Free history Kindle books for 25 Dec 17

January (1776 Season 1 Episode 1)

by Sid Moody

This is the 1st episode of 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, a 12-episode serial by Serial Box Publishing in partnership with The Associated Press.

In collaboration with The Associated Press, Serial Box presents 1776: The World Turned Upside Down. Our first nonfiction series tells the month-by-month story of the most important year in American history through the eyes of ordinary citizens – failed corset-makers, farmers, and high school dropouts, some of whom became our nation’s most revered heroes. Letters, news articles, and diary entries from this pivotal year, combined with the insights of three of the AP’s top journalists reveal the courage, conviction, fallibility, and sometimes base motives of the people who invented America. From the publishing of Common Sense on January 10th to the battle of Trenton on December 26th, this was the year that America began to form the bold, brave and occasionally infuriating identity that we still know today.

Dunkirk, What Happened?

by Joanna Richter

There are several accounts as to what happened that led to the mass evacuation of the port town of Dunkirk in France. This book will delve into the strategic significance of the town, what led up to the evacuation which lasted nine days, and what was left after they were allowed to return.

This book will sift through all the speculation and theories behind the evacuation. It will also provide corroborating evidence for the real reasons the port town had to be emptied and how it was evacuated. This book will walk through every aspect of that event in 1940, which is documented as the longest evacuation in history. Come with me as we walk through history to find the true story of the Evacuation of Dunkirk.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

– Dunkirk, 1940
– The Odd Order
– How the Evacuation Happened
– The Aftermath
– The Invasion of Britain
– The Wrap-up

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