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Diary of a SUPER GIRL – Book 1 – The Ups and Downs of Being Super: Books for Girls 9-12

by Katrina Kahler

Books for Girls ages 9-12: Lia Strong always thought of herself as a normal 12 year old. She had to deal with the ups and downs of middle school. You know how it goes…hanging out with friends, going to LAX practice, doing massive amounts of homework and dealing with mean girls. Everything changed though, when Lia turned 13!

On her 13th birthday, she found out some very special news…she is the latest in a long line of super women. It seems that Lia is still a normal girl, except for one thing – her super powers. On the up side, she has the strength of 100 people, but on the down side, one of her farts has the potential to knock out 100 people!

Oh, the joys of having Super Powers! A perfect book for girls who love strong female characters. You’ll love it!

Otis Ornsby: Don’t Tangle with Him

by Alan Mehrer

Otis Ornsby was an unusual man, although he would be the last man to tell you that. He was so special that a syndicate of ruthless outlaws had a vendetta against him. They would stop at nothing to see to his demise. They had everything at their disposal, money, power, railroads, and a cadre of ruthless men, not to mention an extreme hatred that spread unanimously among their ranks.
Otis had nothing, other than himself. He preferred it that way, for he was a loner. A loner who loved life and didn’t appreciate interference in his peaceful ways. However, he realized that sometime you had to give up those peaceful times and substitute a smack on the nose, a kick in the pants, or a downright killing, in order to maintain your peaceful state.
Ern Kennedy didn’t quite see it that way. He figured Otis was a menace to the criminal element in Western Texas, and that since he was a major part of that criminal element, it was only fitting that Otis should feel the sting of criminal justice, by the hand of the Kennedy’s. Ern figured criminal justice was Kennedy justice handed out by the criminal Kennedy element. Ern had a run in with Otis, and to Ern’s humiliation Otis had single handedly killed eighteen of his men, then sent him packing, after slitting his tongue. To Ern, this was as evil as you could get and retribution was in order. This man didn’t fight fair and that needed to end.

Mindfulness for Vikings: Inspirational quotes and pictures encouraging a happy stress free life for adults and kids (A Little Moose and Wolfie Book Book 1)

by Amanda Boulter

Despite their fearsome reputation, even Vikings seek inner calm!Little Moose and his dog Wolfie are just hanging out, having fun, and living with natural mindfulness. They howl with the wolves, find balance with the rocks, and even do Viking washing up!This unique book contains over 45 delightful b&w drawings and inspirational sayings from Viking and mindfulness traditions and appeals to everyone from toddlers to Zen masters. It’s a perfect book to read with young children and for older children to explore on their own. It’s also designed for adults to enjoy by themselves in those quiet moments when just remembering the simple joys of life can lift your heart and make you smile. 

La otra profecía: El día presagiado se acerca. (Spanish Edition)

by Lorena A. Falcón

El día presagiado se acerca.

El momento anunciado por la profecía se acerca. �nicamente el sacrificio de una joven puede evitar la catástrofe que se avecina.

El Templo del Sol está seguro de poder impedir la calamidad, después de todo, lleva años preparándose y ya encontró a la joven indiada.

Pero, ¿alguien se preguntó si ella está dispuesta a sacrificarse?

Luego de años de encierro, Kamilla intentará huir del destino que eligieron para ella.

Se enfrenta a un mundo que solo vio de lejos, a través de una ventana.

¿Debería encontrar su sendero sola o aceptar la ayuda de quienes se cruzan en su camino? ¿Podrá afrontar su temores y dejar atrás sus remordimientos?

Moon Dogs!

by Ernie Sunshine

Rabbit is ten years old and traveling to the Moon to see her grandfather. Spies, a Zero-G monkey, secret technologies, villainous pursuers and the mysterious Moon Dogs all await.

MEAN GIRLS – Book 1: My New Step-Sister: Books for Girls Aged 9-12

by Katrina Kahler

Dramatic book for girls aged 9-12.
This is the story of Remmy, a 12-year-old girl who moves across the country with her mom to start a new life.
Remmy is excited about having a step-sister…but Sandy feels differently. And when Remmy arrives, Sandy and her friends do their best to make Remmy feel isolated and sad.
With the help of Amelia and Charlie (the cutest boy in the school), Remmy tries hard to stop the non-stop and cruel bullying.

Girls will love this book! Follow Remmy’s journey as she battles to keep control of her life, fit in and win acceptance.

The Least of Elves: A Land of Fathara Novella

by Robin Glassey

Toran looked upon the other Elves in Xanti with wonder. They all had at least one Gift, they all had a trade, and they all knew their path in life. Why did he have to be so different? Toran’s only claim to fame had been the attention the queen had given him on his Naming Day. She had called him a harbinger â?¦ but of what? And now that he was entrusted with a delivery to the Human village of Kipra, he hoped great things finally lay in store – but feared his history of mistakes might spell disaster.

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