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Amazon Profit Boost: Earning Good Income Through Amazon Based Business Models Like Book Self-Publishing and Fulfillment by Amazon

by Richard Lenkirk

Remember, you can lose your day job at anytimeâ?¦ most especially the time you less expected it to be.

Stop letting others take control of your financial destiny.

Take control of your own destiny by starting your first internet business today.

If You Want to Make Extra Income Now, Then this Book Bundle is for You.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

Self-Publishing Bootcamp
– Step by step instructions on how to write short books and earn big money from it!
– How to find a book topic that not only is great to write for but will also make money for you!
– Why narrowing down your topic is the key to “non-marketing” way of making a book profitable
– How to create the outline of your book so you’ll know exactly what to say when you start writing
– How to come up with a good book title in 15 minutes or less
– Best tips that will help you write 5x faster
– The exact 2 templates to use for your first book!
– How to choose a book cover… and why you shouldn’t cheap out on this one? And how to still cheap out and win!
– How to self-publish your book on Amazon KDP
– The list of free sites to use to promote your book

Amazon FBA
– How AMAZON FBA works and what to do every step of the way
– How to find the most profitable products
– The types of products that will be guaranteed best-sellers
– How to sign up for a FBA account
– How to write a product listing that sells your products fast!
– How to rank your listings on the first page of Amazon’s search
– How to ship your products without any inventory stress
– The best practices to follow so you can grow your importing business consistently

Look, creating an online business is the best way to protect yourself for the coming collapse of the economy.

Never let other people dictate how much you should earn. You deserve more, you deserve better.

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How to Write Your Book: Learn How to Write, Market, Edit and Publish Your Book Online

by Smart Reads

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a published author? Whether it’s self help, horror, romance, business or more, you can create and publish your own book without the travails of looking for a traditional publisher!

This book is made for those who want to learn the basics of starting their own book. It will teach you how to edit, market and even go through online publishing. It’s also packed with motivation to help you prepare for the life of a writer and the many challenges and excitement it offers.

Embrace what you love and pursue your passion of becoming a writer with the help of this wonderful book.


Smart Reads exists to provide you with the highest quality information in the least amount of time. Our team of professional writers work with experts on given topics to give you the content that matters quickly. Our books are short, easy-to-read and highly informative so you get important information right away.

We also pay it forward by donating 5% of our profit to Pencils of Promise to help build schools, train teachers and support child education. Choose Smart Reads and get smart in less time.

What Are You Afraid Of?

by Myran Jones

Take a quick motivational journey to your new, better life. Find out what is needed to take you to the next level. There are no secrets and there is not anything new. The information will be presented in a format that is simple and straight to the point. Injected with a little humor and a few life situations, the hope is that you find yourself in the journey. Sit back, relax, and meditate on these words.

What they did not tell you about money management: Revealing the secrets to improving your financial fitness

by Rayanna Brooks

So what didn’t they tell you about money management!

Wouldn’t you like to know what you are missing out on as well as how you can get on your way to complete financial fitness?! This book will teach you how to manage your money in a way that allows you to live the life you want while feeling proud of what you have accomplished.

Having gone from a complete financial disaster to great and continuous financial success, I know exactly how it feels to be on both sides of the fence. And that is why I wrote this book to help those on the side of financial dismay to come to the side of financial satisfaction.

Managing your money doesn’t have to be hard and complex, it can actually be quiet easy and fun. I believe that we all can gain the satisfaction we desire from our financial lives be simply learning how to effectively manage our money.

In this book you will learn everything you need to know about managing your money and creating a system that will support you as you grow.

The Email Marketing Cheat Sheet: Proven Email Marketing Strategies to Grow Your List, Captivate Your Audience And Expand Your Business

by Smart Reads

Email marketing continues to be the number one way to grow your business on the Internet. It’s as effective as ever at getting you more subscribers, more sales and more growth.

In this book, you’ll learn marketing strategies to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes everyone else is making. You’ll learn:

-How to turn total strangers into your most loyal customers
-The power of giving away free stuff
-How to sell via email
-How to make sure your emails get opened
-How to substantially grow your list from zero to the thousands
-The rules you need to play by so that you don’t get shut down
-++ Much more!

Let’s get smart about the only list you need this year! Grab this book and enjoy!


Smart Reads exists to provide you with the highest quality information in the least amount of time. Our team of professional writers work with experts on given topics to give you the content that matters quickly. Our books are short, easy-to-read and highly informative so you get important information right away.

We also pay it forward by donating 5% of our profit to Pencils of Promise to help build schools, train teachers and support child education. Choose Smart Reads and get smart in less time.

ONENOTE: A Onenote guide to Onenote 2016, Using Onenote for mac and Onenote shortcuts. See our 125 Onenote tips to becoming an Onenote expert! (Software)

by Steven Giles

Learn How To Organise Your Life And Work With OneNote 2016, A Guide To The Basics With 125 Tips And Tricks To Becoming A OneNote Expert

Do you want to organise your time better and reach your goals ?

A Guide of the feautures of OneNote 2016 and how to best utilise the software.

With 125! Tips And Tricks To Kicking Ass With OneNote 2016!

You Will Learn The Following:

  • What is Onenote
  • The Basics
  • Taking Notes
  • Working with Others
  • OneNote 2016 Features
  • Add Ons
  • 125 Tips And Tricks

Whether you just want to learn more about the OneNote 2016 or already understand it and want extra help becoming an OneNote Expert, this book is for you.

So don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity by buying this OneNote guide with 125 Tips And Tricks now.

You will be shocked by how much more you can achieve, you will never have been more organized.

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Beyond Ordinary Income Investing: Earn 2-3% Weekly with Intelligent Dividend Harvesting

by Basil E. Pinker

Intelligent dividend harvesting is a method for collecting stock dividends more frequently than they are paid using conventional buy-and-hold investing, while eliminating losses in the process. Once losses are eliminated, even small gains, and especially ones collected more frequently, begin to pile up at an astonishing rate. Hence one can grow wealth, or grow toward wealth, faster and more confidently than using conventional investing approaches.

This is not a set-it-and-forget-it approach. Some simple actions are required, which easily are repeatable. There is nothing too difficult to handle for most individuals. An average fifth grader can be taught to execute these steps. If one can add, subtract, multiply and divide, he or she can succeed in following this approach.

Pump Your Craft Business! 2nd Version: Super Profit Collection (4 in 1)

by Alison Miles

Pump Your Craft Business! 2nd Version

Super Profit Collection (4 in 1)

In this book Box Set you will learn things like:

  • Craft Business Superprofit: 14 Days To A Profitable Etsy Empire (Proven Tactics & Secret Methods)
  • Pump Your PRO: 27 Step-by-Step Techniques to Supercharge Your Productivity, Get More Done & Create Unbreakable Habits with Five Minutes a Day

  • â??To-Do List Powerâ?? A Stress-Free Secret & Proven Strategy to Creating To-Do Lists That Work!
  • Bulletproof Marketing Plan Only 1-Page Plan = Profit Growth At 300% Or More â??â??â?? Proven Marketing Strategies To Get More Customers, Increase Credibility And Make More Money

Download your copy of “Pump Your Craft Business! 2nd Version” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Accounting: A Simple, Concise & Complete Guide to the Basics of Accounting (Accounting for Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, Business QuickStart, Quickbooks)

by Leonardo Gorman


A Simple, Concise & Complete Guide to the Basics of Accounting

Many small businesses owners are ready to get started, but they may be worried about taking care of all the accounting. They worry about how to get all these finances set up and may feel that it will be too tough. But with the help of the QuickBooks program, you will learn how to control your own finances without all the hassle.

This guidebook is going to spend some time talking about QuickBooks and how you can use it for your own small business. Inside this guidebook, you will learn the following:

What QuickBooks is all about

How to create some lists to help out your customers, payroll, and items

How to send out some invoices to customers

Working on your budgeting to keep the business growing.

How to get those taxes done with the help of QuickBooks.

How to create some of your own reports with this service.

Some of the best add-ons that will make your business run more efficiently.

As a small business owner, you can’t afford not to use QuickBooks. It will keep track of all your financial information for the business and to ensure that everything is going to add up right at the end of the year without wasting your time. Use this guidebook to learn more about QuickBooks and to get started with controlling the finances of your small business.

Clutter Free: 17 Absolutely Amazing Ways to Live a Clutter-Free Life

by Billy Cole

Are you tired of fighting for space in your home? Are you tired of having piles and piles of papers around? Are you ready to get clutter free? In 17 Amazing Ways to Live a Clutter Free Life, you’re going to learn actionable (and easy) methods and tips you can use to become a clutter buster.

Getting clutter free gives many people peace of mind. They save money. They spend more time enjoying their family. They learn to find pleasure outside of material friends. It makes traveling easier. Whether you’re decluttering because you’re downsizing your home or you just want to do more with less, this book is for you.

You’re going to learn:

  • Why external and internal motivation matters to your clutter free life
  • What you can do every day in order to keep your life clutter free
  • The best way to get started with decluttering
  • Ideas on how to include your children or spouse
  • How to stop the paper clutter for good
  • Methods to get rid of almost 4o items in your house right now
  • Questions to ask yourself if you’re wanting to get rid of sentimental items
  • And more!

This book is perfect for new homeowners or people who are just looking to break free of material possessions.

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