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Homemade Oral Care: 60 Natural Recipes for Taking Care of Your Teeth + Anti-Cold Lip Balm: (Homemade Recipes, Natural Beauty Book)

by Emma Green

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Homemade Oral Care: 60 Natural Recipes for Taking Care of Your Teeth + Anti-Cold Lip Balm

More and more people today are looking for more natural products whether it is in food choices or with taking care of such things as our oral health care. In this book I have a collection of 25 wonderful easy to follow natural oral care recipes that you can follow with ease to create your own homemade herbal oral care products.

Not only will you be using homemade products that are not filled with all kinds of added chemicals, but you will also see a great financial savings when you stop buying oral care products.

Think of how nice it will be to use products to keep your oral health up that you have made with simple and natural ingredients that are not filled with all kinds of unnatural additives.

Learning how to prepare your own homemade oral products will make you more independent and able to provide more items for you and your loved ones by making them yourself.

These are great skills to acquire especially when we live in a world of uncertainty where there could come a time where store bought products become unavailable to us due to such things as natural disasters, or man-made disasters.

None of us likes to think that we could find ourselves in a survival type of situation, but I always say it is better to be prepared for the worst. So, if and when something like this does occur we can be better able to care for ourselves by making things from scratch, such as homemade oral care products.

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Area 51: What They Don’t Want You to Know (Paranormal Activities Book 2)

by Steve Watson

The Infamously Secretive Area 51 Exposed!

There are things out there that defy belief; there are certain unknowns that just can’t be easily explained. The massive base hiding in plain sight known as Area 51 is one of those unknown quantities. It was initially nothing more than a no-man’s land of desert and sage brush, and during World War II, the military sought to utilize this desolate environment to test some of the deadliest weapons known to man.

After the war, the place fell under the jurisdiction of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), which designated its administrative sections as numbered “areas” for ease of reference. It was from this simple organizational scheme that the infamous “Area 51” was born.

And although Area 51 would become home to the biggest military installation in the U.S for the next several decades, not much else would be known about it. A few years ago, however, the government finally owned up to the existence of its most secret baseâ??and now the floodgates have begun to open.

As the information pours out, we are on the scene collecting unprecedented flow of data. Gathering the most important testimony and accounts from those who claim experience with Area 51, this book seeks to break down the barriers of secrecy that have long surrounded the base that they never wanted you to know existed!

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Medicinal Mushrooms: 15 Mushrooms for Healing Purposes: (Healthy Healing, Natural Medicine)

by Ann Jameson

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Medicinal Mushrooms: 15 Mushrooms for Healing Purposes

If you wish to change your lifestyle and be healthy in the long run, then you have come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will make you familiar with different kinds of medicinal mushrooms and how you can prepare them without much trouble.

The new technique of medical science might give you instant relief, but it also comes with plenty of side-effects. In order to cleanse your body from these toxic substances, you can take the assistance of healthy mushrooms. For years, our ancestors have been using the medicinal benefits of mushrooms to cure various ailments.

Some of the mushrooms have been in use for more than 5000 years and will definitely help you get better without any side-effect. From common cold and flu to dreadful diseases like cancer and diabetes, mushrooms can cure a wide range of ailments. In this guide, we will make you familiar with the health benefits of these mushrooms and the various ways to prepare and consume them as well.

Furthermore, we have listed lots of medicinal mushrooms with their benefits, growth, consumption method, etc. in detail. Not just that, we have also provided an easy way to grow these mushrooms at home and how one can prevent themselves from toxic mushrooms. Some of the topics that are covered in the guide are as follows.

  • Health benefits of medicinal mushrooms
  • Different ways to prepare mushrooms
  • Various medicinal mushrooms
  • Uses, growth, and ways to consume these mushrooms
  • How to grow your own mushrooms at home
  • How to recognize toxic mushrooms, and more

Go ahead and educate yourself regarding this subject. Bring a much-needed change in your life and make the most out of these medicinal mushrooms with this guide.

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The Impact of Food Bioactives on Health: in vitro and ex vivo models

“Infogest” (Improving Health Properties of Food by Sharing our Knowledge on the Digestive Process) is an EU COST action/network in the domain of Food and Agriculture that will last for 4 years from April 4, 2011. Infogest aims at building an open international network of institutes undertaking multidisciplinary basic research on food digestion gathering scientists from different origins (food scientists, gut physiologists, nutritionistsâ?¦). The network gathers 70 partners from academia, corresponding to a total of 29 countries. The three main scientific goals are: Identify the beneficial food components released in the gut during digestion; Support the effect of beneficial food components on human health; Promote harmonization of currently used digestion models Infogest meetings highlighted the need for a publication that would provide researchers with an insight into the advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of respective in vitro and ex vivo assays to evaluate the effects of foods and food bioactives on health. Such assays are particularly important in situations where a large number of foods/bioactives need to be screened rapidly and in a cost effective manner in order to ultimately identify lead foods/bioactives that can be the subject of in vivo assays. The book is an asset to researchers wishing to study the health benefits of their foods and food bioactives of interest and highlights which in vitro/ex vivo assays are of greatest relevance to their goals, what sort of outputs/data can be generated and, as noted above, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the various assays. It is also an important resource for undergraduate students in the â??food and health’ arena.

Marine Anthropogenic Litter

This book describes how man-made litter, primarily plastic, has spread into the remotest parts of the oceans and covers all aspects of this pollution problem from the impacts on wildlife and human health to socio-economic and political issues. Marine litter is a prime threat to marine wildlife, habitats and food webs worldwide.

The book illustrates how advanced technologies from deep-sea research, microbiology and mathematic modelling as well as classic beach litter counts by volunteers contributed to the broad awareness of marine litter as a problem of global significance. The authors summarise more than five decades of marine litter research, which receives growing attention after the recent discovery of great oceanic garbage patches and the ubiquity of microscopic plastic particles in marine organisms and habitats.

In 16 chapters, authors from all over the world have created a universal view on the diverse field of marine litter pollution, the biological  impacts, dedicated research activities,  and the various national and international legislative efforts to combat this environmental problem.  They recommend future research directions necessary for a comprehensive understanding of this environmental issue and the development of efficient management strategies. This book addresses scientists, and it provides a solid knowledge base for policy makers, NGOs, and  the broader public.

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