Free travel Kindle books for 20 Dec 17

RESTLESS HEARTS: Walking the Camino de Santiago. A love letter to the Camino Frances.

by Roy Uprichard

A physical test. A spiritual quest. Dealing with the past by walking it all out.

In an evocative mix of travel writing and memoir, an Irish pilgrim fallen out of love with his Church yet finds himself drawn to walk the Camino de Santiago. Deeply moved by encounters with other restless hearts, he begins to find his way again.

Japanese 100 Great Mountains Vol.1: Episode 001-005

by Hodaka

Hodaka, a Japanese mountaineering photographer, has decided to start recording his challenge to conquer “Japanese 100 Great Mountains”. The first volume of the series includes five mountains.

Since its altitude is 2,017 meters, Mount Kumotori becomes very popular in the year of 2017.
Mount Tsukuba is the lowest among Japanese 100 Great Mountains. The mountain is also known for its strange rocks.
Tanzawa Mountains is huge enough to occupy one-sixth of Kanagawa Prefecture. After climbing “Stupid Ridge”, heavenly scenery welcomes the climber.
In Mount Amagi, Hodaka encounters someone, traverses the mountain, and even savor the scenery of the ocean.
In Mount Adatara, he is fascinated by an amazing crater on elderly couples’ advice.

On one occasion, he is climbing alone. On another occasion, he enjoys talking with other climbers. Delicious dishes and chat in mountain lodges. Sunset, night view, and breathtaking sunrise â?¦

You will witness the beginning of Hodaka’s great challenge!

The Guide to Massage, Spa Treatments and Healing from Pearl Escapes 2016

by Pearl Howie

With over 250 massages, spa treatments and types of healing tried and tested personally by the author, this is the guide to help you find the right experience for you, whether it’s your very first massage or you want to try something a little bit more adventurous.

With escapes from Africa, Morocco, The Americas, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, Asia, Bali, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Turkey and the UK this is also a great travel companion for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of international culture.

Signature Cocktails & Appetizers from Around the World (Linda Lang’s Taste of Travel Book 2)

by Linda Lang

The pleasures of the palate may change over time but they seldom lessen. As we travel throughout the years and our experiences widen, we continue discover new tastes in food and drink as well as destinations.

One enjoyment many of us share is the art of mixology and sampling new interpretations of familiar cocktails as well as the mixing of ingredients that would not otherwise come to mind. You’ll find variations of the familiar martini, margarita and old fashioned, each reflecting the interpretations of talented mixologists and as well as combinations of ingredients that may, in themselves, provide an delightfully unexpected off-road journey.

Open your mind, take a deep breath and fully experience the adventure that awaits you on every page of this book. You’ll discover not only interesting twists on old favorites but totally unique cocktail recipes to try with friends. You’ll also read stories, descriptions and see beautiful photos of the magnificent hotels, resorts and river cruise lines around the globe that serve these specialties and have shared their recipes with us.

And what better complements an enjoyable cocktail hour than a selection of interesting, savory appetizers? Following the section about our luxury properties, riverboats and their cocktail recipes is a second section filled with a wide variety of delectable appetizers to accompany your cocktail of choice. Lobster, crab, tacos, shrimp, calamari, chicken, blackened bluefin tuna, shrimp bruschetta, trout ceviche, tequila grilled shrimp shooters — check them out for yourselves. The recipes and photos are all there.

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