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The P.I. Who Found Christmas: A Christmas Mystery (Billie Bly Series Book 4)

by Don Weston

P.I. Billie Bly is stressed out.

Thieves are stealing Christmas Decorations in her neighborhood’s business district and a seven-year-old’s mother is missing. Her assistant, Angel’s, Christmas addiction is cluttering her home and when Angel’s loopy boyfriend begins poking his nose and other body parts into her business, something has to give.

The little girl is counting on Billie to find her mother and the police think her father is somehow involved.

She has five days to bring Christmas back for a young girl and learn who is stealing life sized Santa and Snowmen statues.

Torched (Satan’s Martyrs MC Book 1)

by Paula Cox


Killian O’Connor was the chance that I never had. The glimmer of hope that I thought was gone. He makes me believe that everything will be okay.

He doesn’t hide what he is, and I should know better than to get close to him.
I should know that I was playing with fire.

We belong together, I know it and I’m sure he knows it too.
But then why is he holding back?

This club is my life, my blood, my family.
I didn’t expect to drag Hope into it. But now that she’s here, I can’t get her out of my mind. The first taste of her lit a fire, and the second damn near burned my world down.

I can’t let her get too close. I can’t put her so close to the danger.

But when the same people who almost destroyed my life came after her, that’s when the gloves are coming off.

Because the safest place she can be is next to me, and this time, I won’t ever let her go.

TORCHED is book 1 of the Satan’s Martyrs MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Blazed and Seared are available everywhere now!

Maybe: A Wolfe Brothers Novel, Book 2 (Wolfe Brothers series)

by Lita Stone

Book Two In The Wolfe Brothers Saga
In small-town Texas, a father’s abuse birthed a chain of events, which snaked through the course of time for twenty years, eventually breeding a twisted and sexually deviant serial rapist and killer.

Cam, the oldest son, harbors a remarkable violence in his psyche. Ajay, the youngest son, feigns no semblance of an apology for his reckless and rebellious ways. With the help of an eccentric and somewhat flamboyant psychic stepbrother Jags, the Wolfe Brothers together hunt for a killer, a man who has sought vengeance against the Wolfe family for two decades.


If you haven’t read the first book in this series, you need to. This is a serial novel, best read in order. You can download book one for free here.
Review this book on Amazon and get the next book in this series for free. Just email [email protected] and let Lita know when the review goes live on Amazon.

Beast (Seven Tribesmen MC Book 1)

by Kathryn Thomas


She’s a Fed looking to make a difference in my town.
So innocent. So naive. So inexperienced.
But she’s my enemy.
And I’m going to enjoy destroying her.

In this town, my word is law. It’s quite simple: You pay your dues to my clubâ??the Seven Tribesmen MC, and we keep you safe from people just like or worse than us.

This has been my life, my pride, my passion.

Until now.

The last person I expected the Feds to send after me was a woman like Stella Holmes. Big chocolate eyes and full soft curves–she looked like she belonged somewhere else, somewhere far away from a place like this.

For the first time in my life, she woke something in me that I didn’t think was possible.

Something that begs me to lose control.
Something that demands her in my bed.
Her petite body pinned under me.

I didn’t count on things to spiral out of control like this.
Now, our enemies are on the move.
And the only person who can keep her alive is the devil in her bed.

Beast is book 1 of the Seven Tribesmen MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Brute and Devil are available everywhere now!

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