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Unvollstandig:: Das zweite Buch der Gedichte von Timothious (German Edition)

by Timothious Smith

Wenn du ein altes Notizbuch findest, wei�t du nie, was du manchmal finden wirst. Ich ging durch, was ich dachte, war ein Notizbuch mit meinem ersten Gedichtbuch darin. Stattdessen fand ich ein paar Gedichte, die ich aus irgendeinem Grund ausgelassen hatte. Das führt zu diesem Buch und es ist der Titel. Dies ist eine Gruppe von Gedichten, die ich über mehrere Jahre über verschiedene Themen geschrieben habe. Meistens über Beziehungen und Liebe. Ich hoffe, Sie genie�en diese Gedichte.

When you find an old notebook you never know what you will find some times. I was going through what I thought was a notebook with my first book of poems in it. Instead I found a few poems that I had left out for one reason or another. Which leads to this book and it’s title. This is a group of poems that I wrote over several years about several different subjects. Mostly about relationships and love. I hope you enjoy these poems.

Inked: A Poetry Collection By Renee Dixon

by Renee Dixon

“I’ll tattoo your heart with words from my soul and ink from my pen.”~Renee Dixon
I hope your eyes light up like the brightest star in the night sky when you read my words. I hope you feel the same hurt, relate to what I wrote. I hope you remember the past, and I hope you shed a tear but I hope it don’t last. I hope that your hooked from page one. I hope you come back and review me when your done.

What I Learned while Alone (volume Book 1)

by Michael R. Patton

In WHAT I LEARNED WHILE ALONE, poet Michael R. Patton is not just writing about his solitude, but about our solitude.

We go into solitude, hoping to find peace…but on our way to that place, so much else can rise up: doubts, confusion, dreams, desires, regrets, sorrows…the wounds we hide from ourselves.

How do we heal those wounds? The author struggles with that question in these poems–while maintaining a healthy sense of humor.

In solitude, we understand the world better by understanding ourselves better. But these poems are also about the mystery we can never fully understand–the mystery of this life, this world. The mystery of ourselves.

The poetry of Michael R. Patton is accessible, but never mundane. The author shares his love of language without shutting the reader out by becoming too abstract.

An irony: WHAT I LEARNED WHILE ALONE is about joining with humankind by taking time for one’s own self. As the author says, “Solitude is an escape but not an escape.”

Love Poetry of Loss & Love: Behind The Ruby Red Door: I Never Told You Why

by Sire Crow

A modern day new age contemporary poetry collection of carefully selected words that consists of a story and journey â?? of love, loss, yearning, and a series of mindfully cultivated life lessons of gratitude and self-love.

“I’ve always known for the longest time, the deepest secrets of the universe, and how it connects every one of us together one way or another, even if we can’t see it just yet. Even if it doesn’t manifest in a form that is tangible or logical at that moment in time, and doesn’t make much sense right now. But it always gives us signs, when we hold on to a clear vision of what we truly desire most inside the core of our hearts and stand by it, through and through. “

The Paperback Version Includesâ??
A 15-Page “Let My Love Story Begin” Journal
+ Special Note Log To Encapsulate â??
YOUR Special Love Story.

Now Available â??

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