Free humour Kindle books for 27 Dec 17

Tabula Rasa: Memoirs of a College Freshman

by Dan Wayley

A year that changed everything…

Set at a religious, liberal-arts university, Tabula Rasa tells a story of growing up, falling in and out of love, and forging bonds of friendship that have a lifelong effect. Told through the eyes of a young freshman named Troy Rollins, the novel is at once bitingly witty, frank, tragic, painful, but above all, hopeful.

Troy begins his year at Ellis University as a blank slate: no ambition and no other desire than to finally be on his own and maybe be lucky enough to find a nice girlfriend. He is introduced to a wide variety of stimulating, albeit eccentric characters. His roommate Robby, a socially awkward insomniac. Phil, the Residental Advisor, to whom Troy takes an immediate dislike towards. Brandon, a hyperactive boy across the room who randomly screams profanity. And finally, a girl named Rylee, who he falls deeply and painfully in love with. As his life takes many surprising turns, including becoming embroiled with a dark and dangerous social group, Troy learns the hardest part of life: growing up.

Insightful, intellectual, nostalgic, and incredibly funny, you will experience one evocative first year of college, alongside Troy and the people that make a lasting impression on him forever. Raw and powerful, this memoir will stay with you forever.

The Beaujolais Society: An unbelievable true story that you may find hard to believe!

by Bob Perrett

Ten countries. Several bottles of beer and wine. A world full of secrets, and one hell of an emotional white-knuckle ride!

The Beaujolais Society is a hilarious, inspirational, tear-jerking romantic comedy that begins just before Christmas in 1993. It is a true-life novel in which every single thing that happens actually took place TO THE LETTER.* Where a couple of the characters present as shallow or barely credible, it’s because they are REAL people who were, at the time, shallow and barely credible in real life. This book took 20 years to write because, as you will come to realise, at the time not everyone was available to talk freely about what had happened. Even then it took a LOT of coaxing to get the full story and circumstances out of everyone involved.

(* Unless there’s a global conspiracy of big fat liars or some of those involved are suffering from the psychological condition known as ‘false memory syndrome’.)

With a couple of minor exceptions none of the names have been changed to protect the embarrassed or guilty, because they have all given their consent in writing for the unabridged details of their youthful wayward folly to be published. Some of the romantic bits are rather jolly though, so you might want to have a box of tissues to hand just in case. A few of you might even decide to seek out a similar romance.**

(** The publisher accepts no responsibility for any acts of stupidity you may commit after reading this book. If you suspect you may be prone to wanton stupidity, it may be best to lay off the grog when looking for romance.)

The Invisible Game: Mindset of a Winning Team (eSports & Competitive Gaming, Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO)

by Zoltan Andrejkovics

Competitive gaming and eSports among youths became a major theme these days. For an e-Athlete, having the best strategy or belonging to a team with the best skills are sometimes not enough for success. Real life tournaments are tougher than we can imagine.

The Invisible Game covers the necessary mental development of eSport players. The book helps to prepare the players’ minds for the challenges, both on the map and in real life.

Nowadays we overestimate the power of our thoughts, and we forget the potential of our inner wisdom. This book guides you with honest life experiences of an eSport team manager on a journey to find the positive mental balance for peak performance.

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