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La Aldea de los Aladinos: El asalto de los gorgos (Spanish Edition)

by Ariel Pividori

Si de pronto encontraras una lámpara maravillosa, ¿cuál sería tu primer deseo? Milton Marti, un chico humilde de 12 años que vive en la villa 31 de Buenos Aires, no necesita pensarlo demasiado: curar a su madre enferma de cáncer. Y es exactamente lo que quiere hacer al salir del basural donde la encontró.
Pero cuando quiere llevarlo a cabo las cosas se ponen pesadas. La alegría por haber encontrado semejante tesoro no dura demasiado, y tanto su vida como la de su mamá corren un serio peligro porque hay muchos que quieren apoderarse de ella.
La única forma de salvarse es huyendo de este mundo. Guiados por dos consejeros, Milton Marti y su amigo Emir van a la famosa aldea de los aladinos, un mundo especial lleno de personas con lámparas maravillosas, alfombras y flautas mágicas. Allí conocerán a otros chicos y se harán de un grupo de amigos. Aprenderán a volar en la alfombra, a saber cuáles son los deseos que pueden pedir y a mover cosas con la música de la flauta.
Pero sobre todo Milton descubrirá que es el verdadero descendiente de Aladino, y que esa condición conlleva un gran peligro y una enorme responsabilidad puesto que lo llevará a enfrentarse inexorablemente con Somian Biverlun, un híbrido conocido como el “genihombre” que quiere apoderarse de la aldea.

Embrace Your Crown: Bibi’s Stories: Lessons of life, family & black history

by Ebony Price

Bibi’s Stories are works written to share lessons self acceptance, family and values to young children. Relevant facts of black history are also included throughout the stories to promote education of key moments/figures of African American history.

‘Embrace Your Crown’ introduces Jamila, Bibi’s granddaughter. Jamila experiences bullying at school because of her hair being different. Bibi educates Jamila on why she should be proud of her differences and encourages her to love herself despite what other people think.

Doc Dolphin’s First Adventure (The Adventures of Doc Dolphin Book 1)

by Sebastian Carpenter

A kind children’s tale about Doc Dolphin a friendly Bottlenose Dolphin that loves helping out his friends with obstacles that come their way.

Doc Dolphin’s friend Sally the Sea turtle asks him for help, together they go on an adventure making new friends with other sea animals and humans!

Americaâ??s Poor 2018: GOP Tax Bill Reduces Excess Population : Habits of Poor Judged by Evil Republicans

by Dave Masko

America’s Poor 2018: GOP Tax Bill Reduces Excess Population, by Dave Masko. America’s top 1 percent controls more than 40 percent of the nation’s wealth; while the GOP tax bill ensures that poor and lower class will remain that way because it’s clear Donald Trump and evil Republicans don’t care if “we live or die,” says a family living rough on the nearby beach here in central Oregon. These destitute and bone poor Americans know the Trump backed Republican tax bill is “bullshit” because it leaves most poor Americans even worse off because many are now facing true suffering and even an early death in 2018. It’s not that Republicans cannot see the solution to end America’s homeless epidemic, it’s because “they can’t see the problem because, you know, these are greedy rich white men beholding to corporations and crazy Trump before considering the needs of America’s 60 million poor and homeless,” says 83-year-old Newport, Oregon, senior Michael “Mike” Barnard who is pictured on the front of this special “new journalism” report and essays because he is an American citizen wanting to give back; to pay it forward to his fellow citizenry facing the crunch of massive cuts to federal government social safety net programs that help house, feed and care for the nation’s needy and vulnerable. “We know that Trump likes to lie to the poor and out-of-work with the usual empty promises that were all a pretense to get in the White House to reward fellow billionaires with yet more wealth at a time when millions and millions are without basic shelter from the cold, or food or medicine to simply stay alive,” adds the old man while crying on his bicycle just days before Christmas 2017. This photojournalist, with more than 50 years newspaper reporting experience, has never seen as many poor and homeless on the streets as 2018 approaches. In fact, Barnard and other concerned senior citizens think Trump’s tax bill push for the rich one-percenters is “why we all know Trump has lied repeatedly about any sort of plan to fight for the working class and bring coal back. That’s a lie President Trump and all America and the world know it,” adds Barnard with real fear in his eyes. Meanwhile, a group of Catholic Sisters of Mercy outside of Portland, Oregon, dedicate their daily prayers to the “removal Dear God of this evil president who hurts Americans and the world community each and every day!” The good sisters think that of all the preposterous assumptions of the Trump administration and Republicans (*who voted before Christmas 2017 for this tax bill to aid the richest of the rich) is how “Donald Trump and fellow Republican millionaires use criticisms made on the living habits of America’s poor by these well-fed, well-house super rich who want to deprive millions of Americans of food, shelter and basic health care while trimming taxes on corporations.” This is yet another new journalism review of the evil that old white men like Trump have done to hurt Americans and our nation’s values when it comes to having a president and lawmakers that care for “all Americans” and not just the filthy rich or Alt-Right white racists. At the end of the day, the Trump presidency will be remembered for never, ever championing the political needs of poor and senior Americans. “The Republican Tax Bill is another nail in the coffin of more than 60 million Americans living rough, and literally starving to death in 2018,” explains Sister Mary Julie Shimada with this old nun kneeing and crying out to the Lord for “someone to care for America’s poor and homeless?”

Super Dad Man

by Stephan J. Hahn

In a world without order. A world where children are in trouble, comes the story of hero. A vigilante of justice. A noble warrior with the strength of many. A story of a Dad taking care of his children, even when they cause utter chaos. Super Dad Man will always be able to save the day!

Magic Father Christmas Competition: Before the light there was the candle. Ancient sleigh championship. (Father Christmas Championship Book 1)

by Jason Bowen

The Legend of Father Christmas is older than we think. Serving the community with selfless pride. Even in the times of the dark ages. There was the legend of father Christmas. Bringing the merry Christmas light to the cold winter nights in a simpler and more difficult time. And People did still rejoice in the joys of Christmas. Perhaps more so than today.
This Story is about the lost cultural competitions that existed in Germanic Europe and most of Europe and Britain.
This being a fictional story of a real competition where chariot races would compete to take presents to distant lands and to the doors of those less fortunate, as a duty to Christ or there God and there fellow humanity.
Join two young orphans on an epic adventure to get through the qualifying round and arrive at the Father Christmas championship in ancient times. The book also involves the readers in the story telling and uses language techniques to assist with childhood language acquisition in a fun festive and nurturing way. have some quality time with this short free book and get the Christmas Magic you have forgot. The reality of Father Christmas.

You Elijah Frost will be in green and white, peasant you will be in red and white. Blake Grain you may choose who has what colours for your team. And your chariot sleigh rider.”

So now sleep, remember Father Christmas rests all year so he can bring the presents on Christmas day so we must know the importance of sleep. If you sleep we will see tomorrow soon refreshed but first eat the Castle chef has prepared you a great meal enjoy the moonlight. And enjoy the first drops of snow for the season that will remind the world of the power of Christmas. Until tomorrow young ones.”

This book is a great way to help the children appreciate time to revel in Christmas and relax and appreciate the time. And to teach them of the less fortunate and about the Christmas’s of ancient days. With some literature techniques to help them learn language and vocabulary. It also offers through involving the readers to be involved in the wonder a time of magic for them. And remember the sleighs are pulled by fantastic beasts; reindeer, Giant penguins and all sorts. We need some designs. you will notice the other character is not in the first part of this legend. And so we require someone to design his sleigh and if they must exchange his horses for some kind of fantastic festive creature to lead the sleigh to bring the merry joy to the world. Design the sleigh for Blake frost. And choose your favorite festive words. from this book and your imagination. The competition will be posted later for now. Enjoy the legend of a competition so magical and mystical and historical.

Enjoy the free Book and Merry Christmas God Bless one and all.

Christmas 1974

by James R Dubbs

A Christmas memory from 1974. On Christmas Eve, two impoverished brothers walk the railroad tracks home after school and discover an unexpected gift in their front yard. This edition includes, as a bonus, Chapter One of “Life in the Lion’s Mouth.”

Thank You, and I Love You.

by Cole Son

“Thank You and I Love You” is a Home Run by Cole Son!
From his own personal spiritual journey to enlightenment and sharing with humanity the incredible spiritual power you possessed beyond this physical world he calls illusion.

“Thank You, and I Love You” will heal your inner world and so heal the outer reflection. By understanding the Power of these words you will BE Amazed how profoundly they will affect your life for the better.

Everything in your life is a reflection of your inner feelings. Your Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions and what you Speak and Believe shape your environment and gave you what you have Right Now.

Become FREE Like Breath by Forgiving All of Yesterday and Honoring All experiences Good or Bad. Removing Fear and Worry from your life and Know All is Well, no matter what will give you the freedom you deserved.

By blaming No One but Yourself and by standing in Self Honesty you will Empower yourself too much Greater things!
Be Grateful for Everything and start Attracting All that’s Good into your life!

Thank You for your interest.



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Canto di Natale – A Christmas Carol [with 38 illustrations by John Leech & Sol Eytinge]: Bilingual parallel text – Bilingue con testo inglese a fronte: … Italiano (Dual Language Easy Reader Book 6)

by Charles Dickens

Kindle bilingual edition (English – Italian parallel texts) of the famous masterpiece of Charles Dickens with 38 illustrations by John Leech & Sol Eytinge.
Italian easy readers: If you are learning or improving your Italian or English as second language, grab this bilingual edition containing a bilingual edition of this masterpiece. An easy to read paragraph by paragraph English-Italian parallel text version.

* On Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire or on newer devices and on Android tablet and smartphone, text is displayed on two columns, one for each language. On older devices, iPad/iPhone and on the “look inside” site preview, the text will be displayed by alternate paragraphs between the two languages.

** Rotate your device in landscape mode and/or decrease text size could enhance the visualization of some paragraphs.


This ebook is based on the work of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” published in 1843.

Translation has been made in 1888 by Federigo Verdinois. Except for some small paragraphs, marked within the text, that use the translation made by other translators or the translation of the editor.

The text of the novel is complete and unabridged.

â?? Grab the free preview (“send sample” button) and give it a try

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Nota: For complete list of bilingual eBooks, please look for “bilingual Kentauron”

*** Italiano ***

Edizione Bilingue (con testo inglese a fronte) specifica per kindle del famoso capolavoro di Charles Dickens e con 38 illustrazioni di John Leech e Sol Eytinge.
Se sei interessato ad imparare o migliorare il tuo inglese o il tuo italiano, questa edizione contiene una versione Inglese-Italiano con paragrafo a fronte facile da leggere.

* Su Kindle Paperwhite e Kindle Fire o dispositivi più recenti e su tablet e smartphone Android, il testo verrà visualizzato a due colonne affiancate, una per lingua. Sui dispositivi più vecchi, iPad/iPhone e sull’anteprima del sito “look inside”, il testo verrà visualizzato a paragrafi alternati fra le due lingue.

** Ruotare il dispositivo in orizzontale e/o ridurre il corpo del testo può migliorare la visualizzazione di alcuni paragrafi.


Questo ebook è basato sull’opera di Charles Dickens “Canto di Natale” (noto anche come “Cantico di Natale”) pubblicato nel 1843.

La traduzione è stata fatta nel 1888 da Federigo Verdinois. Eccetto alcuni brevi passaggi, segnalati all’interno del testo, che riportano la traduzione di altri traduttori o dell’editore.

Il testo del romanzo è completo e inalterato.

Altri ebook bilingue con testo a fronte:
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– Three Men in a Boat – Tre uomini in barca
– The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – La Ballata del Vecchio Marinaio
– A Christmas Carol – Cantico di Natale
– 101 poems to read in London & New York… – 101 poesie da leggere a Londra e New York…
– Novelle Rusticane – Little Novels of Sicily

Nota: Per l’elenco completo dei testi bilingue in inglese, francese, spagnolo, tedesco e russo, cercare “bilingual Kentauron”

All Things Must Pass: Picture Books for Early Readers and Beginning Readers: Proverbs for Preschoolers LIKE Reader 1-11

by Heedal Kim

LIKE Publishing presents its Reader series.

Based on famous proverbs, these books teach important lessons to beginning readers.

Suitable for
-Picture books for Early Readers and Beginner Readers (ages 4-6)
-Readers for English as Second Language (ESL) or English as Foreign Language (EFL) Students (ages 7-10)

Emma loved her grandmother. Often, they’d look at pictures together…

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