Free humour Kindle books for 24 Dec 17

Suri Five

by Jacob Whaler

A Monster Lurks Inside Suri

Consumed with grief and rage at the death of her mother, Suri channels her anger into a mysterious virtual reality war zone called the Game where she quickly rises to the top. A covert government unit is watching. Using a deep copy of Suri’s brain, they build Five, the optimum artificial intelligence.

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Ultimate Killer

As the digital embodiment of the monster inside Suri, Five is the perfect weapon for the cyberwar with China. But when Five is unleashed online, she slips off her chains, turns against her creators and, with all of Suri’s rage boiling inside, vows to annihilate humankind.

Only Suri can stop Five. But will she?

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All My Funny Ones: A Collection of Short Stories

by Mindy Littman Holland

As the end of 2017 approached, it was clear that the world needed a chuckle. So, as I began to work on this book of short stories, it made sense to sift through my now-sizable collection, which I started writing in 2012, and select thirty of my funniest ones.

The stories in this book are about life and death and all the strange and wonderful stuff that goes on in-between. Some are memoirs, some are about current events and some are just plain quirky.

They all have one thing in common: They will make you laugh.

Crump: A Satire

by J. Blackshear

Carl K. Crump was just your average billionaire playboy pop-icon real estate mogul – until he entered the American political scene, redefined party politics, smashed all expectations, and won the single largest electoral victory in the history of democratic elections. With a clear mandate, overwhelming public support, and the greatest arsenal of deal making skills that the world has ever seen, President Crump set out from day one to put America back where it belongs in the world hierarchy: in the number one position.

Now, almost 200 days into President Crump’s first term in office, the Crump car is careening down the road at break-neck speeds delivering win after win. With his legislative victories piling up at home, President Crump is heading abroad to whip the international community into shape. First stop: Europe. Next stop: Armageddon.

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