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Her Last Breath: A chilling psychological thriller with a shocking twist (Detective Kerri Blasco Book 2)

by J.A. Schneider

“Stunning, unbearably intense. So engrossed was I that I didn’t realize I was three quarters of the way through till my phone started to lose battery and I realized it was dark outside!Best Crime Books
A chilling psychological thriller about a woman caught between two men…Mari Gill wakes to horror in a strange apartment next to a murdered man, and can’t remember the night before. Accused of murder, she feels torn between her husband, a successful defense attorney, and a mysterious, kind man who wants to help. Can she trust either of them – or even her friends? Detective Kerri Blasco battles her police bosses believing Mari is innocent…but is she?
A heart-stopping psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Alfred Hitchcock

What everyone is saying about Her Last Breath:

“Absolutely breathtaking! Another incredibly intense and thrilling psychological stunner by J.A. Schneider – unputdownable and I never guessed the ending!”Brenda Telford Reviews

“Just finished, still gasping. Incredibly intense…I’ve read hundreds of books and I never guessed the amazing twist. Just stunning!” Literati Literature Lovers

“This psychological thriller will send shivers down your spine…raise the hair off your neck. It’s non-stop action and suspense. Character development is terrific. They all come across as normal everyday people …. but are any of them really who .. and what … you think they are?” Linda Strong Reviews

“Her Last Breath is another twisty, stunning mystery thriller from author J. A. Schneider, where the evidence coils and turns like an eel on a hook. Mari goes from trauma to paranoia and back again, her instincts pushing her towards uncovering the blocked memories that could make or break the case, even as she doubts her senses, her mind, and who she can trust. Husband? Friends? Nobody? It’s a rare pleasure to come across a mystery that’s so hard to guess, and J. A. Schneider’s books have a consistent winning streak on that score. Her plots go from strength to strength.”J.C. Steel, bestselling author of Fighting Shadows

Undertaking Irene (Jane Delaney Mysteries Book 1)

by Pamela Burford

Jane Delaney does things her paying customers can’t do, don’t want to do, don’t want to be seen doing, can’t bring themselves to do, and/or don’t want it to be known they’d paid someone to do. To dead people.

Life gets complicated for Jane and her Death Diva business when she’s hired to liberate a gaudy mermaid brooch from the corpse during a wakeâ??on behalf of the rightful owner, supposedly. Well, a girl’s got to make a living, and this assignment pays better than scattering ashes, placing flowers on graves, or bawling her eyes out as a hired mourner. Unfortunately for Jane, someone else is just as eager to get his hands on that brooch, and he’s even sneakier than she is, not to mention dangerously sexy.

Just when she thinks her biggest problem is grand theft mermaid, things take a murderous turn. But hey, when you’ve teamed up with a neurotic seven-pound poodle named Sexy Beast, how can you go wrong?

The Blonde Before Christmas: a Barb Jackson Mysteries holiday short story

by Anna Snow

From USA Today bestselling author Anna Snow comes a holiday short story about a not-so-dumb blonde who may just be able to save Christmas…

Private Investigator Barb Jackson thought she’d seen it all. But when a last minute shopping excursion leads Barb and her best friend Kelly to a dead Santa Claus beneath the shopping mall Christmas tree, she realizes that not everyone in town is filled with holiday cheer. Jilted lovers, angry elves, and a whole slew of harried shoppers stand between Barb and the truth. But this is one blonde who won’t give up that easily! It’s up to Barb and her friends to find the killer and save Christmas before the Santa Claus Killer claims another victim…

The Barb Jackson Mysteries:
The Blonde Before Christmas (holiday short story)
Bubblegum Blonde (book #1)
Blondes’ Night Out (short story in the “Killer Beach Reads” collection)
Illegally Blonde (book #2)
Blonde and Fabulous (book #3)

What critics are saying about Anna Snow’s books:

“This author knows suspense and how to place just the right amount of comedy to keep us reading. The combination is gripping and pulls a readers attention.”
â??Night Owl Reviews

“Will keep you spellbound until the very last page.”
â??The Romance Reviews

“A fast and enjoyable read, with plenty of emotion and passion.”
â??Dark Diva Reviews

Watching The Bodies (Jake Boulder Book 1)

by Graham Smith

Looking for a fast-paced and utterly gripping crime thriller? Then try this book by #1 best-selling author Graham Smith, an explosive thriller full of stunning twists and turns.

When Jake Boulder is asked by his PI friend to help investigate the vicious murder of Kira Niemeyer, he soon finds himself tracking a serial killer who selects his next victim in a most unusual manner.

As the body count rises, Boulder has to work with the police to identify the heinous killer before more lives are taken. What ensues is a twisted game of cat and mouse, that only Boulder or the Watcher can survive. But who will it be?

Watching The Bodies is the first in Graham Smith’s new Jake Boulder series, a fast-moving and action-packed crime thriller, it will appeal to greatly to fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.

Also available in this best-selling series:

Book 2 The Kindred Killers

What readers are saying:

“Watching the Bodies is a storming addition to the action thriller genre, and Jake Boulder a new tough guy to root for. Be under no illusion, Boulder is no Jack Reacher or Joe Hunter clone- He is his own man and readers will delight in getting to know a hero who is as sharp with his wits, and his tongue, as he is with his fists.” Matt Hilton – Bestselling author of the Joe Hunter thrillers

 “If you are looking for a high-octane, action-packed, crime thriller that will leave you beggingâ?¦yes BEGGING for more, then look no further!” Noelle Holten – Crime Book Junkie

 “Fast-paced, suspenseful, action-packed and led by a stellar brooding protagonist (Jake Boulder).” Samantha Ellen – Clues and Reviews

 “A must-read page-turner that will compel you to read way beyond your bedtime. An awesome start to a new series and all I can say is roll on book two.” Sharon Bairden – Chapter In My Life

“This is a dark and suspenseful read that just drew me in and placed me slap bang in the thick of things. With a thrilling serial killer and a smouldering Boulder, there is definitely something for everyone who loves a good crime thriller.” Sarah Hardy – By the Letter Book Reviews

“A belter of a start to a series. High-stakes cat and mouse games with a twisted killer and a really likeable protagonist. Definitely, one to add to your TBR if you enjoy fast-paced action!” Kate Moloney – Bibliophile Book Club

“With unwavering tension, fast-paced action, a creepy killer, murders galore and a great protagonist to boot, this book kept me hooked and interested from start to finish. Short chapters, many of which end in cliffhangers, kept me entertained and on my toes throughout. The breath-taking finale made me gaspâ?¦literally.” Joseph Calleja – Relax and Read Book Reviews

“I have always been a sucker for a serial killer story and in Watching the Bodies, I have found one of the best serial killer tales that I have read for a long, long time. I loved this.” Gordon Mcghie – Grab This Book

“It’s one of the best serial killer thrillers I have read in a LONG time. I couldn’t stop turning the pages and devoured this book in two short days. If this is what Graham Smith has in store for us with this new series, then consider me hooked. I can’t wait to read more!” Emma Welton – Damppebbles Book Blog

Watching The Bodies is a fast-paced crime thriller that will appeal to fans of authors like Lee Child, Micahel Connely and Casey Casey Kelleher  

Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas: A Greatest Hits Mysteries holiday short story

by Leslie Langtry

From USA Today Bestselling author, Leslie Langtry comes a holiday short story featuring the Bombay Family of Assassins:

It’s Christmas Eve, and huddled around the fireplace with pet Dodo in her lap, Missi Bombay tells the story about the time she and her cousins, Gin, Liv, Paris, and Cy carried out a holiday assignment on the family’s private islandâ??Agatha Christie style.
There are no Christmas stockings for the wicked. All five of the nasty targets are on Santa’s naughty list, and this year the only present they’re getting is murder. One-by-one they start dying off under mysterious and often hilarious circumstances as everyone wondersâ??Who Will Be Next?

**This is an approximately 18,000 word/37 page short story.**

Greatest Hits Mysteries available:
‘Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy – book #1
Guns Will Keep Us Together – book #2
Stand By Your Hitman – book #3
I Shot You Babe – book #4
Paradise by the Rifles Sights – book #5
Snuff the Magic Dragon – book #6
My Heroes Have Always Been Hitmen – book #7
Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas – a holiday short story

What critics are saying:

“Darkly funny and wildly over the top, this mystery answers the burning question, ‘Do assassin skills and Girl Scout merit badges mixâ?¦’ one truly original and wacky novel!”
~ RT BOOKreviews

“Those who like dark humor will enjoy a look into the deadliest female assassin and PTA mom’s life.”
~ Parkersburg News

“Mixing a deadly sense of humor and plenty of sexy sizzle, Leslie Langtry creates a brilliantly original, laughter-rich mix of contemporary romance and suspense.”
~ Chicago Tribune

“The beleaguered soccer mom assassin concept is a winner, and Langtry gets the fun started from page one with a myriad of clever details.”
~ Publisher’s Weekly

“Irreverent, witty and funâ?¦a wild, adventurous ride!”
~ Katie MacAlister, New York Times Bestselling Author

“The fast-paced romantic suspense chick lit thriller is over the top, but fans will want to follow suit as Leslie Langtry provides a satirical family drama.”
~ Midwest Book Review

Keeper of Pleas: A Dark Victorian Crime Novel

by Annelie Wendeberg

“â?¦vast imagination, skillful plot twists and remarkably interesting characters.”

“Masterful, original and refreshingly well-written.”

A dark Victorian mystery that will have you hooked from the very first page to the final, dramatic twist.

On December 10, 1880, Coroner Sévère makes a gruesome discovery: nine newborns, buried in flowerpots, and hidden in plain sight in Whitechapel. A mortician receives the bodies and vanishes. Clues for the two seemingly unconnected cases are scarce.
When police and coroner learn that the missing mortician might have spent his last moments at the bosom of the infamous prostitute Miss Mary, a series of events is nudged into motion. Lies are unearthed, rumours spread. Yet, the killer remains a faceless phantom.
His secret seems buried forever.
Until the night Sévère requests Miss Mary’s servicesâ?¦

Warning: Prostitution and post-mortems are depicted without apology.

For fans of Caleb Carr, Louise Penny, and Anne Perry.

Death of a Cantankerous Old Coot (Lizzie Crenshaw Mysteries Book 1)

by Teresa Watson

Someone has killed Amos Gardner, one of the leading citizens of Brookdale. The sheriff wonders if it has something to do with the lawsuit Amos filed against his own granddaughter, Lizzie Crenshaw. When someone tries to kill Amos’ wife, she points the finger at Lizzie, who must work with the new deputy to figure out what is going on before she is either thrown in jail…or becomes a victim herself.

Around The Bend: A Novel

by Britney King

In the tradition of Behind Closed Doors and The Girl on the Train comes an unsettling story about the lengths some are willing to go to hide the truth. Fans of domestic thrillers and psychological suspense will find Around The Bend addictive and unrelenting. 

Secrets can be deadly… 

If you were to pass me on the street, you probably wouldn’t even look twice. I’m that normal. I’m just like you, only wealthier. I have it all. The kids, the family, the dog, a house on the hill. Hell–I’m so cliché, I even have a white picket fence. I guess you could say that I’ve dotted my I’s and crossed my T’s. But what I also have–what no one sees in yoga, or at Nieman Marcus, or during the dreadful Ladies Who Lunch charity events I attend (because only God knows why), and perhaps most importantly, in the school pick up line–are secrets.

Deep, dark, deadly secrets. 

We all keep secrets, don’t we? We all have thoughts in our heads, things we do, things about us that if people knew, they’d be shocked…right? Well, what if one day we just decided to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

What if we decided to let the whole world in on our dirty little secrets? And what if along the way, as we were spilling those secrets, we realized that things aren’t always what they seem and with that knowledge, it changed the whole story?

In this book, I’m laying it all out there. The unraveling of my life. My coming undone. What one might’ve seen had they been paying attention.

What I’ve found in life is people often believe lies before they’ll believe the truth. Well, here it is, in a nutshell. I’ll let you decide which is which…

If you enjoy dark reads, mystery and suspense, you’ll love Britney King’s bestselling psychological thrillers. More than 100K copies downloaded. Available in digital and print.


“Intense and cunning.” 

“A wonderfully intense read.”

“A compelling read for fans of thrillers/suspense with romantic elements.” 

“Domestic suspense at its finest.” 

“A fascinating storyline and absolutely exquisite prose.”

“Addictive and fast-paced.”

“A stunning page-turner. The perfect psychological thriller.” 

“Domestic suspense at its finest.” 

“I devoured this standalone. With no shortage of surprises, it made for captivating psychological fiction.”

“An incredible page turner with realistic characters and chockful of suspense.”

The Reindeer Caper (The Dunbarton Christmas Mysteries Book 1)

by Valerie Tate

With a missing reindeer, a murdered elf, and a mayor one Christmas Carol short of a breakdown, it looks like Christmas festivities in Dunbarton are in danger of being cancelled – especially since Santa is in jail, charged with murder!

It’s coming up to Christmas and everyone in Dunbarton is filled with excitement at the arrival of a reindeer, a gift from their twin town in Norway. But when Dasher disappears, children and parents alike are devastated, and the mayor fears an international incident.

In desperation, the mayor turns to the Mallorys to save the town’s Christmas, but the more Chris and Alicia investigate, the more they realize it isn’t just Christmas that’s in jeopardy.

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