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The Lost Garden (Quests Unlimited Book 1)

by K.T. Tomb

K.T. Tomb has made me excited about reading action adventure again! What an adventure! I could not stop reading! Brings to mind James Rollins and Matthew Reilly. Non-stop action that makes you think “What if?” â??Amazon reviewer â??â??â??â??â??

I really liked this story and can hardly wait for the second book! This author gives you an exciting and thought-provoking read.” â??Amazon reviewer â??â??â??â??â??

A thrilling action adventure with great history and even a little romance thrown in. The story was all-consuming, still stuck in my head. I cannot wait for the next book.” â??Amazon reviewer â??â??â??â??â??

This author takes ideas we are very familiar with and expands it to the max. While you are reading you also think what if it really happened. Looking forward to book two.” â??Amazon reviewer â??â??â??â??â??

Dr. Evan Knight, maverick historian and martial arts expert, is obsessed with proving the existence of the Garden of Eden.

When Jessima IL Eve, a Daughter with special powers, hears his passionate lecture on the Garden of Eden, she thinks he might be the Chosen One. After she puts him to a test, she enlists his aid in saving the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Lifeâ??the life force for all life.

Someone else is interested in the Tree of Life, too. Alexey Konstantin, owner of a pharmaceutical empire, acquires a vial of miraculous healing oil. When Alexey learns the source of the oil, he begins his quest for the Garden of Edenâ??he will stop at nothing to seize the Tree of Life for his own fame and fortune.

When threats manifest, Jess warns Evan about one of her Fallen sisters who seeks to destroy the Garden and raise up an army of hideous beings that will do her diabolical bidding.

As the Chosen One who is prophesied to save the Garden, Evan becomes a target for the Fallen. As Evan seeks his life’s true and noble purpose, danger increases at a fast and furious rate.

Will Evan and Jess escape the clutches of the evil ones who seek to steal and destroy the Tree of Life and the Garden of Eden?

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Book #1 in the Quests Unlimited super series! For fans of Clive Cussler, James Rollins and Indiana Jones. Quests Unlimited features a vast, sprawling multi-character universe of treasure hunters, explorers, scientists, villains and rogues.

Getting Naughty! (11 Extreme Erotic Stories MMMF)

by Jessica Sirachova

11 Steamy Book Collection to get you all the way there tonight…and probably the rest of the week 😉

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