Free philosophy Kindle books for 26 Dec 17

Yoga : Karma to Nirvana: Philosophy of Vedanta and Bhagavada-Geeta

by Ajay Shukla

Yoga : Karma to Nirvana is a unique book on Philosophy. It deals with the key concepts of Indian Philosophy of Vedanta as seen in the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad Geeta. The book is unique by its scientific outlook and examines the evolution of human thought.
It discusses concepts as Yoga, karma, maya, nirvana, moksha, detachment, god, soul, death etc., and examines them with a scientific outlook, in the context of a modern day individual.
To add to the value, it provides an easy translation of the text of Bhagavada Geeta.

Quotes & Notes (Quotes & Notes #1)

by Verwayne Greenhoe

A series of quotes, some famous, some not, that have meant something to the author at various points of his life. He posts a quote and then follows it with why it was important to him and why it may be relevant to the reader. The author has a diverse background and pulls from his life experiences in his notes.

From his youth growing up on a small rural farm to being a medic and later an Emergency Room nurse, the things he saw, did and learned helped him form his opinions and thoughts. Many of these thought processes and lessons were learned in his childhood. Some of these are included in one of his other books, “Things My Father Taught Me – Lessons In Life.”

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