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Democracy Inc

by Joseph John

For fans of dystopian sci-fi comes a gripping story set in a future that seems all too possible. A startling and disturbing vision of where we’re headed.

America as we know it is no more. Free enterprise has devolved into a world ruled by megacorporations. The ultra-rich govern from their towers in the sky while the lower class toil in the gutters just to survive. The corporate states work together to maximize profits and keep the masses placated through the Orbis, a virtual realityscape of online entertainment and the only escape from the bleak reality of existence.

Titus Remington is the son of the CEO of Roman Biogenics, but when his father is convicted of treason, a reluctant Titus finds the mantle of leadership thrust into his hands and must prepare himself to govern his corporate state. However, in his quest to uncover the truth that his father sacrificed everything for, he stumbles upon a dark conspiracy of epic proportions. Now Titus must make a choice: take the throne and wear the crown or risk the wrath of the council to fulfill his father’s legacy and set things right.

But this isn’t the land of the free and the home of the brave. This is a world without justice or hope, a world steeped in corruption and sin, where morality comes in shades of black and gray. This is Democracy Inc, where a life well led means nothing when pitted against profit margins and the bottom line, and with the odds stacked against him, Titus may very well lose everything . . .

What early readers are saying:

“Wow! What an incredibly fun book!”

“Titus Remington’s flaws make him easy to relate to, and his humor is an excellent counterpoint to the heavier and more intense emotional moments in the novel.”

“The action throughout is absolutely spot on. Readers of this genre are not going to have any trouble getting hooked and staying hooked from page one.”

“Action packed and superbly written. The characters pop off the page.”

How To Play: a gamer love story by Player One

by Player One

Who is Player One if everyone is gaming the system?

When a playboy heir to a tech empire wants the only girl that ever rejected him, he enlists the help of a desperate employee to teach him how to play a different kind of game.

But she’s not falling for it, and he realizes that he wants more than a hook up. He must choose between a guaranteed inheritance and game-ending love, before she moves away forever.

Three worlds collide in this Romance First Person Shooter, wait… RFPS?

Maybe it’s an RPG.. or MMO.. MMOO.

Urban LitRPG?

Or is it a LitGame?

How about LitFPS? â??︻̷̿â?»Ì¿â?â?ä¸?

Maybe this book is just LIT!

I don’t know, you tell me.

Send me a more appropriate description and I’ll change it and credit your name.



HEADSHOTS: a Battlefield Z series

by Chris Lowry

Post apocalypse Texas. Dallas is a Wasteland. Survivors have fled for the refugee centers and all that’s left are scavengers trying to pick through the scraps just to survive.

And zombies. Thousands of them. People left loved ones locked up instead of killing them. It makes every house hunt for food and supplies doubly dangerous.

Taylor and his buddy Rat are survivors. They’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive. But when they hide out in a condo high rise, a fast decision to help two strangers sets them on a collision course with the biggest fight of their lives.

Set between Overland Zombie and Lone Star Zombie in the Battlefield Z universe, Headshots introduces new characters in the world left behind after a zombie plague sweeps the United States.

New Alcatraz: Dark Time

by Grant Pies

The New Alcatraz Trilogy takes you into the near future, where technology is restricted, time travel exists, and the Federal Government has created a new solution to prison overpopulation: New Alcatraz. The New Alcatraz trilogy is an action packed sci-fi, conspiracy, murder mystery, saga that spans millennia.

Book 1 of 3 – Dark Time

In the year 2070, the body of a female Federal Time Anomaly Agent is found in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Phoenix missing several organs. Powell, a struggling attorney, is arrested for the gruesome murder, and, despite his claims of innocence, is flung forward in time to a penal colony reserved for the most violent criminals. Powell finds himself fighting a sure death in the harsh elements of the desolate future prison, deemed by many as New Alcatraz. Once there, Powell encounters Ellis, a mysterious prisoner who claims to be the person who helped establish the prison wasteland, and knows how to escape back to the present.

Can Ellis and Powell do the impossible and escape from New Alcatraz? And if they do, will Powell be able to go back far enough to stop the murder that originally set him on this path?


“Truly a phenomenal read! The author’s mastery of time and space and what it means to live on various planes of existence took me to a place in my soul I’ve never traveled to before. It also really made me think about and imagine what the future of humanity will look like. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!” — D. D. Scott, International Bestselling Author


Grant Pies was born on the West Coast of Florida. He attended school where he studied chemistry and microbiology, and eventually graduated from law school. His first full-length novel New Alcatraz: Dark Time was released in 2014. It is the first in a planned trilogy. The sequel, New Alcatraz: Golden Dawn, was released in 2016, and the final volume, New Alcatraz: Loss Paradox is set for release in the second half of 2017.

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