Free history Kindle books for 26 Dec 17

The Military Orders of the Middle Ages

by Frederick Woodhouse

In the middle of the eleventh century Jerusalem was in the hands of the Sultan of Egypt. Great multitudes of pilgrims came every year to visit the Holy Sepulchre, and the other Sacred Places both from the East and West, being required to pay for the privilege to the Mahometan masters of the Holy Land…

Reflecting Christmas

by Matthew J. Elliott

Christmas time comes and goes each year. What if instead of packing up all that Christmas Spirit, we took that spirit and applied it to our daily lives. How would one even do something such as this? Well, in this eBook we attempt to answer that question. There are many different symbols that represent Christmas and in Reflecting Christmas we take a look at the history behind why they are used during Christmas and how we can apply that lesson to our every day life. So come join us on this journey of Reflecting Christmas all year long.

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