Free world literature Kindle books for 21 Dec 17

The Terror & The Resistance: On War, Terror, and Horror

by Michael Rande

“Fast-paced, engrossing and utterly enthralling plot … [Michael Rande] shows the destructive and devastating impact of war.”
After everyone he loves is murdered, Ibrahim al-Liban swears vengeance against their killers and wages a savage war against the terrorists. The lone survivor of a bombing in Beirut, Ibrahim copes with his grief by totally giving himself to his struggle. So he forms a militia and fights his way east, crossing the border into Syria to meet his enemy. In this fight, Ibrahim bloodies his hands to fight the evil that killed those closest to him and now threatens to destroy his homeland of Lebanon. But, once over the border, Ibrahim and his men enter the madness, terror, and horror of civil war. 
In Syria, we witness Ibrahim’s morality break down, how he gives himself to the conflict — in want of victory at any cost, no matter how bloody. Every belief he has is taken to its extreme. Accordingly, everything breaks down, tragically and violently. In short order, he is corrupted by the war, like all the others.

While Ibrahim clothes his violence in God and nation and glory, we are confronted with the brutal reality of his war, and indeed all war — in the untold horrors a soul wades into when choosing to fight.

**Note: This book, a true-to-life portrayal of terrorism and war, features scenes of intense violence.**

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