Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 26 Dec 17

A Horse Called Lightning/A House of Clowns (The McAloons Book 2)

by Joyce Swann

“There are mysterious things happening in the night….”

During a chance summer storm, ten-year-old Joy and three-year-old Andy are sure their neighbor’s horse has been killed after they see him struck by lightning. But the horse isn’t dead–he just has a secret! Months later, on the darkest evening of the year, Joy and Lightning will brave a blizzard to save Joy’s daddy when his truck is stuck in a snowdrift, and Joy and Andy will come to understand the mystery of the horse they call Lightning.

This story of God’s provision for His children will delight children and parents alike!

When a family of clowns moves onto Joy and Andy’s street and begins to entertain the residents, the entire town is delighted! But when the town’s bank is robbed and the clowns suddenly disappear, Joy suspects that this troupe of entertainers is really a gang of thieves! Now she has to think quickly to bring the gang to justice and teach the whole town about the consequences of choices.

Perfumed Letters

by Robin T. Smith

Every woman knows how special it is to select just the right perfumeâ?¦and how a scent can capture an experience or evoke a memory like nothing else. In Perfumed Letters, Robin Smith offers a refreshing spiritual revelation regarding the intimacy of perfume, known as a woman’s anointing. She uses powerful, evocative images from the Bible and life experiences to illustrate how God refines, presses, and fashions our individual scents as pleasing to the Lord.


Are you a concrete, absolute or an essential oil?
Fragrances that attract blessing and repel favor.
The purpose and influence of a Perfumed Letter.
How God uses fragrance to remember His covenant with you.
Your signature fragrance in Christâ?¦ and so much more!

With writing that is fragrant with His word, love and experience, Robin gives a unique perspective on the ways in which each woman is fashioned in the aroma of His Spirit–important and valuable to Him, written as His Perfumed Letter.

Between Two Worlds: A Clean Amish and Woodcutter Romance

by Etenia Hoffman

A Sweet Clean Amish Romance. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Emma has lived in the small Amish community of Faith’s Lake for all eighteen years of her life. The oldest of five girls, she takes on the burden on household responsibility when her mother falls gravely ill. As her mother’s condition worsens, she must accompany her into the English world as they seek medical treatment despite the disapproval of the community.

While her mother receives treatment, Emma ventures out into the strange unknown world of cars and mobile phones, and finds herself cornered by street performers heckling her for money. Terrified, she doesn’t know what to do. Then a large man comes to her defense and scares the performers away.

As Emma turns to thank her savior, he looks at her dismissively and walks away. Angered and upset, Emma returns to the hospital and finds him there too. She discovers that his name is Michael and he’s a woodcutter who works on the hospital grounds. While her mother gets treated, Emma takes her lunch out to the grounds every day and slowly, she and Michael begin to talk.

As she finds herself falling for the handsome woodcutter, she must also struggle with her concern for her ill mother and her duties back at home. Can love truly conquer all, or is reality always around the corner to remind one what’s most important in life?

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A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After PLUS free bonus clean romance stories inside!

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage: 100 Facts Nobody Ever Told You About Sex and Romance

by Claire Robin

“Sex is evidently the most important activity in a marriage relationship. The issue of trust and affection is put to rest when there is a good and regular sex.” –The Evidence

“Marriage should be spontaneous and interesting, and one of the ways to make your marriage fun is by actually taking the time to enhance your sexual activities.” -Dama Aloha

According to a scientific research, people are less likely to lie to someone they are sexually attracted to. Simply, this book is dedicated to reveal all the hidden tactics real people use to enhance sexual activities in their married relationship. It consists of bullet points on how to spice up your bedroom activities and actually derive real satisfaction.

This book will teach you how to improve your sexual intimacy even as you work on increasing the attraction you have between each other. And if you have trouble with initiating or having an enjoyable sex, this book also focuses on the things you should do to enjoy sex with your partner.

Among the things you will learnâ?¦.
-Emotional sex positions that creates intimacy
-How to attract husband sexually
-How to initiate sex with your husband
-How to improve your bed intimacy
-The secrets of spontaneous sex
-Ways to revive lost passion
-How to improve communication through sexual intimacy
-The influence of financial intimacy on sexual intimacy

Set yourselves for success even as you learn the greatest tips for an abundant sexual intimacy in your relationship.

On A Train Bound For Nowhere

by Susan Leigh Carlton

Abandoned on the steps of a New York City Convent, when she was two months old, she was raised in the orphanage. Unadopted and nearing the maximum age for the Foundling Home, Mary Catherine is given a choice by the mother superior, and decides to take the orphan train looking for a future.
Trace Jennings is a shy young man who lost his father in the Civil War. Raised by his mother, he lives on a ranch in Helena, Montana. Raw from a disastrous mail order marriage, romance is not on his agenda.
Faced with the obstacles life has dealt them, can Mary Catherine and Trace find romance and have a life together?

Abundance and Law of Attraction – Down the Rabbit Hole: The Journey of Manifestation and Personal Growth [Extended Anniversary Edition]

by Sandra Collins

“Cant get Law of Attraction working for you? – Maybe you got some results but lifes keep bringing you hard times. Sandra Collins (Reiki Published Author*) gives us a “Down the rabbit hole”, book full of golden eggs written from experience about abundance and personal growth. “

/ Arima Nakamura (12 Path* Reiki Master)

*Extended Anniversary Edition*
*Experience based hands on information*
*Expanding consciousness*
*Using your own compass in life*
*Higher vibration state right away*
*Tripple Abundance magnetism*
*Instant feel better mood*

Would you like to be more happy in life?

Gain personal growth?

Experience spiritual love?

Looking for books on Spiritual and Personal Growth?

Start working on real abundance and law of attraction subjects?

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Human Psyche and Harmonic Counterpoint: Twenty-First Century Soul

by Mani Palaniappan


The book, Human Psyche and Harmonic Counterpoint, would present in the human intersubjective sphere an original and virile science of Spirit. The Mystery…the Magic…the Wonder of life, being and reality – and indeed it may be infused with a sense of Sacredness: it is given in our CONSCIOUS experience of life, being and reality. So what is, or what makes, consciousness? In this rather short take on this book, without beating about the bush but addressing the Crux, we may affirm we would go deeper into Reality, deeper than the Aspect given by sheer Matter-Energy-in-Space-Time. Dig this: consciousness is expression of a most peculiar form of energy – INNERGY. INNERGY is INFORMED INTELLIGENT INTENTIONAL ENERGY, and consciousness is INNERGY in REFLEX! Consciousness is intrinsic property of Innergy in reflex. The Absolute Peculiarity of Innergy is, It is ONE which can be many in ‘Itself’.

There is INNER DIMENSION to Reality – the ‘realm’ of Innergy – and it does touch the realm of matter-energy-in-space-time. ‘Human Psyche and Harmonic Counterpoint’ is a preliminary introduction, of some insights into Innergy, into the great field of human ideas. Limiting our inquiry primarily to human conscious-existentiality: in the brain of the living conscious-existential human being highly specialized matter-energy structures are in interface-interaction-integration in relation to Innergy of the inner dimension. Innergy may touch these specialized matter-energy structures and reflex – i e ‘turn’ unto ‘itself ‘- and there is consciousness. The WHOLE of the fabulous ‘realm’ of Innergy in Reflex is the MATER-QUALE-MATRIX. Each individuated human being is so to speak ‘plugged in’ to a ‘given’ or particular ‘facet’ in the Mater-Quale-Matrix, via Innergy that touches his brain and reflexes. This ‘subset’ in the Mater-Quale-Matrix gives the human being’s individual subjective aspect. Thus: Consciousness is [email protected]! Ah ha! Twenty-first century soul.

The Harmonic Counterpoint would also shine a light on the other great conundrum affecting humanity in this age. Human Craving is rampaging on the good earth.The world is a great fossil-fuel flare; the oceans are simmering. The nukes are lurking and poised… The anthropocene epoch is upon us, and is it even damnation visited upon earthly life? What are the deepest motivations of the human being? Is it sheerly, ultimately…the material genes fashioned by the laws of physics acting, replicating, according to these very laws? From our harmonic contrapuntal vantage point we would say, No! The Innergetic human beings even on the foundation of physical bodily survival would seek heightened conscious-existential realization, indeed ideal/perfect conscious-existential realization. Come, “I want to take you Higher!” And Deeper still! (The great problem is, the human desire for heightened and ideal/perfect conscious-existential realization can pervert, and enter Mein Kampf or Stephen Paddock at Mandalay Bay. Loose touch with your deeper self and you can get crazy, satanic!) The free-will, the freedom a human being has is really a function, an expression of his Innergetic aspect. (Innergy touches us; let us touch Innergy!)

In this Amazon Kindle e-book which is Part I of Human Psyche and Harmonic Counterpoint (with Part II to follow), in five chapters : Prelude;
Vision of Consciousness;
The self in the human;
Idea Idea;
the project, Human Psyche and Harmonic Counterpoint, would present to the world an original, but internally consistent and explanatorily powerful, (indeed revolutionary) perspective of the Human Condition in Reality.


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