Free parenting and families Kindle books for 20 Dec 17

How to Support Your Transgender Child: A Guide for the Parents of Transgender Boys and Girls.

by Mason Daxton

There are tons of guides out there telling a parent how to support their children. Most of those guides are written by parents. I figured that maybe you parents need another perspective to look at so I wrote this. This is a book that shows you, the parents, what helped me, the transgender child. Parents don’t always know what’s going on in their child’s head, but I sure might. So take advice from the youth for once, read this book.

VIH/sida: Causas profundas: Manifestaciones de una sociedad enferma. (Spanish Edition)

by Rosa Feijoo Andrade

Analysis of why, after more that 30 years, the aids problem continues to be a major threat for all of us.
The author is a housewife that knows quite a lot about HIV through her own experience. She had a gay son who died of aids 20 years ago. She has been an activis for the last 18 years, giving lectures for the prevention of aids, and homophobic bullying.

This Side of Faith: How to Heal from PCOS, Get Your Miracle Baby, and Change Your Life

by Candice Davie

I share the lessons learned through my long journey with PCOS, and how faith led me to healing, inner peace, and my miracle baby.

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