Free travel Kindle books for 26 Dec 17

Immigrate to Canada: How to Prepare Materials for Express Entry Like a Pro

by Ye Tian

Using Ye’s own experience as a benchmark, this book
1) explains the key materials which Express Entry applicants need to prepare: how to get them, how long they take, and how much they cost.
2) includes sample letters of verification from employers and financial institutions, i.e., 4 sample reference letters from employers and 2 sample Proofs of Financial Support

This book does NOT include tips to maximize points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Lucy: A Campground Chronicles Short Story (No. 2)

by Carol Evans

“Lucy: A Campground Chronicles Short Story” is a well-woven, timeless tale that takes place in a small campground in the mountains of east Tennessee. Heartwarming, heartbreaking, and gently rounded with touches of humor, it follows one busy weekend in the life of Lucy, the campground manager.

Lucy, a solo traveler for many years, has meticulously arranged her world to be exactly how she wants it to be. On this particular autumn weekend, however, her safe, predictable, orderly life is interrupted by well-meaning friends and misplaced lovers. Drawn into a tangle of campground drama, Lucy ultimately finds that the surprise is on her. Finally able to face a ghost from her past, Lucy is free to discover hope for the future, even if that means opening up to the daring unpredictability of romance and love.

A Small Guide to Survival: Elementary and advanced advice on preparing for the hike, fire and survival

by Tim Robinson

A Small Guide to Survival
Elementary and advanced advice on preparing for the hike, fire and survival

This is my sixth collection of tips for survival in the wild.
From them you will learn about interesting physical methods of getting a fire and preparing firewood for it.
Also in this book you will see several recommendations on natural photo coverage and behavior in the group during the hike.
Perhaps it should be written first, it could help many lovers of survival.

Here are the tips for preparing the equipment before going. There are also several recommendations for behavior during the movement in the wild.

This book is more suitable for fans of group tours than for those who like to survive alone. However, some tips will be useful for those and for others.

– How to provide a good photo-report about your trip?
– A few psychological tips
– A few simple rules in the hike
– 100 tips for backpacking
– Useless knowledge of survival
– 10 Ways to Get a Fire in the wild
– Bushcraft. Getting for a fire


by endo

Purgatory is a from a collection of travel memoirs comprised in the book, “The Trip Reports.”

Various religions and spiritual practices have long provided their own answers for what happens to us after we die. The shamans of the Amazon have instead offered seekers with a direct experience to this existential question.

Purgatory follows a traveler on his trip to a psychedelic plant medicine retreat in northeastern Peru. Along the way, he encounters alien entities, indigenous tribes, and the dead.

Come and take a raw and exciting look at global travel that has seldom been written about in a book before.

The Best Places for Fishing in Australia and New Zealand: Fishing and traveling around the world

by William B. Simpson

The Best Places for Fishing in Australia and New Zealand
Fishing and traveling around the world

From this book you will learn about amazing places for fishing in Australia and New Zealand
It is perfect for both professionals and beginners.

Fishing on the Great Barrier Reef
Fishing in Cairns and Port Douglas
Fishing in Gold Coast and Brisbane
Sea and ocean fishing in Sydney
Freshwater fishing in Australia
Fishing in New Zealand

They say that living in Australia and not like fishing is simply impossible! And how can you not love it, if all conditions are created for this: in the numerous rivers, canals and lakes there is a huge number of freshwater fish species, and the ocean coast abounds in large breeds of predators; For amateur fishermen there are many special shops for the purchase of equipment and all kinds of bait; Then here and there, passing by some water body, you can see special parking for cars with attached boats and bridges for launching boats and boats to the water…….

The Big Fish… veni, vidi, vici (The Big Fish Tails Book 10)

by Mike Williams

The Big Fish returns to his travels with an adventure from Venice to Rome. He takes in some interesting ports of call and as usual has his own take on things…

20 things to do in Coorg (20 Things (Discover India) Book 11)

by David Riley

One of the best destinations for nature lovers in India, Coorg (or Kodagu) is known for its coffee and its people; the people in Coorg are known to be very hospitable.  Agriculture is one of the major factors which upholds the economy of Coorg.

It is a district in Karnataka famous for its endless mountain ranges which is frequented by thousands of tourists every year.  People visit Coorg for its serene natural beauty, its undulating landscape through the Western Ghats of India and its peaceful village.

Officially known as the Kodagu district in Karnataka, it is also known as Coorg; its name prior to merging with the enlarged state of Mysore in 1956.  This book takes on an attempt to uncover some of the things to do and places to visit in the district Coorg, in the form of â??20 things to do’ in Coorg.

So, enjoy the list to a point where you can’t just read anymore, and you just “HAVE TO” go to Coorg and experience it all with your own eyes.

Do check other books on,
Chandigarh, Kolkata, Goa, Shimla, Ladakh, Amritsar and many other places in India.

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