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Tattooing: The Life and Times of Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, My Vida Loca; Vol 2 (Tattooing: The Life and Times of Philadelphia Eddie)

by Eddie Funk

In the 1960s, Mr. Eddie Funk opened several tattoo shops in Chinatown, Philadelphia. Deemed as urban blight by city planners, this cityscape was home to bums sleeping on the streets where prostitutes worked, despondent drunks dwelling in flophouses, and industrious grifters and downtrodden–yet honest–characters hustling and gambling for easy fortunes. Among the handful of tattooers in this neighborhood, Eddie hung his flash on the wall, unpacked his stencils, mixed his inks, started tattooing, and joined the fray.

Bringing his Coney Island charm to Chinatown, Crazy Eddie made interesting friends, enjoyed drinks as several bars, found himself entangled in marital bliss, established himself as a tattooer in a new city, and cemented the permanence of his legendary moniker: Crazy Philadelphia Eddie.

Als Stichling unter Haien: legal – illegal – scheiÃ?egal (German Edition)

by Ruth Broucq

Als Eine von nur zwei Frauen, die sich als Veranstalterin in der illegalen Glücksspiel-Branche durchgesetzt und etabliert hatte, musste Ruth sich immer wieder gegen Angriffe von Neidern, Lügen, Intrigen und viele andere behördliche sowie milieubedingte Schwierigkeiten behaupten.
Den härtesten Kampf aber hatte die zarte Frau ständig gegen ihren eigenen Lebensgefährten, den Vater ihrer kleinen sü�en Tochter, durchzustehen, der ihr, aufgrund seiner italienischen Herkunft, seinen Willen mit Mafia-Methoden aufzuzwingen versuchte.

Ð?з «Ð?аписок во вÑ?емя поездки в 1826 годÑ? из Ð?осквÑ? в Ð?Ñ?Ñ?зиÑ?» (Russian Edition)

by Ð?енис Ð?асилÑ?евиÑ? Ð?авÑ?дов

Ð?оспоминания Ð?ениса Ð?асилÑ?евиÑ?а Ð?авÑ?дова (1784â??1839), впеÑ?вÑ?е напеÑ?аÑ?аннÑ?е в 1841 годÑ?. Ð?Ñ?бликÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ся с сокÑ?аÑ?ениями по изданиÑ? «РÑ?сская беседа, собÑ?ание соÑ?инений Ñ?Ñ?сскиÑ? лиÑ?еÑ?аÑ?оÑ?ов в полÑ?зÑ? СмиÑ?дина» (Ñ?. II. СÐ?б., 1841, с. 17â??30).

The Lies I Believed and The Truth i Now Walk In: Restoring That Which Was Lost

by K. G. Wonders

Kimberly’s life would never be the same after she heard these three words whispered in her ear by her adversary – Satan. “You are worthless”. In addition to feeling worthless she struggled to find her identity. This short biographical book of poems tells what she went through for over fifty years and how she eventually found peace. Kimberly shares how you too can have peace once you find your identity in God.

The Murder of Alma Kellner: Nearly Forgotten True Crimes

The Murder of Alma Kellner

*Also available as part of a box set*

Alma Kellner, the 8-year-old daughter of a wealthy brewing family in Louisville, Kentucky, disappeared on December 8, 1909. Initially thought to be a victim of a kidnapping, her mutilated body was eventually discovered in a church cellar six months later. Joseph Wendling, the church janitor, disappeared at about the same time, and after her body was discovered became the subject of a nationwide manhunt. The evidence against him was almost completely circumstantial, but after being captured and tried he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment although, to this day, there are still doubts if he was really the killer.

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ابÙ? رشد (Arabic Edition)

by عباس Ù?Ø­Ù?Ù?د اÙ?عÙ?اد

The charm of the young girl – Mulbada (Japanese Edition)

by Mulbada


Attractive girl – Thuy Tien (Japanese Edition)

by Thuy Tien


vietnamese hot girls VAN TRAN TRAN (Japanese Edition)



Girls photograph collection
which only the really beautiful collected!!
â??Please be assured that wearing clothes!â??
ã?»Naked women has not been published in this photo collection.

Very Bad Women: 5 True Stories of Crimes by Women – Vol 2

by Guy Hadleigh


Do you like true crime stories?

What about real crime committed by women?

You may not have heard much about some of these bad women from the 1930s and 40s, but they were real and ruthless

All had their “15 minutes of fame” leaving trails of death and mayhem behind them

Their escapades were daring and reckless and many paid the ultimate price in the end

*Mable Rein – Queen of the Hobos
Rescued from a plane crash by tramps at the age of 6, she rose to lead an army of vagrants, thugs and looters and ransacked whole towns. Only the FBI could put a stop to her brutal rampage and greedy ambition.

*Bonnie Parker – Cigar Smoking Gun Moll
The undisputed queen of all gun molls, she and her companion and lover Clyde Barrow became two of history’s most infamous outlaws. In 21 months they murdered at least 13 people in a crime spree across four states and inevitably died in a hail of bullets.

*Jo Ardway – Roadside Murderess
Drifting down America’s highways and hitching rides from unsuspecting motorists who she bludgeoned and robbed, was a profitable game for this evil woman, until the day she was picked up by a serial killer even more deadly than her.

*Juanita Perez – Gypsy Killer
Gypsy thief, embezzler, dope pusher, gun toting underworld boss; the greed of this thrill crazed murderess knew no bounds and only a slice of good luck for the police brought her corrupt activities to an end.

*Hilda Pomeroy – Devil in Petticoats
Beautiful and deadly as a cobra, she used murder to become wealthy and part of Vienna’s social elite, ultimately becoming Austria’s first woman to be beheaded for more than 100 years.

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Very Bad Women : 5 True Stories of Crimes by Women – Vol 1

by Guy Hadleigh


Do you like true crime stories?

What about real crime committed by women?

You may not have heard much about some of these bad women, but they were real and ruthless

All had their “15 minutes of fame” leaving trails of death and mayhem behind them

Their escapades were daring and reckless and many paid the ultimate price in the end

*Radiant Jade – Mat Hari of the East
Traitor to her native China, assassin and spy for the Japanese, Radiant Jade was the daughter of a Manchu prince and the mistress of murder and intrigue so sinister that 300 million Chinese thought she was the devil incarnate.

*Belle Gunness – Americas First Female Serial Killer
Arch murderess Belle Gunness carved a niche all of her own in the hall of infamy. Suspected of killing up to 40 men, women and children (including her own), she put murder on an assembly line basis in her relentless search for personal profit.

*Memphis Mae Corey – The She Devil with the Face of an Angel and a Heart Full of Hate
Arriving in the USA from her native Ireland at the tender age of 17, Memphis Mae was a stunningly beautiful young woman already on the run from the Irish authorities. Immersing herself in the underworld of Chicago she quickly made a name for herself as a clever and dangerous woman. Corruption and multiple murders soon followed, eventually ending the only way it could – on the gallows.

*Ma Barker – Bloody Mama
A criminal mastermind and the brains behind the infamous Ma Barker gang, she spawned four ruthless killers who slayed their way through a series of bank robberies, hold ups, and kidnappings. She devised detailed plans, gave the orders and rode roughshod over the laws of the land until the longest shoot-out in FBI history ended her rampage.

*Arva Bolling – She Killed to Live
Hard, cold, beautiful and psychotic Arva Bolling lived only for money and the life it could bring. She callously killed three times so she could continue an existence of leisure and luxury and would have escaped justice and the electric chair had it not been for a suspicious coroner.

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My Cleanest Dirty Shorts

by Kevin Robert Hill

These are the stories that Jimmy Buffett should have written about the Caribbean, the wild times, the crocodiles migrating through the village and poodles disappearing. All of the stories, whether wild or literary, are based on personal experience. Some are memoir.

In 1985 I moved to a tiny fishing village on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan peninsula. Sometimes I had to drive to Cancun to get a tomato. There was one tin roof market in town that got beef once a week. To get fresh fish I had to wait for the fishermen to return with the day’s catch. How did I know if they were back? Easy. I just looked at the sky over the beach. If frigate birds were gliding along the beach, the fishermen had not returned yet. If there were no birds flying, that meant they were feeding on the scraps as the fishermen cleaned the catch.

I have also included a bit about how I was told to leave Israel. If you’ve never been told to get out of a country, well, you just haven’t Lived. In the same chapter is description, a memoir, of a shoe-string trip I took through Egypt, Sudan, and Kenya. The trip ended when I was jailed in Mombassa, Kenya.

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