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A Maverick New Zealand Way

by Mary Jane Walker

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Down in the Southern Hemisphere lies a land of beauty, dramatic scenery and adventure – New Zealand.

In an e-book with nearly 600 photographs and maps, you, too, can discover the stunning back country of New Zealand, through walks, treks, mountain ascents and even a spot of mountain biking. Mary Jane, a self-proclaimed ‘Maverick Traveller’, sets out on many of the walks and mountain ascents throughout New Zealand’s North and South Islands.

Mary Jane shares her love of travel, trekking and adventure through this thrilling book. Whether you are a beginning trekker, intermediate or advanced you will find something in this book for you.

Learn about native bush and wildlife nestled among a variety of landscapes – glaciers, volcanoes, grassy plains, waterfalls, lakes, vast stretches of ocean and geothermal areas, as well as areas of special significance to Maori, and cityscapes both modern and colonial.

An interesting account of New Zealand history in town and country as well as a memoir of modern experiences, A Maverick New Zealand Way is the perfect read to inspire you to get outdoors in New Zealand.

Where Eagles Fly

by Foy M. Burns

A memoir of a year in Vietnam written by a man who was there and flew helicopers for the Army.

John Lennon Biography: The Music, The Magic & The Murder

by Joe Bensam

Rave Reviews:

“I’ve always been a huge John Lennon fan, and I love his music. This book has given me a real insight into what made him the success that he was.”

“A revealing biography that gives a concise yet revealing history of the man who changed history with the Beatles, and then as a solo artist.”

“This is both a wonderful and a sad story. Wonderful to think how one person could create so much, and sad to think it all ended so tragically.”

“I have always been interested in the Beatles, especially John, but never new much about him apart from the songs. This book has filled in the gaps.”

“An entertaining read about one of the most amazing people of the 20th century. This kind of thing should be in school textbooks, things that really change the world.”

Why Choose This Book?

This is a must read for anyone with an interest in music and the media. If you want to know what made the John Lennon and the Beatles the stars they became, this book will show you:

  • How a few ordinary lads from Liverpool became the world’s most famous band
  • The amazing path that took them from Hamburg to super stardom
  • What made John Lennon such a leader and innovator
  • How he became one of the world’s greatest songwriters
  • The tragedy and cruelty of his early death

What’s Inside?

This book tells you the whole John Lennon story, from birth to death – revealing a host of little-know facts about the legendary musician and songwriter, including:

  • The breaks and co-incidences that took them to stardom
  • What really went on in the Beatles dressing rooms
  • The secrets that John took to the grave with him
  • The reasons and twisted logic behind his murder
  • The surprising truth behind the Yoko story

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1 – The Birth of a Legend
Chapter 2 – Growing Up in Liverpool
Chapter 3 – The Birth of The Beatles
Chapter 4 – The Road To Hamburg
Chapter 5 – On Track For Success
Chapter 6 – Conquering America
Chapter 7 – John Meets Yoko
Chapter 8 – Beyond The Beatles
Chapter 9 – John’s Lost Weekend
Chapter 10 – A New Beginning and a Tragic End

Why Read This Book Now…
As one of the key figures in the history of modern music, John Lennon’s life and legacy are part of our heritage. Get your copy of this book now to find out the truth behind the music, the magic and the murder.

Meet Amazing Americans Workbook: John Quincy Adams

by LIKE Test Prep

LIKE TEST PREP presents its workbook series for “Meet Amazing Americans,” a website created by US Library of Congress on many great american heroes and heroines. Great for Teachers and Students!

This book contains
-Comprehension Questions
-Vocabulary Practice
-Critical Thinking Questions

* which owns Meet Amazing Americans, was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and not of the publisher, LIKE TEST PREP.

Disasters That Shaped America Boxed Set:

by Dean King

Why Chose This Book?

Here is a rare opportunity to get the full story behind three of the greatest tragedies that have shaped the world we live in today. Many years after the events, these disasters live on in our hearts and minds.

The Brave River

by Steven C. Westfield

“Have you ever wanted to be a hero to someone?”

In 2008, Steve Westfield walked away from his comfortable life in the suburbs, heading for the violence and chaos of the United States/Mexico border, not knowing what he would encounter when he got there. He was on a quest for modern-day heroism; what he found was so much more. But first, he had to lose everything.

Easy to read, hard to put down, The Brave River is a collection of journal entries following the author week-by-week through his grueling transformation into a federal law enforcement agent, and then his life-shattering arrival on the border afterward. Interspersed throughout are honest, nothing-held-back reflections on courage, manhood, duty, love, marriage, fidelity and forgivenessâ??a confession of the innermost thoughts, fears, and faults in a Christian’s life, speaking to the hearts of men and women alike.

Ride along, as he leaves a cushy big-city job to become a new recruit, struggling through the rigors of the U.S. Border Patrol Academy; and then graduates to a full-fledged journeyman Border Patrol Agent, working alone in one of the scariest places in North Americaâ??the treacherous backcountry along the Rio Grande in Texas. But also listen in, as this would-be adventure takes a wrong turn and threatens to tear him apart from his adorable wife Katy, the love of his life and girl of his dreams, causing his formerly perfect life to unravel around him. And then root for him, as he begs God to put the pieces back together again.

The Brave River is a true account, both a tragedy and a triumphâ??a one of a kind love story; a candid look inside the doubts, fears, and hopes in the hearts of men; a tale of destruction, and God’s faithfulness to carry his children through to the end of the story.

Modern Divas Boxed Set: Women of Substance Behind the Sex, Scandals and Controversy

by Jessica Jayne

Why Choose This Set

The four women featured in this boxed set are world-famous, trend-setting, multi-talented, and all the other hyphenated superlatives you can think of! With this set. You have all the background information you’ll ever need at your fingertips.

Book 1: Madonna: Desperately Seeking Superstardom

Madonna is the top-selling female recording artist of all time, and no pop star has knocked her off her perch yet.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Humble Beginnings
Chapter 2 – “I Wanted To Be Somebody
Chapter 3 – A Work Of Art
Chapter 4 – On The Way To Stardom
Chapter 5 – A String of Success
Chapter 6 – Madonna On Stage
Chapter 7 – Let’s Talk Business
Chapter 8 – A Mother, A Wife
Chapter 9 – The Legacy Of The Queen Of Reinvention

Book 2: Lady Gaga: From Fame Monster to Global Superstar

Lady Gaga’s life is very interesting from the time she was a little girl. Throughout this book, you’ll learn about the childhood, the struggles to make it on her own, and her eventual rise to fame.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Queen of Pop’s Beginnings
Chapter 2 – Molding The Future Performer
Chapter 3 – Making It On Her Own
Chapter 4 – Stefani, Her Music, and Her Drugs
Chapter 5 – Discovering the Talent
Chapter 6 – The Birth of Lady Gaga
Chapter 7 – The Road To The Fame
Chapter 8 – Unstoppable Success
Chapter 9 – A Meticulous Performer
Chapter 10 – Going Gaga Over Lady Gaga

Book 3: Beyoncé: From Destiny’s Child to Worldwide Star

Beyonce is probably one of the least understood people in the music industry, and it is easy to see why. She has kept her private life private. This added an interesting twist to discovering the journey she took right from when she was a child who had just discovered her talent for singing and dancing and being in a group whose rise to stardom was full of twists and turns. And of course, there she was embarking on a solo career that would take her to where she is now: a worldwide phenomena.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Childhood in Houston
Chapter 2 – The World’s A Stage
Chapter 3 – The Destiny’s Child
Chapter 4 – Destiny Written On The Wall
Chapter 5 – A Period of Difficulty
Chapter 6 – A Three-Piece Success
Chapter 7 – Going Solo
Chapter 8 – From A Pop Star To An Artist
Chapter 9 – Fulfilling Her Own Destiny
Chapter 10 – Single Lady No More

Book 4: J.Lo: All Around American Idol

The Most Influential Woman of 2011 once faced ruin for an ill-advised club visit. But she has made a comeback. Jennifer Lopez’s life is interesting. She may not possess a vocal prowess as strong as Beyonce’s or Mariah Carey’s, but her success in both acting and singing tells a different story. With an album in the works and a recent film, plus upcoming tours, adorable twins and a man who loves her, what more can she ask? This book shows you so much about Jennifer Lopez’s colorful life as she made a name for herself. And how!

Table of Content

Chapter 1 – Hailing from the Bronx
Chapter 2 – Growing Pains
Chapter 3 – The Time Is Right
Chapter 4 – The Big Break
Chapter 5 – From Film Star to Pop Star
Chapter 6 – J. Lo’s Rebirth
Chapter 7 – The Comeback Queen
Chapter 8 – The Businesswoman
Chapter 9 – A High-Profile Love Life
Chapter 10 – No Stopping With Success

Why Buy Now?
Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and J.Lo’s accomplishments will forever be in the world of music. This set will show you a lot of what made these ladies of power the icons that they are today.

Robert Pattinson: From Hogwarts Champion to Brooding Vampire (The Incredible Hunks Book 4)

by Dean King


For millions of girls out there who couldn’t get enough of Robert Pattinson, here’s a book to add to your collection. Fill yourself with information about Rob’s rise to fame from a struggling actor to being one of Hollywood’s biggest stars to date.
For girls – here’s a chance to familiarize yourselves of Robert Pattinson’s life, from when he was born to a happy childhood in England and to his eventual rise to fame upon getting the part of Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.
For fathers and mothers – a chance for all of you to find out why your teenage daughters go crazy with just a glimpse of the hot young actor.
For the rest – be entertained by another British star’s remarkable journey from a privileged life in England to Hollywood as one of the most bankable and hottest young things to happen in the world of entertainment.


Robert Pattinson made headlines when he starred as vampire Edward Cullen in the successful Twilight series. But if you thought he had it easy, read on and find out the things he had gone through before finally getting the most coveted role that catapulted him to fame. Along the way, discover:

-How Rob contributed to the household when he was a kid
-His job when he was 10 years old
-What’s â??Claudia’ got to go with Rob
-How old Rob was when he began modeling
-His first movie
-His experiences filming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
-Why he almost gave up on acting before getting the part of Edward Cullen, and more!

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Birth of a Future Star
Chapter 2 – To Act or Not To Act
Chapter 3 – A Thirst for Acting
Chapter 4 – Bloody Gorgeous!
Chapter 5 – Big Celebrity, Small Movies
Chapter 6 – Edward Returns
Chapter 7 – Coping with Fame
Chapter 8 – On Love and Music

Why Buy Now

Surprise yourself by buying this ebook and discovering Robert Pattinson’s climb to the top of Hollywood.

Orlando Bloom Exposed: Arching His Way to Fame and Fortune (The Incredible Hunks Book 2)

by Jessica Jayne

Why Choose This Book

Orlando Bloom has the pretty face and charming personality that get the part in movies. But he is more than just these. Orlando has proven that he can portray whatever roles given to him. This book will show you how Orlando prepared for a career in acting and how he was propelled to fame following the success of his breakthrough movie.

What’s Inside

Orlando didn’t come from a celebrity home, but he knew acting was what he wanted to pursue. Find out:

-Orlando’s adventurous childhood and why he was accident-prone
-The shocking news he received when he was thirteen
-The accident in 1998 that almost killed him and his hopes of becoming an actor
-How he got the part in The Lord of the Rings trilogy
-The tattoo he and the actors forming the Fellowship got
-How he got the role of Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and why he did not reprise his role in the fourth movie
-How fatherhood changed him, and more!

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Young Orlando
Chapter 2 – From Obscurity to Fame
Chapter 3 – Turning into Legolas
Chapter 4 – A Bloom-ing Career
Chapter 5 – A Bona Fide Actor
Chapter 6 – A Swashbuckling Pirate
Chapter 7 – A Passionate Prince
Chapter 8 – A Sword-Toting Duke
Chapter 9 – A Husband and a Father

Why Buy Now

Orlando Bloom is a testimony that one can achieve dreams with the right attitude, efforts and determination. He is a Hollywood actor who is nowhere near quitting the profession he so loves, but knows his priorities. Read on and be entertained by Orlando’s life from his adventurous childhood to his role as father and husband.

vietnamese beautiful women TRINH TRANG TREO (Japanese Edition)


Girls photograph collection
which only the really beautiful collected!!
â??Please be assured that wearing clothes!â??
ã?»Naked women has not been published in this photo collection.

vietnamese beautiful women Pimnada Supharotwisin (Japanese Edition)

by Pimnada Supharotwisin

Girls photograph collection
which only the really beautiful collected!!
â??Please be assured that wearing clothes!â??
ã?»Naked women has not been published in this photo collection.

vietnamese beautiful women NGUYEN NGOC DIEM (Japanese Edition)


Girls photograph collection
which only the really beautiful collected!!
â??Please be assured that wearing clothes!â??
ã?»Naked women has not been published in this photo collection.

Donald J. Trump : His Life , his Success and Role as President

by Jay Smith

Have you wondered how the President became a Billionarire ? How he is as a person ? What his life is now as a President ?

Donald John Trump iÑ? thе 45th President оf thе United StаtеÑ?, in оffiсе since JаnuаrÑ? 20, 2017. In аdditiоn tо bеing a politician, hе iÑ? a Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ?ful buÑ?inеÑ?Ñ? mаgnаtе аnd tеlеviÑ?iоn personality аÑ? wеll.
Donald Trump is a U.S. citizen, and his parents were U.S. citizens before he was born. His ancestors and all four of his grandparents, on the other hand, lived in Scotland or Germany. His paternal grandfather, Frederich Trump, came from Bavaria in 1885. After becoming a citizen, Frederick, a new name he had chosen for his new life, got rich in the Alaskan Gold Rush by providing gold seekers with dining and accommodations on their journeys.

How was he a child ?
Donald went to Kew-Forest School as a child. The school is a private college-prep school for children in preschool through high school age. His father was a board member of the school. Donald was bright but unfortunately had behavior problems. So, before his eighth-grade year is family sent him to New York Military Academy in hopes of straightening him out and teaching him discipline.

Donald Trump is who he is. He is a consummate businessman and a skilled negotiator. He has the kind of intelligence it takes to graduate from Wharton and the kind of vision it takes to build monumental skyscrapers. He has strong opinions on most issues, and he doesn’t bend to the modern social pressure to be politically correct. For these reasons and others, Trump has gained many loyal followers.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I am not one to judge, so you will have to make up your mind about his lifestyle and character. Has he been able to achieve great things through his go-getter, take-no-prisoners attitude? Absolutely! Facts don’t lie. The man has withstood financial, personal, and now political hurricanes and still comes out on top.

This book is excellent for telling you everything you might want to know about the 45th President . It’s a great read and i would highly recommend you adding this book to your reading list no doubt about it .

Retirement: A Memoir and Guide: Second Edition

by Boyd Lemon

This Second Edition of the author’s popular memoir and guide for living a fulfilling retirement adds significant new material on dealing with the challenges of retirement based on the author’s experiences, new interviews and research since the first edition was published. It emphasizes the emotional challenges to retirement, including loneliness, feelings of not being useful, loss of loved ones, relating to loved ones, making new friends, finding a passion, travel and other ways to make retirement the best time of your life.

Boyd Lemon shows you how he secured the best time of his life in Retirement and how you can do it too. Learn how to take life more slowly, notice and revel in the beauty of the world around you, most important, how to find and pursue your passion and live fully. Married or single, discover how to avoid the loneliness or episodic depression that many retirees suffer from. Too much leisure time is often an expressway to boredom, frustration and unhappiness. The author tells you how to avoid this unhappiness through a few steps that anyone can take.

What Reviewers Said About the 1st Edition

“â?¦thought-provoking tips.”

“â?¦reveals the ways we can all find meaning and joy in our golden years. This unique use of memoir makes the book a much more interesting read than the common guide.”

“â?¦so much helpful information on having a fulfilling life after finishing work.”

“â?¦ amazing the insights in the bookâ?¦.”

“One of the best books on this evolving and elusive destination! You will enjoy Boyd’s engaging style, and learn from his experiences.”

“I loved this book. Mr. Lemon is a wonderful author and shares his experiences in a very thoughtful and thorough way. I hope he follows this work up with another book detailing additional retirement and life experiences. BTW – My father loved the book too!”

“Lemon gives very practical advice to his readers on many subjects.”

“I found every page to be filled with inspiration and guidance.”

“I found Boyd’s book both thought provoking and freeing.”

LAS LADRONAS DEL TÃ?: Historias de timos y estafas en los negocios (Spanish Edition)

by Abel Carvajal

-Un libro bellamente ilustrado en edición exclusiva de Amazon-

LAS LADRONAS DEL TÃ?, historias de timos y estafas en los negocios:

Muchos libros que pretenden enseñar a hacer dinero o alcanzar el éxito en los negocios se han escrito, pero hay pocos que enseñen a cuidar el dinero o a tener cautela en los negocios, el propósito del autor con este libro. Escrito con un delicioso estilo de historias cortas o relatos para mayor claridad y lectura más agradable de las enseñanzas que debe tener en cuenta en sus negocios y así� ¡evitar que a usted le pase lo mismo!

Ilustrado por la pintora Isabel Cristina Ángel y con más bellos óleos de su autoría como apéndice de este fascinante eBook.

-Por la compra de la edición impresa, que incluye el fabuloso libro CAMINO A ORIENTE (edición 2×1 exclusiva de Amazon), descargue sin costo adicional este eBook-

BIG JACK: Victims become Rescuers (short story taken from second series)


Big Jack is a short story taken from the second in a series of three novels addressing the racism, religious bigotry, and hate that runs ramped throughout the planet and these United States. It was chosen to be released this Christmas season because being autobiographical it did, in fact, take place during the Christmas season of 1949 and as an introduction to the second series of THE HUNDRED YEAR WAR. Written and illustrated by Leon Mondragon. The first in the series of THE HUNDRED YEAR WAR is published and available on Amazon.
Not all neighborhoods that have Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, Caucasians, Jewish, and Native-Americans living side by side are slums primarily when the Catholic Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Belo Mansion border them.
Staff Sargent Jack Flores returns to the community where he grew up in October of 1949 just in time for Christmas. He makes good on a promise to pay back a debt to the Judge who gave him a choice in changing his life. It catapulted him into a war with the criminal element in Dallas, Texas. He meets the assignment in pursuit of a thunderbolt. Big Jack will not settle for just eliminating the threat he wants more considerably more.

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