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Forgotten Battlefields of World War II (Hidden History Book 3)

by Joseph Cummins

The first full-length volume in Joseph Cummins’ acclaimed Hidden History series, this 100,000 word book recreates World War II battles that time has forgotten, from the bloody Manchurian battle of Nomonhan in 1939 to the last stand of Hitler’s SS Nord Division at Budingen in the closing days of the war. Now, newly edited and re-formatted as of April, 2014.

King David: The Black Hebrew With Ruddy Skin

by Dante Fortson

Was King David the most famous ginger to ever live? Many people believe that he was, and they also use this reasoning to conclude that there is no way that King David could’ve been a black man born with red hair.

British-Israelism teaches that David was white because he was ruddy, which according to them means he could blush. Their belief that only white people are capable of blushing has driven the false teaching of a white David. However, there is concrete evidence that points to the contrary.

World War II: A Compact History

by R. Ernest Dupuy

Colonel Dupuy writes of the cataclysmic events of World War II from a dual vantage point: that of a professional soldier who had actively engaged in the fighting and of a skilled historian who has searched out the facts behind the events of this vast and complex war.

The author has accepted and met an exceptional challenge in compressing the wide-ranging action of World War II into a compact narrative that sweeps around the world – from England under the Blitz to General Joseph Stilwell’s 400-mile trek through Burma, from Stalingrad to Guadalcanal and the war in the Pacific – placing the war in a single focus while retaining the individual drama of important actions.

At the same time, Colonel Dupuy has brought to light a number of new and surprising facts. He provides the most detailed discussion to date of Operation Bodyguard, the plan designed to delude the Germans about the Allied invasion of the Continent. He shows, too, how the Battle of the Bulge caused near panic in the United States because a veil of secrecy drawn about the press had frightened Americans into thinking the Germans had turned the tide against the Allies.

Here, too, are new facts about the politics of the war: why an American corps commander was cheated of credit for forcing the first German field surrender in Europe, how Churchill and Truman allowed Stalin to decide when the Italian and German surrenders would be revealed. There is also a fascinating account of the little known or appreciated campaign in southern France, in which General Lucian Truscott in a daring maneuver advanced his troops 175 miles in fourteen days and demolished a German army.

Colonel R. Ernest Dupuy, U.S. Army (Ret.), is the author of The Compact History of the Revolutionary War and The Compact History of the United States Army, as well as the General Editor of The Military History of the United States Series.

History of Woman Suffrage, Volume III

by E. C. Stanton S. B. Anthony M.j. Gage

The labors of those who have edited these volumes are not only finished as far as this work extends, but if three-score years and ten be the usual limit of human life, all our earthly endeavors must end in the near future. After faithfully collecting material for several years, and making the best selections our judgment has dictated, we are painfully conscious of many imperfections the critical reader will perceive. But since stereotype plates will not reflect our growing sense of perfection, the lavish praise of friends as to the merits of these pages will have its antidote in the defects we ourselves discover. We may however without egotism express the belief that this volume will prove specially interesting in having a large number of contributors from England, France, Canada and the United States, giving personal experiences and the progress of legislation in their respective localities.

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