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My Boss’ Secret: Contemporary Paranormal Romance

by Poppy Deveaux

Millie has been struggling to find a job ever since she graduated from college. Growing disheartened by the lack of replies, she’s nervous when she finally lands an interview with Demeter Inc. The building is a tower of glass and barely any sunlight enters the place, and she’s sure that something is amiss but she can’t quite put her finger on it. Yet, when she’s asked to be the assistant to the CEO, she’ll find that her boss is hiding a dark secret in the basement, and he wants her to be a part of it.

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This eBook is for adults only.

Hot Teacher: Contemporary Romance

by Piquette Fontaine

I’ve been feeling so tired of the way my life is going these days. There’s just no excitement anymore, and I find myself staying late at the office almost every night, dreading the prospect of going home. My marriage feels like it’s in the pits, and even the idea of making it back to see my husband Rob and my delightful daughter Emily feels like it’s too much for me to take. I married early and things have gotten stale for me far too quickly.

One night I attend a parent teacher conference at my daughter’s school, and find out that her teacher is the same one I had when I was in high school. Mr. Fellows…. The man I’d had the biggest of crushes on for the longest time.

The two of us shoot the breeze, and have a surprisingly good time together and suddenly, I find myself in his bed…

For weeks, the two of us carry on a steamy, mind-blowing affair, my life at last feeling like it’s got a little bit of spice to it, until suddenly my favorite educator stops returning my texts and I think everything has come to a screeching halt.

That is, until one day I receive one last text from him, and I find out he has quite the surprise in store for me…

Receive a very special bonus following the main story!

This eBook is intended for adults only.

The Neverbride: (A Romantic Comedy)

by Shae Buggs

No one escapes the wedding madness – not the kind hearted, the strong-willed, or even the level headed. When Reyna is asked to be the maid of honor for not just one, but both of her best friends at the same time, she realizes that even her relaxed temperament can be pushed to the absolute limit. But then she meets Ryan, the dashing pharmacist from down the street who brings some sanity back into her chaotic life. They flirt and date their way through the city of Austin until the wedding stress gets the best of Reyna, flipping her off her rocker where she lands in the arms of another man. Another failed relationship. But Ryan’s worth fighting for.

Hard, Hard Pleasures! (20 Stories of Forbidden and Off-Limits Encounters)

by Holly Jamgood

20 stories of forbidden pleasures…

Take a peek inside!

Beautiful Heartbreaker: A Pam of Babylon Novella

by Suzanne Jenkins

“Don’t look now, but Jack Smith is right behind you,” Marian whispered. A flush of pleasure cruised through Genevieve’s body, but later, she thought it might have been a warning.

The years of Jack Smith’s coming of age occurred during the best and worst times in Manhattan’s history. The son of Upper West Side elitists, raised with the best of everything, one secret aspect of his childhood set him apart from others in his class.

Beautiful Heartbreaker tells the story of Jack’s transformation from a young, innocent boy to a larger than life icon who took the city by storm.

For followers of Pam of Babylon, Beautiful Heartbreaker fills in some of the blanks his death left unanswered. Will the mystery of Jack ever be unlocked?

1. Pam of Babylon
2. Don’t You Forget About Me
3. Dream Lover
4. Prayers for the Dying
5. Family Dynamics
6.The Tao of Pam
7. In Memoriam
8. Soulmates
9. Save the Date
10.I’ll Always Love You
11.Beach Spirits
12. South Shore Romance
13. Meet Me at the Beach
14. Pam’s Adventures in Babylon
15. Second Chance
16. If I Ever Leave You
Short Stories: We’re Just Friends, Julie Hsu, When I Was Young, Gladys andEd’s Big Adventure, Beautiful Heartbreaker, Pam of Babylon Romance Boxed Set
Free on author’s website: First Sight, A Good Beach Day

Motion for Mistletoe: a Jamie Winters Mysteries holiday short story

by Kelly Rey

From USA Today bestselling author Kelly Rey comes a holiday short story that is ho-ho-hilariousâ?¦

When Jamie Winters’ elderly neighbor Jack disappears a week before Christmas, Jamie pairs up with her landlord’s fearless teenaged niece to find him. Only the more they look into his disappearance, the more they begin to believe Jack is not the man they thought he was…and he bears a suspiciously striking resemblance to jolly old Santa Claus. One carjacking, some spooky reindeer, a little person, and a skinny green man later, Jamie winds up getting way more than she bargained for this holiday season!

Jamie Winters Mysteries:
Motion for Murder – book #1
Motion for Mistletoe – holiday short story
Motion for Malice – book #2
Motion for Misfits (short story in the “Killer Beach Reads” collection)
Motion for Madness – book #3

“Move over Stephanie Plumâ??there’s a new girl in town! Jamie Winters is smart, sassy, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Mix one fun mystery, some fantastic romantic chemistry, and witty quips throughout for a sure-fire winner! Who knew a lawyer’s office could be so funny?”
~ Gemma Halliday, New York Times bestselling author

Desert Hearts

by Delaney Cross

Claire had lived on her farm alone for three years after her husband had died. She was determined to make their dream work, even if he wasn’t there to see it. She had vowed to never love another man, holding true to her first love.

But then a man showed up, injured and needing her help. She nursed him back to health, but in the process discovered she was still a woman, and she wanted to feel the touch of a man. She had deprived herself for too long, and now she was craving him, wanting him.

But his past would come back and threaten any chance they had of being together. Would she be able to overlook his past, or be lonely forever?

Rough Trouble (The Roughnecks, 4)

by Keri Ford

Carla Wilkin knows that Happily Ever After isn’t in the cards for her. She’s okay with that, even if she’s surrounded by friends who have found theirs. She loves her job and the people in Apple Trail. Carla’s happy, and she’s satisfied.

Until Tom walks in.

Watching his baby sister get married was a gut-punch Tom Lange never saw coming. Now he’s forty-three, with no wife, no kids and the realization that life has gotten away from him. When work sends him hundreds of miles away to Apple Trail, Arkansas, he decides to start the Happily Ever After search as soon as he returns home.

Until he meets Carla.

Now he’s wondering if his search is over before it ever began. And she’s thinking that maybe he’s her ace in the hole. But long distance relationships don’t ever work. And being together means one of them has to sacrifice their home, job and friends. Doesn’t it?

Reluctantly Married: Interracial Romance

by Miss Brandy K

He made her wriggle beneath his attention…

Hot lips pressed to her calves, kissing up to her knees then her thighs…

He was my future husband, and not by choice.

I hated him more than anyone ever before… so why was he so irresistible?

Just looking at him pissed me off, but I still wanted him. I still needed him.

And then we found out I was going to have a baby!

Rancher Bears’ Merry Christmas

by Candace Ayers

Leave it to the magic of the Christmas season to deliver a miracle.

A Holiday Werebear Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance

Lettie Jay was born and raised in Landing, Wyoming. She knows everything about everything that goes on in the town. So when three kids show up at her office looking a little rough around the edges, she knows something isn’t right. It’s Christmas Day. Kids should be wrapped up tight with their family, getting ready to open presents. She heads to the local sheriff, Tucker Long, to get them some help.

Tucker is just heading out the door on his way to his family’s Christmas party. After hearing the children’s plight, he decides that they could use some holiday cheer, at least until he can figure out what to do with them.

An old-fashioned Christmas with the Long family warms the children and warms Lettie to Tucker. Somewhere between singing carols and carving the turkey, something clicks. Could he be her mate? Is it possible? She’s already fallen head over heels for the three kids, alone and afraid of being put back out in the cold. She can’t help but think about her big house going to waste with no one in it but her and her cat.


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