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Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty

by Kawand Crawford

Playing the Dangerous Games of hustling, selling drugs and being a gangsta turned Spanky into a quadriplegic. For most, that would have been enough to make them leave the game forever, but not Spanky. In this sequel to “Love, Loyalty & Dangerous Games,” Spanky returns to New York City. His appetite for revenge and having money dictates his moves.
Spanky returns to the game, seeking the love of the women he knew and the loyalty of his “man’s”. Only this time he finds out the truth.
It’s not long before he understands that words like loyalty, keeping it real and friends mean different things on the streets. Loyalty meant being true to someone as long as they’re doing something for you. Keeping it real meant corrupting the hood with drugs, while convincing yourself it’s something you would die or kill for. Friends are people who envy you, while waiting for an opportunity to take your place.
In essence, he came to realize that true love and unwavering loyalty don’t exist amidst the Dangerous Games played on the streets of New York City.

Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty is filled with drama and suspense! It’s something that the whole family can enjoy and very inspirational for troubled teenagers!

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