Free poetry Kindle books for 23 Dec 17

100 Poesie per l’Umanità (Italian Edition)

by Mirco Mariucci

100 Poesie per l’Umanità è una raccolta di poesie e aforismi di critica sociale.

Child of Autumn

by Lorena Martinez

“born in september
a young child of autumn
i fell slowly to the ground
like the leaves in my front yard”

Child of Autumn is a raw, revealing, and moving poetry collection divided into three parts: a story of love, a story of culture, and a story of growth. Written by Lorena Martinez, this book explores what it means to be a Mexican-American, a woman, and an adolescentâ??and the struggles, hardships, and victories that come with such identifications.

Ash (Years of Ash Book 5)

by Ashley Corke

this collection of poems was written between the years of 2001 and 2007.
these poems express my feelings as i coped with several types of abuse during my high school career and severe mental illnesses.
they are explicit when it comes to abuse and self-harm.

i am a survivor.

Love, the Dark Side, the Light Side, a Poetry Collection: A Seasonal Journey Through Modern Love Poems

by Renee Dixon

Love, The Dark Side, The Light Side, is a modern poetry collection by emerging poet, Renee Dixon. A seasonal theme that allows you to explore both the heartache and happiness that comes from loving someone. This poetry collection takes you through a two part seasonal journey; The Dark Side- Fall/Winter, The Light Side- Spring/Summer. Containing 18 well written and heart tugging love poems, sure to last much longer than- the leaves that fall to the ground. This is Renee’s second poetry collection, only available through Amazon! To find out more visit her website

El Diario de Marjorie (Spanish Edition)

by Juan Carlos Pabon

En estos versos se describen las impresiones y sentimientos de un joven que al ser abandonado sin explicación ni razón alguna por su novia llamada Marjorie, decide durante las últimas semanas de diciembre, dejar plasmadas todas sus reflexiones y vivencias sobre un diario.

A medida que continua rescatando sus recuerdos, sentirá revivir todas aquellas emociones que un día vivió junto a la mujer que amaba, pero, victima de falsas impresiones se verá obligado a tomar una decisión definitiva que podría ayudarle a redimir su espíritu o en caso contrario llevarlo a perderse para siempre.

Thrice Happy Poetry: By the Author of The Night Before Christmas

by Henry Livingston

A stunning collection of 174 vintage postcards illustrating 14 poems of Henry Livingston, Jr. (1748-1828), the author of “The Night Before Christmas.” A graphic novel in verse praising the beautiful women of post Revolutionary War America. Includes postcards by well known artists Tito Corbella, Philip Boileau, F. Earl Christy, C.W. Barber, Harrison Fisher, W. Haskell Coffin, Anna Mailick, Emile Bottaro, Clare Victor Dwiggins, among others. Henry Livingston, Jr. was proven to be the poem’s true author by Auckland University Professor Emeritus MacDonald Jackson in his book, “Who Wrote ‘The Night Before Christmas.’ ” Over a period of several years, Jackson created statistical tests which were able to distinguish the poetry of Henry Livingston from that of Clement Moore using characteristics of their styles such as word frequency and, in a breakthrough technique, phonemes, which follow the movement of the tongue in the mouth as the words are read aloud. When these tests were applied to “The Night Before Christmas,” they showed that the poem shared the stylistic characteristics of Livingston, and not of Moore.

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