Free war Kindle books for 21 Dec 17

La historia de un clon (La era de los clones nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Frederic Moragrega Garcia

El universo está en guerra. Tras colonizar la raza humana 40 sistemas solares, se produce una rebelión de militares, estos se apoderan de la mitad de los mundos colonizados e inician una guerra sin cuartel para apoderarse del resto.
Los clones, el último cartucho de la Alianza, ¿podrán frenar el enorme ejército golpista que amenaza la libertad de la raza humana?
¿Qué piensan los clones? ¿Qué consciencia tienen de su propio destino? Ningunaâ?¦ o quizás sí. B-235 es un clon que se hará estas y otras preguntas cuando se vea inmerso en una campaña que lo llevará a los confines más remotos del espacio… y a descubrir lo que significa ser humano.

Not On My Mountain

by Jared McVay

THEY TREATED HIM LIKE AN OUTCAST Vietnam veteran Rafe Talltree was shunned by the small town of Shortcut, UT although he had never done anything to earn the town’s scorn. When a group of fanatical white supremacists led by a man who believes himself to be Hitler reincarnate invades the area and takes four teenagers captive, Rafe decides he’s had enough. Even though he is considered an outcast, but he can’t allow the hatred of small minded bigots to ruin the lives of others, at least not on his mountain anyway.

Tesoro en la montaña: Como encontré una fortuna en la montaña (Spanish Edition)

by Eduard Sneyder Cubillos Pérez

Durante el conflicto armado en Colombia, muchas caletas fueron enterradas por parte de los grupos insurgentes, algunas de estas caletas contenían oro, otras armas y dinero en efectivo. En esta historia cuento como encontré una y las dificultades que pase para escapar del sitio, como puse en peligro mi vida. Nunca fui en busca de algo así, pero la vida hizo que yo estuviera en ese lugar y en ese tiempo…

okelyanboyav (German Edition)

by Shipa Lkyakin


Killing Gracie: A Lesbian War Story

by Holly Champion

Sergeant Heather Knox has seen her share of combat. Too much according to her girlfriend Tammy who wants her to call it quits after twenty years. On her final dangerous deployment to Afghanistan she gets one last mission: to form the first ever all female Gun Truck Crew to perform convoy escort on Afghanistan’s dangerous roads. There’s only one problem: her beautiful young Lesbian half white half black Jamaican driver.
Grace Campbell is scared. She only joined the military to help earn her Citizenship and to give her young son a better life. She freezes during trainging runs before they ship out, putting Heather’s life, the life of everyone in the truck, and the lives of the entire convoy at risk if she can’t overcome her fear. Heather has to figure out a way to reach her, train her up, and do it fast without falling head over heels in love with her.
And once they make it overseas, Heather has a whole new problem on her hands. Is Gracie really sick or faking to get out of combat? The alcoholic Doctor assigned to their unit isn’t much help, and Gracie’s life hangs in the balance. The needs of the Army outweigh the needs of one confused soldier. Until Heather Knox takes matters into her own hands one last time.
This story has a little Lesbian sex in it, language and violence.


by Lepeha Karivkina


Clan of Dragons

by Naughty Books Publishing

Alpha Dragon Shifter Romance Collection Box Set!

Unleash your inner fantasies with this collection of 4 SPICY HOT DRAGON SHIFTER ROMANCES PLUS 14 STEAMY HOT BONUS STORIES that are guaranteed to entertain and make you blush!

This collection includes:
– Mated To Twin Dragon Princes
– Black Dragons
– Between Dragons Fire
– Learning with the Dragons
++For a limited time only, this collection box set includes 15+ hours of 14 Steamy BONUS full-length stories!++


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WARNING: This book contains mature content with **SUPER HOT** scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!

Iâ??m SEAL

by Pro Books Publishing

Unleash your inner fantasies with this collection of 4 Steamy HOT Navy SEAL Romances PLUS 16 FREE BONUS Stories that are guaranteed to entertain and make you sweat!

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This collection includes:
– Her Savior
– Bodyguard of Love
– More Than Human:
– A SEAL’s Mate
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WARNING: This book contains mature content with sexy scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!


by Erdal Nanasikov



by Imena Pisarilova


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