Free literary fiction Kindle books for 27 Dec 17

اÙ?أدب اÙ?صغÙ?ر (Arabic Edition)

by ابÙ? اÙ?Ù?Ù?فع

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Broken Hearts: A prequel novella to It Happened to Us

by Francois Houle

Fourteen-year-old Nadia Delacroix is in love with the lead singer of the local grunge band Teen Spirit. But he’s a senior at her school and already has a girlfriend. And he doesn’t even know she exist. Nadia can’t deny her young feelings and each day that passes tears the hole in her heart a little bit more.

Caitlin Weatherly’s parents have fallen out of love and she feels helpless watching her mother unravel while her anger towards her father grows. This shouldn’t be happening to her family.

Broken Hearts is a prequel novella to It Happened to Us, set three months before the tragic event of the main novel. It takes us on a brief journey in the lives of the two cousins who are struggling to transition into the very confusing and often heartbreaking teenage years.

Just Like Ziggy (The Fifth Floor)

by Julie Oleszek

Anna has been through a lot being she is only seventeen–her sister’s death, a nervous breakdown, and a locked psychiatric ward. But she’s home now and desperately wants to put the past behind her for good. And it was possible. That is until she chose to write her own obituary for a school assignment. And yes, maybe Anna should have thought twice before handing it in, but she hadn’t meant for her paper to find its way to her psychiatrist, Dr. Ellison, but it had.
Anna denies it was written for any other reason than a laugh. Under a watchful eye, she is given a second chance to make things right. But how is that possible when things are going so wrong? The only good in so much misery is Janet, Anna’s best friend, and Murph, a senior who doesn’t seem to mind that Anna spent three months locked up.
But in hindsight, dates, friends, and football games are like band-aids–they cover up the infection–the mess brewing underneath the surface. All it will take is one stab–one person–to break Anna’s fragile recovery.

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