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Collected Poems 1995-2017

by Scott Ransopher

Poem. From the old French poeme, from the Latin poema, from the Greek poema, a derivative of the verb poeim meaning “to make, to create.” The word poem literally means “something created.” Poet. From the Greek poetes, meaning “maker.” Thus, the poet is the creator of the world of the poem. He or she has complete control of all the elements therein: anything can happen. It is through this power which the poet possesses as maker that each poem is rendered completely unique. Each poem, each created piece is the link between the unfettered and abstruse emotions of the poet and his or her conscious mind. Furthermore, once the poem is created and the emotions made more concrete, the words become the link between these emotions and the audience. The individuality of each poem creates a rare connection between poet and reader, and through this connection the reader can experience events and emotions which may never have occurred in his or her life. This is the magic of poetry. –from Author’s Note

Versus Verses – Love

by Anita Kovacevic

This is the second volume in my poetry collection. It deals with various shades of love – loving your family, friends, work, others, even yourself, perhaps the most difficult task of all. The moods range from tender and funny, to angry and sad. It might just strike a cord – you never know.

Blood of Ash (Years of Ash Book 2)

by Ashley Corke

this collection of poems was written between the years 2001 and 2007.
these poems express my feelings as i coped with several types of abuse during my high school career and severe mental illnesses.
they are explicit when it comes to abuse and self-harm.

i am a survivor.

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