Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 22 Dec 17

A Gift Forever

by Diane Craver

(Previously published as A CHRISTMAS GIFT with Whimsical Publications)
Justin Reeves is a man who has it all: a good job, a loving wife and children who are the center of his universe. Justin also has a secret he’s hidden from everyone his entire life. Quite innocently seven-year-old Debby, stumbles upon her father’s secret on a summer night in 1957. She confronts her father with the awful truth. Justin is touched by her concern and offer of help.

When nothing is done by any of the adults in the family, Debby prays to Jesus for someone to help her father. Not only is her eloquent prayer instrumental in changing her father’s life, but it starts a chain reaction in each family member’s life. The older sister, Gail, is in love with a man Debby doesn’t like. Her middle sister, Kathy, who wanted to be a dancer, struggles with the physical infirmity that has crippled her every bit as much as their father’s once-secret flaw limits him. Debby’s brother, Carl, worries about the future because of his commitment to the army. Even their mother, Lucille Reeves, although devoted to her husband and children, now hopes to broaden her personal horizons. Justin, his wife and children all are blessed by positive life changes because of Debby’s prayer.

Father and daughter together embark upon a journey which takes Justin from the darkness of shame into the light of victory. When he finally accomplishes what he wanted his whole life, Justin reaches out to his family in a special way on Christmas Day. His gift to his wife, daughters and son influences them all for a lifetime.

The Abundnce in Gratitude

by Amara McBeyer

We live in a society that is always looking for more. It seems that we have forgotten to appreciate what we already have and this is the key to having more. There is a 2 day challenge in this book that will help start on your path of daily gratitude reminders.

THE POISON OF THORNS: The Dragon’s Back #1

by Robert Dennis Wilson

“THE POISON OF THORNS: The Dragon’s Back #1,” by Robert Dennis Wilson, unfolds as an intriguing and action-packed Christian Fantasy with bards, dragons, swords, and mysterious black-robed villains lurking in the shadows.

Ten long years after the mysterious murder of their parents, two brothers have just been freed from incarceration in a prison-like orphanage. Against their wills they are torn apart and launched into separate quests against conflicting and dangerous forces. Independently they struggle to learn the truth and to resolve the unanswered cries for vengeance that have long consumed their lives with the poisoned thorns of unresolved bitterness. Finding themselves pitted against a strange and hostile world, overwhelmed with many questions; it becomes their individual obsessions to find the hidden answers and rescue each other.

Why were they locked away in that out-of-the way orphanage for ten long years, when they had living kin who would gladly have claimed them? Who are the sinister black-robed “Dragonmen” and what is their hidden agenda. And why are these blackrobes so interested in the two teenaged brothers that they would mobilize all of their considerable resources to possess them?

What is the significance of the shape of their isolated continent? Is it true that it appears to be a gigantic Dragon floating above the endless depths? What about the rumors that man-sized, almost invisible dragons are stalking their nights?

And finally, who are the mysterious followers of the mythical Gryphon? Why do they alone, of all the diverse peoples of Dragonsback, have the ability to swim in the dark bottomless waters that surround their land? And most importantly, who and where is that mysterious Swimmer; the man they both witnessed taking part in the drowning deaths of their parents? Is he still available… for retribution?

Mary of the Amish (Sweet Amish Romance Series Book 2)

by Amy Field

Sometimes it the most difficult circumstances that bring out the best in us, bring is back to God, and help us recognize the loves that become us.

Mary is a soft-spoken, quiet city girl who takes care of her dying mother. On her mother’s death bed she drops a bombshell: Mary is an adopted child, and her real mother was an Amish girl who went astray.

After some contemplation, Mary decides to travel to the Amish village where her real mother lived in order to get closure.

What follows is a rollercoaster ride as she tries to embrace Amish life, while enduring scornful glances and, ultimately, facing rejection. Then a tragic event happens that forces the small community to a standstill. What happens next is akin to an act of God.

Read this inspiring and tension-filled story of love and redemption!

++ Includes twenty inspiring and uplifting story of love and romance from the publisher’s library! ++

Christmas: Short Stories that stir the Spirit of Christmas

by Marcia Laycock

Delight in the Christmas story all over again as the author takes you from the far reaches of the galaxy to the edge of the Arctic Circle and the streets of an inner city. In each unusual setting the Christmas Spirit is alive and well.

Mail Order Bride: Room for a Bride: Clean and Wholesome Western Historical Romance (Busy Brides of the West Series Book 2)

by Faith Johnson

This is a Clean Mail Order Bride Historical Western Romance by your favorite best selling author Faith Johnson.

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Widowed and with her only child recently buried, Margaret Abbot decides to leave the pain behind and see what awaits her on the western frontier. Her friend had found love as a mail order bride, and though she is not ready to love again, Margaret is ready for a new life. Putting her faith in God, she finds herself on the doorstep of a derelict hotel. And there she finds hearts more broken then hers.

Jonathan Green has been running the hotel alone since his parents died, but his heart is not in it. So when the lovely Margaret insists she can do better, he dares her to try. And try she does, including spending too much money and welcoming a desperate woman into the hotel.

And while Margaret works to improve his hotel, she also creeps into his heart. But it’s not until he’s forced into a showdown does Jonathan realize just how much this woman has changed not only his life, but the life of everyone in town.

In the late 1800’s, life on the western frontier was hard work and hard won. But some women, driven by desire and dedication, chose to make their own way. With courage and skills, these women headed West to pursue their dreams of happiness and found love along the way.

Hijos de la luz: Dios Tiene Preparado Algo Mejor Para TI (Spanish Edition)

by Ángel De Luz

¡Dios te ha dado la Victoria! Así que: ¡Levántate y Confía!
Quizá hoy en día estas enfrentando una prueba muy fuerte que ha puesto en duda tu fe y confianza en Dios, sin embargo déjame decirte que nunca habrá algo en tu vida que pueda más que Dios, que no hay nada en el mundo más fuerte que el poder de Dios y lo lindo de todo esto es que Dios esta de tu lado y si Él esta de tu lado tienes una victoria segura.
No te asustes si las cosas van mal, no te sorprendas si hay un silencio largo en tu vida, no te desesperes si estas pasando por uno de los desiertos más temibles de tu vida, porque aun y con todo eso, Dios está muy interesado en ti, Él tiene los ojos puestos en tu vida, no te dejara morir, Él actuara en tu vida, en el momento preciso se mostrara a través de lo que estás viviendo y eso que ahora ves como una prueba muy grande y difícil, se convertirá en una experiencia que ayudo a tu crecimiento espiritual y te fortaleció para ser de bendición a muchos más.
Lo que hoy estás viviendo nada mas está sirviendo para poner a prueba tu confianza en Dios y fortalecerla, pero lo lindo de todo esto, es que Dios te ha dotado de la capacidad suficiente para salir victorioso de cualquier situación, porque Él está contigo, pues la Palabra de Dios dice: “Sólo nos queda decir que, si Dios está de nuestra parte, nadie podrá estar en contra de nosotros.”
Hoy quiero invitarte a que te levantes de ese estado de ánimo que ha permanecido en tu vida los últimos días, hoy quiero invitarte a que mires a Dios y puedas apropiarte con toda convicción de las siguientes palabras:
“Miren, Dios ha venido a salvarme. Confiaré en él y no tendré temor. El SENÌ?OR Dios es mi fuerza y mi canción; él me ha dado la victoria»”

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