Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 22 Dec 17

Big Book of Ecchi Girls 5

by Hentai Prince

Bringing directly to you 50 pictures of the sexiest and cutest Ecchi Girls!

Short Shorts Girls 1

by Hentai Prince

Fun tip! Is the picture too small? You can zoom in on just about every reading device! Enjoy!

Drawing Guide: Colored Pencil Drawing Tutorial: (How to Draw, The Drawing Book)

by Martha Green

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Drawing Guide: Colored Pencil Drawing Tutorial

You are about to draw anything just like you see it and while you draw you have to be very careful about the way by which you will be illustrating you develop about the thing you are drawing. So, to get a better illustration, not only your hands but your eyes are also in need of making it full of improvement. You should have proper knowledge of all the basic forms which every object possesses and which are to be illustrated not by your hands but by your eyes first.

So, in this chapter you are going to learn the three types of objects and the ways by which these forms of objects help you out in making your illustration more prominent. Once you are good at learning and drawing the different forms of drawings using colored pencil, you will then be able to draw anything you desire.

So, following things have been added in this book for your convenience:

  • Getting started with basic drawing
  • Learn the fundamental of drawing
  • Drawing portrait with colored pencils
  • Handling the colored pencils in a right way
  • 20 realistic drawing patterns

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