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WEIGHT WATCHERS: Slow Cooker Smart Points Cookbook. Boost Your Metabolism, Lose Weight Fast and Effectively

by Helena Williams

WEIGHT WATCHERS:Slow Cooker Smart Points Cookbook. Boost Your Metabolism, Lose Weight Fast and Effectively

Lose weight with a Weight Watchers, Delicious slow cooker smart points recipes.

Smart points are the clever way of keeping track of your progress, and what you put into your body every day!

With lovely, tasty, Smart Points recipes, you’ll find it easy to fall into the perfect routine to lose excess fat and get

Discover Tasty weight loss recipes from breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts, you will soon feel lighter, healthier and much more happier!!

Grab Your copy of this Weight watchers Slow cooker smart point cookbook now and enjoy

The Diabetic Diet Plan: Diabetes Recipes That Taste Great (Living with Diabetes Book 1)

by Jenny Perry

Eat all of the yummy food that’s tailored-fit for your diabetic needs!

People with diabetes are often told to stop eating this and that food for their own benefit, but would it be really good to cut back on certain foods? Diabetics should learn to control their sugar and cholesterol intake instead of completely cutting them off. This cookbook contains:

* a brief overview of what diabetes is
* day-starter breakfasts
* healthy snacks
* sumptuous and nutritious main courses
* satisfying diabetic desserts

What’s Inside?

A diabetic meal doesn’t have to be bland and boring. In fact, people with diabetes could enjoy heart-healthy meals just like the contents of this cookbook. If you flip through the pages of this cookbook, you’ll find:

* delicious breakfast choices for diabetics
* yummy and snack bites
* stomach-filling main courses
* to-die-for healthy desserts

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Living with Diabetes
Chapter 2 – Day-Starter Breakfasts
Chapter 3 – Smart Bites
Chapter 4 – Poultry and Fish Delights
Chapter 5 – Marvelous Meat
Chapter 6 – Grains, Legumes and Pasta
Chapter 7 – Sustaining Soups and Stews
Chapter 8 – Valuable Veggies and Salads
Chapter 9 – Just Desserts
Chapter 10 – The Exchange List

Start Reading Now…

All in all, you’re going to have a complete diabetic meal plan with this cookbook. If you’re up for a refreshing variety of meals fit for a diabetic like you, then you should really get yourself a copy of this book. It’s time you whip yourself up a deliciously satisfying diabetic meal!

Stress and Adaptation in Physiology: Perturbation – Between Poison and Medication

by Cristian Vlad Zot

Living systems maintain biologic equilibrium, homeostasis, by actively regulating different variables to remain within a certain range. Endogenous and exogenous stressors perturb homeostasis. The organism responds adaptively, to restore its equilibrium.

This book explores the potential use of stressors to improve the adaptive capacity of organisms and expand their functional homeodynamic space. These endogenous (from within the body) and exogenous (environmental) stressors can be applied for:

1. Exercise Physiology (emphasis on hypergravity and resistance training)
2. Dietary Stress (emphasis on meal frequency, food restriction, and the use of plant toxins and other toxic chemicals)
3. Temperature Stress (emphasis on heat and cold stress)
4. Toxicology and Radiation
5. The field of Aging
6. Cognitive Stress and the concept of Anti-Fragility (a psycho-philosophical approach)

The dose, frequency, and duration of exposure to a certain stressor or perturbing factor can turn it from advantageous (medication) to detrimental (poison). Reviewing the scientific literature and using personal examples (anecdotes), the author investigates dose-response relationships in an effort to develop practical strategies to benefit from deliberate exposure to physiologic and psychologic stressors.

Ultimate Anatomy Study Guide: Learn How To Learn (Kenhub Study Guides Book 1)

If you are like 99% of students, you are probably learning by rote. In other words, you become a robot – mechanically repeating the information that needs to be learned. Studying this way is extremely easy, especially with a subject like anatomy, which has rote learning written all over it. More than likely, understanding the subject is quite easy for you. And that’s great! But the question is, how long will you retain the information you have learned using this technique? Do you feel that after two or three days you forget all the important stuff? Well, join the club; we have been there (and some of us still are) and we understand the feeling.

Most of the students we know follow a rather straightforward method of learning: they open their anatomy book, start reading the page, take some notes, revise a bit and hope for the best. Do you follow a similar approach? It is definitely not the worst strategy, but you’ll shed a lot of blood, sweat, and tears… 

The good news is that there are a lot of alternatives to this strategy and we are here to show you some of them. But we’ll be honest from the very beginning; there are no magic tricks that will enable you to learn everything automatically. There is no “one simple rule” to remember everything. Whoever told you that has never studied anatomy!

Bitcoin für Anfänger: Der einfachste und beste Ratgeber zum Thema Bitcoin & Blockchain – Bitcoin für Einsteiger, Investieren in Kryptowährungen leicht erklärt (German Edition)

by Noa Mikulin


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Haben Sie schon oft mit dem Gedanken gespielt in den Bitcoin oder andere Kryptowährungen zu investieren?

Ohne das geeignite Basiswissen und ohne die passende Motivation kann der unwissende Einstieg schmerzhaft werden!

Wissen Sie nicht, was zu tun ist, um den besagten Ersten Schritt zu unternehmen?

Kryptowährungen und insbesondere der Bitcoin bergen viel mehr als nur Spekulationspotential – Der richtige Umgang entscheidet zwischen Erfolg und Totalverlust.

Dieses Buch ist Ihr glücklicher Zufall!

Dieser wahrscheinlich einfachste Ratgeber der Welt zeigt Ihnen wie:

Sie den perfekten Einstieg mit dem nötigen Vorwissen in die spannende Welt der Kryptos schaffen…und das ganz ohne unnützte technische Details!

Was Sie in diesem Buch lernen:

  • Was ist der Bitcoin?
  • Welche innovative Technologie verbirgt sich hinter dem Bitcoin?
  • Welche Chancen und Risiken bergen Kryptowährungen?
  • Welche Strategien eignen sich für den Einstieg und welche essentiellen Tools werden Sie brauchen?
  • Wie Sie klug investieren und auf den Bitcoin-Zug noch elegant aufspringen!

Investieren Sie jetzt in Ihre finanzielle Intelligenz und bleiben Sie am Ball!
– Jetzt kaufen! –

Cry of the Wolf

by Carylanne Joubert

We, the wolves of Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding areas, have always been peaceful animals. We have tried to stay away from humans as much as possible, only crossing paths with them when Fate dictates we should. We hunt, live and breed near and in Yellowstone National Park. Our usual preys are elk, deer and moose. Humans’ livestock are not usually a part of our diet. We do not like to go so near to the humans but there are some reasons which force us to. The first reason is unruly adolescents testing their newly learned skills, (and their parents’ patience like any teenager of any species). Another reason is when our usual prey species have extremely low populations that cannot provide enough food for us to sustain our survival. The final reason is when we are forced to hunt livestock because we lack the further hunting skills we need to hunt our normal prey; skills we can only learn from our Matriarch. But when something or someone has taken our leader from us we are forced to do what we have to in order to survive. Most times, natural causes such as injury, sickness, or disease can take our leader away from us. However, the biggest reason we are forced into this life is neither by choice nor by natural causes. The biggest factor that forces us to live this lifestyle is humans. And then the humans blame us for doing what we need to do to survive. Yet humans don’t think about the consequences of their actions or who is hurt by them. All that matters is that they do what they need to do to make a livingâ?¦ to survive. How is that any different from us?
This is the story of my life in my pack. The story of the life I was forced to lead due to the intervention of humans. I hope by sharing my story, I can vindicate the name of my brethren and ancestors, by whatever name we have been called. But to properly tell my story, I should begin, not where my life changed, but where it began. My name is Mingan and this is the story about the meaning of the Cry of the Wolfâ?¦

**A portion of all proceeds to be donated to Wildlife Organizations, such as National Defenders of Wildlife, Wolf Mountain Santuary go to to see the wolves and the great work at the sanctuary ***

The Hair Loss Cure: How To Prevent Hair Loss And Regrow Hair Immediately (Hair Loss Prevention, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss Cure, Hair Loss For Men, Hair Regrowth, Self Help)

by Steven Cumberland

A Proven Step by Step Guide On How To Prevent Hair Loss

You’re about to discover a proven strategy on how to prevent hair loss and learn essential techniques that teach you how to regrow your hair. Millions of people suffer from hair loss. If you are one of these people and want to take action now, this book will help you as it has proven to be effective for many others.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Is Hair Loss?
  • Medical Conditions Related To Hair Loss
  • Tests And Diagnosis
  • Natural Treatment For Hair Loss
  • Surgery, Treatment and Medication
  • Preventing and Managing Hair Loss
  • How To Regrow Hair
  • And Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Diabetes:Safe and Proven Diabetes Cure: Scientifically proven Diabetes cure A-Z in 3 weeks, Insulin Resistance, Controlling Blood Sugar Levels, Weight Loss, Diabetes Meal Plan, Diabetes Exercise Plan

by Christopher J. Davis M.D.

In Safe and Proven Cure for Diabetes, the myths, causes, symptoms, and treatments for gestational diabetes, as well as the two other types of diabetes (type 1 and 2) are discussed in full detail with the aim of providing the reader with the tools he or she needs to live a full life even with diabetes.

Most people labor under the assumption that diabetes is caused solely by poor eating and exercise habits, but in many cases, this is not true. This book explores many facets about diabetes so that you don’t have to try to sort through what to believe on your own.

Safe and Proven Cure for Diabetes begins by debunking common myths surrounding diabetes in an effort to demystify the disease and give readers a good starting point of knowledge to learn more fully about the condition.

It is followed by prevention methods and a full chapter describing the biological process behind diabetes so you know exactly what is happening to your body and why. Without this biological background, it is hard to know exactly what to change in your lifestyle to treat the disease.

The chapters are broken up by topic to move the reader through the process of diagnosis to ultimately living healthily. The final chapter of the book is filled with tasty, vegan recipes for diabetics looking to control their caloric intake through healthy dieting and exercise.

These are sorted into categories and include how many calories and servings are in each dish. With the proper maintenance (through exercise, meditation, and diet), no matter what type of diabetes you or your loved one has been diagnosed with, you too can embrace life to the fullest!

Nuclear Back-end and Transmutation Technology for Waste Disposal: Beyond the Fukushima Accident

This book covers essential aspects of transmutation technologies, highlighting especially the advances in Japan. The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) has caused us to focus attention on a large amount of spent nuclear fuels stored in NPPs. In addition, public anxiety regarding the treatment and disposal of high-level radioactive wastes that require long-term control is growing. The Japanese policy on the back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle is still unpredictable in the aftermath of the accident. Therefore, research and development for enhancing the safety of various processes involved in nuclear energy production are being actively pursued worldwide. In particular, nuclear transmutation technology has been drawing significant attention after the accident.

This publication is timely with the following highlights: 1) Development of accelerator-driven systems (ADSs), which is a brand-new reactor concept for transmutation of highly radioactive wastes; 2) Nuclear reactor systems from the point of view of the nuclear fuel cycle. How to reduce nuclear wastes or how to treat them including the debris from TEPCO’s Fukushima nuclear power stations is discussed; and 3) Environmental radioactivity, radioactive waste treatment and geological disposal policy.

State-of-the-art technologies for overall back-end issues of the nuclear fuel cycle as well as the technologies of transmutation are presented here. The chapter authors are actively involved in the development of ADSs and transmutation-related technologies. The future of the back-end issues in Japan is very uncertain after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi NPP and this book provides an opportunity for readers to consider the future direction of those issues.

First Steps Sommeliers: How to Learn to Understand Wine (Books about wine)

by Elizabeth Rufe

First Steps Sommeliers:

How to Learn to Understand Wine

This book will open the door to you in the world of professional tasting. You will find in it a lot of useful information about the basic regions of winemaking and about the flavors and flavors that are contained in wine. Also get an idea of winemaking and tasting terminology. Enjoy reading!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Wine Regions
  • Chapter 2: Types of Wine and Wine Glasses
  • Chapter 3: Types of Wine Grapes and Its Regions
  • Chapter 4: Popular Wine Grapes and Flavors
  • Chapter 5: Purchasing Wine
  • Chapter 6: Serving Wine
  • Conclusion

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