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Last Call in Kabul

by Timothy McCune

“Last Call in Kabul” is the story of American and Russian lives intersecting as war-torn Afghanistan descends into chaos. Andrew, an alcohol-and-adrenaline-fueled salesman, arrives in the country attempting to revive his company’s fortunes as a US military supplier. Staying at a camp owned by a veteran of the Soviet occupation, Sergei Vostrov, Andrew is thrown into a world of corruption and trickery. The story flashes back to Sergei’s Soviet time in Afghanistan, drawing a starkly illustrated parallel between the failures of both the US and Russia to bring the brutal and unforgiving country to heel.

Through the eyes of Andrew and Sergei, the story of the soldiers who try to control the fiercely tribal country is told. Daily struggles with Afghan villagers during the US-led war, and Sergei’s years of smuggling jewels back to Soviet Russia form the backdrop for an exciting tale. Andrew’s star-crossed romance with Sergei’s expat sister leads to unforeseen complications, and within the story, Andrew’s attempt to locate a soldier he met on a previous trip provides the final plot twist.

Long Road Home

by Johanna Jenkins

Sweet Inspirational Romance

Jennifer Miller is moving back home. After five years of living in New York City and pursuing an acting career that has all but dried up, Jennifer has moved back to the small town in Connecticut where she grew up. All ready bitter about her failed career, Jennifer also has to face her difficult and demanding father whose consistent health issues have become so serious that he has hired a live-in nurse. When Jennifer goes back to her family home, she is surprised to find that this nurse is nothing like what she expects. Not only is it a man, but, he is also handsome, funny and kind. Neither of them can deny their attraction. Even this attraction cannot keep Jennifer and her father from antagonizing one another, forcing Steve to play peacemaker between them. When her father’s illness takes a turn for the worse, Jennifer must decide how deep her anger towards him truly runs. Can Steve help her find the forgiveness buried in her heart?

A standalone short story with no cliffhanger!

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Darcy’s Christmas Wish: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

by Penelope Swan

Curl up with Darcy and Elizabeth this holiday season!
Fitzwilliam Darcy never forgot the little girl, with the beautiful dark eyes, who saved his life fifteen years agoâ?¦ though he never expected to meet her again. But when he comes to Rosings Park to spend the Advent season with his aunt and encounters the enchanting, spirited Miss Elizabeth Bennet again, he discovers that at Christmastime, wishes can come trueâ?¦

DARCY’S CHRISTMAS WISH is a sweet, clean standalone Pride and Prejudice variation – a holiday romance inspired by Jane Austen’s classic novel!

** Includes an excerpt of “Darcy Unmasked” by Jane Grix at the end


The DARK DARCY series:
– The Netherfield Affair (Book 1)
– Intrigue at the Ball (Book 2)
– The Poisoned Proposal (Book 3)
– Secrets at Pemberley (Book 4)

The Prophet and the Witch: A Novel of Puritan New England (My Father’s Kingdom Book 2)

by James W. George

“Five Stars…This is a remarkable book that should be required reading for anyone who believes that history is just a dry procession of facts, dates and faraway places.” – The Midwest Book Review

Puritans. Quakers. Pirates. Mohawks. Witches. And a brutal warâ?¦

If you thought New England was dull in the 1670s, get ready for a history lesson.

In the critically acclaimed “My Father’s Kingdom,” debut author James W. George transported his readers to 1671 New England, and the world of Reverend Israel Brewster. It was a world of faith, virtue, and love, but it was also a world of treachery, hatred, and murder.

Four years later, Brewster is a disgraced outcast, residing in Providence and working as a humble cooper. Despite his best efforts, war could not be averted, and now, “King Philip’s War” has begun.

The rebellion is led by Metacomet, known as “King Philip” to the English colonists. He is the tormented son of the great Massasoit, and leader of the Wampanoag nation. Once the most reliable of Plymouth Colony’s allies, they are now the bitterest of enemies. Meanwhile, Metacomet’s mysterious counselor, Linto, despises this war and will do anything to end the bloodshed.

Meticulously researched, “The Prophet and the Witch” is a tale of hope and brotherhood in the face of evil and violence. It features the remarkable cast of fictional and historical characters from book one, including Josiah Winslow, Linto, Increase Mather, Constance Wilder, Mary Rowlandson, and Jeremiah Barron. Additionally, new characters such as America’s first ranger, Captain Benjamin Church, bring this chapter of history to life like never before.

Praise for James W. George and book one, “My Father’s Kingdom”:

“Five stars to My Father’s Kingdom. It’s a rare read full of stunning turns of fate and unforeseen consequences that carry this satisfying saga through to its historically accurate conclusion â?? the long, bloody conflict between settlers and Indians that was “King Philip’s War.”
Courtesy of The Indie View

“It’s a beautiful picture of American History and the fragile nature of peace and friendship…Five Stars.”
Courtesy of The Literary Titan

“The author very skillfully captures the time period, the belief systems, the challenges of daily life, and other aspects of these clashing culturesâ?¦ There is a smooth flow in his writing style. The characters are well-developed and interestingâ?¦ Five Starsâ?¦Readers will look forward to the continuing story!”
Courtesy of Deborah Lloyd,

Anne of Green Gables

by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables is a novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Written for all ages, it has been considered a children’s novel since the mid-twentieth century. It recounts the adventures of Anne Shirley, an 11-year-old orphan girl who is mistakenly sent to Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, a middle-aged brother and sister who had intended to adopt a boy to help them on their farm in Prince Edward Island. The novel recounts how Anne makes her way with the Cuthberts, in school, and within the town.

Since its publication, Anne of Green Gables has sold more than 50 million copies and has been translated into 20 languages. Montgomery wrote numerous sequels, and since her death, another sequel has been published, as well as an authorized prequel. The original book is taught to students around the world.

The book has been adapted as films, made-for-television movies, and animated and live-action television series. Musicals and plays have also been created, with productions annually in Canada since 1964 of the first musical production, which has toured in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Anne Shirley, a young orphan from the fictional community of Bolingbroke, Nova Scotia (based upon the real community of New London, Prince Edward Island), is sent to live with Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, siblings in their fifties and sixties after a childhood spent in strangers’ homes and orphanages. Marilla and Matthew had originally decided to adopt a boy from the orphanage to help Matthew run their farm at Green Gables, which is set in the fictional city of Avonlea. Through a misunderstanding, the orphanage sends Anne instead.


by Harry Harrison

Deathworld is the name of a series of science fiction novels by Harry Harrison including the books Deathworld (first published 1960, serialized in Astounding Science Fiction), Deathworld 2 (1964, initially titled The Ethical Engineer and serialized in Analog) and Deathworld 3 (1968, serialized in Analog as The Horse Barbarians), plus the short story “The Mothballed Spaceship” (1973, written as part of a tribute to John W. Campbell). The central hero is a gambler who becomes involved with colonists of an extremely hostile planet.

There are several hints that the novels take place in the same universe as Harrison’s The Stainless Steel Rat series; however, other hints suggest a similar universe but not exactly the same one. For example, at several points in the Deathworld series, the novels mention the Special Corps with Inskipp as its leader; however, the story “The Mothballed Spaceship” mentions an armada about to attack Earth–a planet that is long destroyed in the time of The Stainless Steel Rat universe.

Arsene Lupin vs Herlock Sholmes

by Maurice Leblanc

Arsène Lupin vs. Herlock Sholmes is a collection of two adventures of Arsène Lupin, written by Maurice Leblanc.

These adventures feature a match of wits between Lupin and Herlock Sholmes, a transparent reference to Sherlock Holmes, the hero of Conan Doyle’s detective stories. It follows the appearance of Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar, in which Sherlock Holmes also makes an appearance in “Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late”. The collection was translated twice into English, as Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes in the U.S. (1910, by George Morehead), and as Arsène Lupin versus Holmlock Shears in the UK (1910, by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos, printed as The Blonde Lady in the U.S.).

The first story, “The Blonde Lady”, opens with the purchase of an antique desk by a mathematics professor. The desk is subsequently stolen, as it turns out, by Arsène Lupin. Later, both Lupin and the professor realize that a lottery ticket, left inadvertently in the desk, is the winning ticket, and Lupin proceeds to ensure he obtains half of the winnings while executing a near-impossible escape with a blonde lady. After the theft of the Blue Diamond, again by a blonde lady, Ganimard made the connection to Lupin and an appeal was made to Herlock Sholmes to match wits with Lupin. Inadvertently, Lupin and his biographer met with the newly arrived Sholmes and his assistant, Wilson, in a Parisian restaurant, and they shared a cautious détente before Lupin sets off to lay his traps. Despite Lupin’s efforts, Sholmes is able to unveil the identity of the blonde lady and Lupin’s involvement in the crimes linked to her. Lupin succeeded in trapping Sholmes, however, and sends him off to Southampton in a boat, but Sholmes manages to escape back to Paris and engineer the arrest of Lupin. After Sholmes leaves, however, Lupin outfoxes his French captors and manages to bid farewell to Sholmes and Wilson at the Gare du Nord.

“The Jewish Lamp” opens with another appeal to Herlock Sholmes for help in recovering a Jewish lamp. After reading the appeal, Sholmes is shocked to read a second letter, this time by Lupin and arriving on the same day’s post, which warns him not to intervene. Sholmes is outraged by Lupin’s audacity and resolves to go to Paris. At the Gare du Nord, Sholmes is accosted by a young lady, who again warns him not to intervene, and finds that the Echo de France, Lupin’s mouthpiece newspaper, is proclaiming his arrival. Sholmes proceeds to investigate the crime and finds out the true reason for Lupin’s appeal not to intervene.

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