true treasures and earned their fame and fortune. However, venturing into busking as a career may not lead you to earn millions of dollars. There will be times that your income varies but what’s important is you can stretch you dollar and you are happy with your job. Absolutely, the rewards you gain from busking are worth it.

    This report provides information, guides, techniques and applications on how to survive in an urban setting and on how to enhance your career in the busking industry.

    Remember, There’s Nothing Like This Out There…

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    Passive Income: Online Business from scratch using Shopify, Step by Step Guide That Will Skyrocket your Business

    by Jonathan Knight

    Your Descriptive Guide to Shopify – How to Build your Own Online Store and Dominate the Market 1st Edition Free bonus inside! (Right after Conclusion) –
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    Get ready to read everything there is to know about Shopify

    In Shopify – How to Build your Own Online Store and Dominate the Market, you will find out what you need to do to build your own online store with Shopify. It is not enough to build you own store, as you also need to be able to dominate the market. This book provides you with the tools you need to make this happen. Get to learn how quick and easy it is to complete the process, and the tips that you need to get it right. In this eBook, you will find:
    -Tips on how to choose the right theme
    -How you can customize your Shopify theme
    -How to create payment options
    -The benefits of a blog
    -The best way to optimize your products
    -Secrets to getting it right on Shopify
    With Shopify, you will find that it is possible to achievesuccess with your online store This is the perfect online platform to elevate your business and drive you to higher profitability. This eBook teaches you all that you need to do to get started successfully and to keep going with ease.

    Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download NOW!

    Read on to find out what Working with Shopify is really like and how you can build your online store. This book will give you an insight into market domination, and making the most of this online platform.

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    Wall Street Investing and Finance for Beginners: Step by Step Guide to Invest in the Stock Market and Get Passive Income

    by George Pain

    Are you looking to invest money in the stock market but not sure of how to get started?

    Then read below.

    The stock markets are a collection of markets and exchange, where issuing and trading of equities of public listed companies, bonds, other securities through formal exchanges or over the counter markets. It involves buying and selling shares and securities to generate capital. The stock exchange market is what made Warren Buffet super rich. If you are able to monitor the situation of the securities and their patterns with time, you can truly make a fortune that can last you several lifetimes. This book aims at showing you how to take advantage of the stock exchange market and mint millions from the few thousand dollars stuffed under your mattress or that you have saved in the bank. The stock market was once thought to be a thing for the elite class but things have changed now. The stock exchange market is a great business opportunity for every citizen of planet earth.

    The reason for companies trading their stocks is to generate enough capital to facilitate their business operations to a whole new level expanding their market reach and increasing profit income. As a prospective investor, you have to buy floating shares or stocks at a lower rate and hold onto them until the stocks experience a boom and their prices go up. At this point, you can sell your shares at a higher rate than you bought them making a considerable amount of profit. Some of the best investors in the stock market make millions of dollars from one trade! This book aims at making you wealthy and rich by trading in the stock market.

    Here’s What Is Included:

    • Basics of Stock Investing
    • Picking Winners and Losers in the Market
    • Dividend Investing
    • Value Investing
    • Long Term Trading
    • Short Term Trading
    • Different Trading Techniques
    • How to Get Started?

    The sooner you start investing, the better off you will be.

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    How Do Pawn Shops Work? – Secrets and Tips that can benefit you:

    by Detorreon Pla

    This e-book “How do pawn shops work” will uncover secrets and tips that will help and benefit you the next time you visit a pawn shop. The book was written by Detorreon Pla a former pawnshop manager of two years. These secrets you won’t find anywhere else!

    Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1 – Secrets to buying items
    Chapter 2 – Why pawnshops give you so little
    Chapter 3 – How to get more money
    Chapter 4 – How to get huge discounts
    Chapter 5 – Why you should sell your jewelry to refiners
    Chapter 6 – Why pawnshops rather give loans than buy your item
    and more………………….

    Freedom from Stress: Easy Way Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    by Anne Gilmore

    Are you tired of senseless, painful and stressful days?

    For most of your time, you experience stress and cannot find peace?

    Imagine that you can get rid of all the stress in your life and live the calm, peaceful and happy life that you always wanted.

    This book, of course, does not apply to “just do not think about it” or “you can do it!”. You also will not find in it the advice that a psychoanalyst can give.

    What you will find in this book are simple and EFFICIENT WAYS TO FREE YOUR TENSE MIND and GIVE FREEDOM to your creativity.

    Here is the peak that you will find:

    • Learn about stress, the causes of its occurrence and how it affects your life.
    • How to determine if you are tense
    • Before starting the fight, let’s establish what exactly makes you worry
    • The simplest natural methods of stress relieving
    • The best advice is how to completely relax and rebuild your body.

    Make a copy today, and learn the secrets without stress by getting this book today!

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