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Cyber-Witch: The Origin of Magic

by Eric Martell


Sophie’s life is a mess. She has a history of poor choices in men, and she is addicted to opiates. Her ambition to write software has gone entirely off the rails until she finds herself lost in an icy rainstorm in a bad part of town.

Things improve for Sophie, but then a hacking job for one of her mentor’s clients results in a deadly attack. Finding out who or what was responsible and seeking revenge becomes her primary motive.

Sophie must struggle with her addiction and attacks from unexpected sources to reach her goal. Along the way, she discovers that things are far more complex than they first appeared and her attempts to defend herself unexpectedly change the entire world.

Rogue Shepherd: The Hornet’s Nest: Rogue Shepherd Space Opera Series Book 1

by Chris Vaughn

Rogue Shepherd: The Hornet’s Nest – Rogue Shepherd Space Opera Series Prequel

The youngest son of his family, Luke Shepherd’s job is to guard his father’s cattle on the remote plains of their planet, but the draw of adventure lures him into the cave against the orders of his father the Chief Elder of their Clan. Disobedience carries the penalty of being branded a rogue, but the temptation is too great.

The Vespian Cave on Bethel 5 holds one secret know one knows, and deadly hornets that keep it safe from intruders.

An unexpected tumble, the loss of a friend, and a hidden space ship find Luke with an unexpected friendship in the Cave that brings him face to face with death from the hornets, and the blasters of the rustlers who want the cattle he is entrusted to protect…. but isn’t

Discover the beginning of Luke Shepherd, The Hornet’s Nest, the Red Robe; and his fear of being rogue.

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