Free historical fiction Kindle books for 27 Dec 17

Ranger Creek & the Gunslinger: A Western Adventure (Sundog Series Book 4)

by Ash Lingam

From Eagles pass with a knife fight to the death of two half Cherokee mountain men. To brief encounters with Lopez the Outlaw and his torturous ways. Ranger Creek of the Laredo Texas Rangers encounters the challenge of his lifetime in the face of staggering odds against Kiowa Warrior Braves on the trail to hell along the River Rio Grande. On to confront the well-known Texan Gunslinger King Fisher and his gang. Finally chasing the woman outlaw and stagecoach robber Bella Star, west across the Texan Badlands. Ash Lingam has created a true old-style Western Lawman in the manner of such greats as Sergio Leone, Charles Portis, and Larry McMurtry with a taste of Quentin Tarantino. A true Western Adventure. (Sundog Series Vol. 4)

Mail Order Bride

by Deborah Elliott

When our country was being settled many headed west to work in the gold fields. People lived so far apart, and with most miners being men, there was a true shortage of women. The solution – Mail Order Brides.

Sarah wrote the ad, and Carter answered it. It took great courage for Sarah to travel with the intent to bind herself to a man she didn’t know, and it took Carter admitting his need for her. As their amazing love unfolds, you will be reminded of how magical the intimacy is, when two people get it right.

Follow Sarah and Carter’s continuing story in: Mail Order Bride – Hostile Winter (Part 2); and Mail Order Bride – The Loss (Part 3). Conclude with: Mail Order Bride – Savage Love.


by JP Kenwood

In AD 107, after a grueling campaign against Rome’s fierce enemy, the kingdom of Dacia, Gaius Fabius returns home in triumph. With the bloody battles over, the commander of the Lucky IV Legion now craves life’s simple pleasures: leisurely soaks in fragrant baths, over-flowing cups of wine, and a long holiday at his seaside villa to savor his pleasure slaves. On a whim, he purchases a spirited young Dacian captive and unwittingly sparks a fresh outbreak of the Dacian war; an intimate struggle between two sworn enemies with love and honor at stake.

Allerix survived the wars against Rome, but now he is a sex slave rather than a victor. Worse, the handsome general who led the destruction of his people now commands his body. When escape appears impossible, Alle struggles to find a way to preserve his dignity and exact vengeance upon the hated Romans. Revenge will be his, that is, if he doesn’t lose his heart to his lusty Roman master.

Dominus is a plot-packed erotic m/m fantasy that transports readers back to ancient Rome during the reign of the Emperor Trajan (98-117). This is the first book in an alternate history seriesâ??a tumultuous journey filled with forbidden love, humor, sex, friendship, political intrigue, deception and murder.

“If you enjoy fantasy historical fiction, with touches of real history, this book is a wonderful read…The author’s ability to paint the picture of the time and place are spectacular. You can picture everything, from Rome, to the estates which are the main scenes for the action of the book! I look forward, with great anticipation, to read further stories in this series. This book is so well written, kept my interest, and riled me up to some very unusual points for me. I just want to read more and more of JP’s writing. This is a terrific book, and I expect the series to just keep getting better.” –Warren, GGR reviews

“It’s a pretty rare thing when I can say a book hooked me completely just from the prologue and epilogue but really, everything that happened between those two chapters was the icing on the proverbial cake. Dominus, as a whole, reads something like a long prologue to the promise of something more; what’s inside the covers of this installment is the slow burn, where the introduction of all the players needed to happen now so the real meat of the story arc can be told in the next book. The build up to the storyline between Gaius and Allerix was a little like torture at times, but my need to see what would happen between these two men kept me turning pages, and has left me anxious for more.

If you go into Dominus expecting a detailed historical drama or a simple genre romance, your expectations are off base. Read this novel for the bounteous pleasures of the flesh and the promise of the mystery yet to come that JP Kenwood has delivered so handily.” — Lisa, The Novel Approach

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