Free war Kindle books for 22 Dec 17

Unconventional Beginnings: Black Swan Prequel Novella 0.5

by KaLyn Cooper

He’s dead. But they can’t allow it to affect her. She’s too important.
Nine months into the pilot program for the top secret Joint All Female Special Operations School, Katlin Callahan-Malone’s husband is killed in action along with his entire SEAL team. The Pentagon brass wants to know how that happened but the four highest ranking women in all the military services are more concerned about its effect on Katlin. She is pivotal to the success of their test project. Will the death of her husband change her mind about women being allowed in SpecOps?
Unconventional Beginnings sets the stage for the Black Swan series by giving you a glimpse into the lives of several main characters three years before Unrelenting Love, the first book in the series. Although Unconventional Beginnings is a cliffhanger, I have included the first three chapters of Unrelenting Love.

Checkmate 32 Pieces by Rory Smith: A War by Chess Pieces

by Rory Smith

Checkmate 32 Pieces by Rory Smith
A story based on a land made up of the pieces, of a game of chess.
A land where the two states of the land of Mavelli. A land of city states ruled by kings, and queens, and presidents.
There are two city states of focus in this story. The lands of Parovgrand and Deepcom, who rival with their soldiers, as peace turns to battle.
This is a story based on battle between two sides who representing the 32 chess pieces on a chessboard.
There are kings, queens, pawns, rooks, bishops, and knights. Who will survive?
Read to find out the story of a war of chess. A story based on the game of chess. With some chess terminology used.
An attempt at the genres of comedy, action, adventure, and war.
The story is over 3800 words.

Nach dem Feuersturm: Hamburg Juli 1943 (German Edition)

by Peter Friedrich

Im Juli 1943 unternahmen englische und amerikanische Bomber mehrere Groƃ?angriff auf Hamburgs Wohngebiete, mit dem Ziel einen Feuersturm zu entfachen. Die Geschichte verfolgt das Schicksal zweier Menschen, die bei diesem Angriff durch Phosphor verletzt werden und nun im Wasser ausharren, um nicht zu verbrennen. Wie wird sich ihr Leben entwickeln?

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