Free sports Kindle books for 22 Dec 17

The Cheesehead Devotional – Hall of Fame Edition (Green Bay Packers Devotionals Book 2)

by Judy DuCharme

“The reading is simple, the characters are very different, and Coach Lombardi’s challenge will guide us one day at a time.” ~ Sara White, wife of the late Reggie White

“This book is a blessing to comfort when it’s fourth and one, or you’ve just fumbled in your own life.” ~ Kevin Harlan, CBS TNT WestwoodOne Sports

“Judy DuCharme has taken the quotes of Lombardi and the spirit of some of the greatest Packers’ players of all time and skillfully woven them into a series of inspirational messages for us all.” ~ Wayne Larrivee, game-day radio voice of the Packers

Walk with Judy DuCharme and Packer greats down the road of adventure, honor, and faith. Maybe you’ve attended the games, listened to them on the radio, or watched them on TV. Maybe you’re reading about the Packers for the first time. Either way, these stories will challenge and encourage you to strive for greatness. Judy connects each player, each glorious victory, and each devastating loss to eternal truths and principles for purposeful living.

Self-Defense Combatives for Security Officers

by Steven Lee

Traditional Security Officer training leaves little to no room for training in effective self-defense techniques due to time constraints and liability issues. This manual will assist the professional Security Officer in training in some of the core concepts and techniques of self-defense and combatives needed to perform their duties.


Sports Quotes: 200 Quotes from Famous Athletes about Sports Psychology and Performance

by Nathanael Fergusson

See what motivates the successful, determined athletes from the past century

Find your drive and motivation by looking at some of the clever things top athletes have said. Learn from Michael Jordan, Bob Cousy, Diana Nyad, Joe Palermo, Yogi Berra, LeBron James, and others. They share their insights in the world of sports, the mental capacity, the will power, and the inner strength someone needs to push them to the finish line or the victory in their specific sports. Become acquainted with their mindset and inner strategies to cope with the pressure and competition in a realm of excellence. These quotes will inspire you to do better.

Eco-fuel-FA (ECOFA) A viable solution

by Francisco Angulo

A group of Spanish developers working under the company name Ecofasaheaded by chief executive officer and inventor Francisco Angulo, has developed a biochemical process to turn urban solid waste into a fatty acid biodiesel feedstock. “It took more than 10 years working on the idea of producing biodiesel from domestic waste using a biological method” Angulo told Biodiesel Magazine. “My first patent dates back to 2005. It was first published in 2007 in Soto de la Vega, Spain, thanks to the council and its representative Antonio Nevado”. Using microbes to convert organic material into energy isn’t a new concept to the renewable energy industries, and the same can be said for the anaerobic digestion of organic waste by microbes, which turns waste into biogas consisting mostly of methane. However, using bacteria to convert urban waste to fatty acids, which can then be used as a feedstock for biodiesel production, is a new twist. The Spanish company calls this process and the resulting fuel Ecofa.

LÁZARO es la nueva novela de suspense, intriga y acción, del autor Francisco Angulo: Uno de los autores más destacados en el nuevo panorama digital. Con títulos como, La Reliquia, El Olfateador, Los mejores, La leyenda de los Tarazashi, Destino La Habana, Compañía Nº12, Kira y la tormenta de hielo, Cosas que no debes hacer si quieres ser escritor, Un instante después del Big Bang, etc… Que han sido traducidos y publicados en multitud de idiomas: Inglés, Francés, Alemán, Ruso, Chino… Alcanzando los primeros puestos de venta en diferentes plataformas con miles de descargas.

Nos presenta su última aventura, una novela trepidante y emocionante, que engancha al lector desde sus primeras líneas.

Mind Stenographer

by Sean Ratcliffe

The second in a collection of recent work by Sean Ratcliffe. He has been called a “sentient being” and he writes rather deep and spiritual pieces. At the same time, some of his writing can be described as light and has a rather comedic side to some of his work.

He has truly been influenced by the summer that he was befriended by the Canadian and world reknown Poet, Irving Layton and pays tribute to Mr. Layton in a touching memoir.

Recently, he has embarked on something a little different. He has started to write using the artwork of Winnie Campbell. His first attempt is called The Blacksmith’s Shop. The artwork was drawn from memory by the artist of the original Blacksmith shop in the neighbourhood that they both grew up in. Sean had never seen the Blacksmith shop or knew of it until he saw a photo of the painting and then wrote what he felt without input; receiving a great response from the Artist, Winnie Campbell, who now resides in Huntsville, Ontario. With the success of this piece, they plan to try again.

Golf According to Willie

by R. H. Politz

It would improve the whole economy if men wore mini-skirts and no panties because then, air would get to their brains.

A hilarious collection of stories, insults and one-liners about the men and women who play golf. If you’ve never been there, you’re missing some of the most comical conversations adults have in the semi-secret environment of the fairways and greens. And, it’s not just the guys speaking freely. You should hear what some of the “Ladies” are saying when only their friends are around. It’s better than a coffee klatch complaint fest, but then, everyone needs an occasional opportunity to release some steam, tension and the frustrations of life.

A hole-in-one is probably something you’ll never achieve but, a laugh while you’re trying, is far better than a weekly visit to a therapist. (Probably cheaper too)

Tell a few one-liners and short stories to your friends while you’re waiting for that very slow fouesome in front to find their balls in the woods or just to have a laugh or three at the bar.

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