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Earning It: A Romantic Comedy (Stolen Moments Book 1)

by Angela Quarles

“Fun and flirty, EARNING IT is a winner!” –  Avery Flynn, USA Today best selling author of The Negotiator

One blind date. One case of mistaken identity. One Navy SEAL faced with his high school crush. What could go wrong?

And her hookup? A gorgeous lawyer.

It should’ve been simple. A hot, sweaty afternoon quickie and never the two should boink, er, meet again.

But it wasn’t simple when she learns the next day that her hookup is not only her patient but also her old high school nemesis Luke Haas, or Haashole as she called him. All grown-up and a Navy SEAL and…and…brawny and maddening and omg-so-hot.

EARNING IT is a steamy second chance, enemies-to-lovers standalone romantic comedy from RITA Winning and USA Today bestselling author Angela Quarles with a happy-ever-after and no cheating or cliffhangers. Warning: there’s a scene where guys get all hot and sweaty playing the ancient Irish sport of hurling, just sayin’

Un fiore per te (Italian Edition)

by Maurizio Avvenente

Il giovane Adamo scorge dei bellissimi fiori mentre è in cammino per andare a trovare la sua amata. Decide di andare a raccogliere per lei il miglior esemplare di cicerchia che sia in grado di trovare. 

Racconto breve ad opera di Maurizio Avvenente, alla terza pubblicazione dopo il romanzo “L’evasione del bruco” e l’altro racconto “Le ostilità del branco”. Disponibile gratuitamente nei formati digitali.

Just Another Flaming Christmas

by Darren Hobson

There is a time in the year where the real reason of the festivities  has been forgotten and a senseless celebration and a never-ending chain of commercial events takes place. Here in this collection of seasonal poems the poet takes you on a trip through the bad and good that is Christmas , a ride that takes in the beauty and the cruelty that has blighted all the magic that once was paramount to this time of year.

This is the poets second trip through Christmas his humour and English wit is still strong as ever as we read through the verses that will either bring tears of joy or tears of sadness, we should all take note of how far Christmas has travelled from what it once was.

Chanukwanzmas: From the Short Story Collection Subjective Perspectives

by J.E. Barrett

In the future, political correctness and wars between greeting card companies will change our society as we know it and not for the better.

How To Play Bingo: The Rules of Bingo and Bingo Calls

by Susan Hart

My name is Susan Hart and I’ve been an avid Bingo player for as long as I can remember. I first played Bingo many years ago with my Gran at her local Bingo hall and I’ve loved playing it ever since. Over the years though, I’ve seen Bingo grow from its modest beginnings into the huge industry it has become today.

This book was written for those wanting to know How to Play Bingo and contains a lot more information such as:

– The History of Bingo
– The Rules of Bingo
– Bingo Calls
– Bingo Odds
– Common Bingo Patterns and Variations
– Playing Bingo Online

I’ve loved putting this book together for you and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. I’ve tried my best to make this book as concise and straightforward as possible and I hope that it becomes a useful companion for you whenever you play Bingo.

NERF: The Ultimate Reference

by Mark Nathan

NERF – The Complete Reference Guide

This is a complete reference Guide Using which You can Analyze the statistics of your existing Nerf Gun and choose your next weapon!

Through this Book You can learn about

  • NERF’s Rise to the Top and brief History
  • Product Line
  • Doomlands Series
  • Modulus
  • N-Strike Elite
  • Mega Series
  • Zombies Series
  • Rebelle Series
  • Miscellaneous
  • Super Soakers
  • Sports

For each NERF Guns You will know about

  • Maximum Range
  • Individual Ratings
  • Find your next Nerf weapon of choice!
  • For each NERF Guns
  • Full Color Imagery
  • Important Statistics

Desafiando la caída del cielo (Spanish Edition)

by Matt Snee

Lewis Darby, un escritor de ciencia ficción de cierto renombre, está a punto de embarcarse en la aventura de su vida.

Apodado el Capitán, Lewis vive con su madre en el estado de Indiana en la época actual. Lo que nadie sabe es que a veces Capitán baja al sótano de la casa para meterse dentro de la vieja caja de una nevera y hace de cuenta de que es una nave espacial. Y lo que Capitán no sabe es lo que le depara el destino.

Una mañana de abril, Capitán se cruza con Jennifer Pichon, la hija del legendario explorador del espacio Marty Pichon y Kitty Malhotra, la princesa de Saturno. Logran unir sus fuerzas justo cuando un aterrador fenómeno astronómico llamado el “Sin-forma” se prepara para hacer estragos en el sistema solar, desde Mercurio hasta Neptuno y más allá.

Juntos, Capitán y la misteriosa Jennifer enfrentan horrores como las selvas de Venus, las peligrosas Cavernas de Gusanos y los restos putrefactos e infectados de insectos gigantes de Marte�y hasta puede ser que se enamoren en el viaje.

La aventura está repleta de pruebas, pero solo ellos pueden salvar al sistema solar de la destrucción total. 

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