Free philosophy Kindle books for 25 Dec 17


by Ozlem Dogan

Hey! How are you? How has your day been like?

Well, take a moment to stop and think about whether you have made justice to your dreams.
Have you achieved them? What have you done so far with those years of your life? If you were
to look back from now to the year that has passed, would you be able to say you got a quality
kind of life?

Some people would say, well, by the age of twenty-five I should be married. By the age of thirty
I should already be managing my own business. I know you have heard of this so many times.
But is that really our goal? Or is that others’ goal that we force ourselves to achieve just because
we do not have our own idea which way to go?

I hope this book would guide you to think of that part of yourself. Other people could say so
much, but there is only few that would let you be what you are. When you look back at the
images of your life, can you tell you were those persons from those shots? Well, we will see.

Do not enclose yourself in your certainties! A short eulogy of open-mindedness.

by Emmanuel Terre-Neuve

Being open-minded is not so easy when we live in a society full of divides, damaged by tensions, prejudices and incomprehension. We find many difficulties in making our diversity a richness.

The objective of this small book is not to give lessons of philosophy or morale, but to enumerate a few tools that will enable us to be less complaisant in our certainties. Open-mindedness is not decreed, it is worked on. Let’s pull up our sleeves!

The List

by William Wilder

At times you and I find ourselves locked in a counterproductive pattern, exerting effort without producing the desired results. How do we break out of self destructive, stressful cycles of activity that do not lead to accomplishment but rob us of our joie de vivre?

First we read this book, The List. Then we experience a breakthrough in producing results without stress. Don’t expect an incremental improvement in your life. Instead expect a breakthrough that restores your energy, empowering you to go where you really want to go in life.

This book will not simply improve your attitude and self-esteem, it will reset your worldview and alter forever your way of being. You will develop a new perspective enabling you to notice what there is to do next, then focus like a laser beam and do it. So enjoy the book and your journey from here to the good life.

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