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Don’t Leave Me

by James Scott Bell

When they came for him it was time to run. When they came for his brother it was time to fight.

Chuck Samson needs to heal. A former Navy chaplain who served with a Marine unit in Afghanistan, he’s come home to take care of his adult, autistic brother, Stan. But the trauma of Chuck’s capture and torture threatens to overtake him. Only the fifth graders he teaches give him reason to hope for the future.

But when an unseen enemy takes aim at Chuck, he finds himself running for his life. And from the cops, who now think he might be a murderer. A secret buried deep in Chuck’s damaged soul may be the one thing that could save him. But can he unearth it?

Now, needing to protect his only brother from becoming collateral damage, Chuck Samson must face the dark fears embedded in his mind and find a way to save Stan. . . or die trying.

From the master of “heart-whamming” fiction (Publishers Weekly) comes a stand-alone novel of gripping suspense and ultimate loyalty.

Sleighed at Castle Rock: Amelia Grace Rock ‘n’ Roll Mysteries holiday short story

by Anne Marie Stoddard

From USA Today Bestselling author Anne Marie Stoddard…

No matter what season, the holidays can be murder! Bronwyn Sinclair, assistant to Castle Rock manager, Amelia Grace, is feeling Grinchyâ??but who can blame her? With Ame out of town, Bronwyn is taking over her duties running Castle Rock’s Christmas in July music festival and Battle of the Bands competition. It’s hard enough to get into the holiday spirit in the sweltering summer heat, but things take a turn for the deadly when someone slips mistletoe in one of the judges’ drinks. Can Bron scratch the would-be killer off her naughty list before the whole festival is ruined?

Amelia Grace Rock ‘n’ Roll Mysteries:
Murder at Castle Rock – book #1
Deception at Castle Rock – book #2
Caper at Castle Rock – short story in the “Killer Beach reads” collection
Sleighed at Castle Rock – holiday short story coming soon!

“Fast-paced and entertaining, Anne Marie Stoddard gives readers a backstage pass to murder taking center stage and demanding an encore.”
~ Rochelle Staab, award winning author of the Mind for Murder mysteries

“Murder at Castle Rock is Amelia Grace’s first appearance and I hope it won’t be her last. She is one of those heroines you’d like to be friends with, and you’ll find yourself rooting for her.”
~ Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

Sex, Lies, and Snickerdoodles: A Humorous Cozy Mystery (A Working Stiffs Mystery Book 2)

by Wendy Delaney

Secrets, lies, and a dead guy!

“Sex, Lies, and Snickerdoodles is more than just a yummy title, it’s also a fabulous mystery.”
~ Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

Everybody’s got a secret. A secret crush. A secret liaison. A secret recipe. And for a deadly few, a secret murder.

Port Merritt’s favorite bad boy, Russell Falco, was a seasoned veteran of secret liaisons. But after his body washes up on the shore of Merritt Bay, Deputy Coroner and human lie detector, Charmaine Digby, suspects one of those liaisons got Russell killed.

Secrets. Lies. Cookie-baking rivals. And a dead guy. Char’s on the case and is determined to find the killer . . . if the killer doesn’t find her first!

Sex, Lies, and Snickerdoodles is book 2 in the award-winning Working Stiffs Mystery series.
While the books can be read out of order, starting with book 1 is recommended as some story threads run from book to book.

The Working Stiffs Mystery series:
Trudy, Madly, Deeply (#1)
Sex, Lies, and Snickerdoodles (#2)
There’s Something About Marty (#3)
You Can’t Go Gnome Again (#4)
Dogs, Lies, and Alibis (#5)

Texas Troubles (An Ollie Stratford Mystery Book 1)

by N.C. Lewis

Want to get away from the daily grind? So did Ollie!

Middle aged Professor Ollie Stratford’s been hounded by a psycho realtor, outrun by a bunch of grandma’s, taken advice from sock puppets, stuck in a brimming toilet bowl, and almost run out of college by a drunken professor. How is that for her first few days in a quiet little Texas town she never wanted to live in?

Thrust into the middle of a murder mystery with a dwindling pile of cash and very few leads Ollie starts digging. Along the way, she teams up with an oddball reporter, a dreadlocks flashing lawyer, a grandma who teaches mixed martial arts, and a stray dog named Bodie. Can she discover the identity of the killer in time or will she end up being the next victim?

If you like cozy mysteries, clever animals, southern charm, and coffee, you’ll love Texas Troubles, the first in a fun series of Ollie Stratford Murder Mysteries set in a small Texan Hill Country town, with all its quirky inhabitants.
Pick up this page turner today!

Prince of the Sea

by Jon Michaelsen

Jonathan Lemke thought spending two weeks alone with his partner in a beachside cottage would help to rekindle the lost passion of their ten-year union. He’d chosen Tybee Island, a quiet seaside community on the Georgia coast east of Historic Savannah. Jonathan had spent his childhood growing up on the pristine shores of the barrier islet which continues to hold a special place in his heart. The romantic surprise backfires when Paul, Jonathan’s partner, rushes off to Chicago for the chance to woo a high profile client, leaving Jonathan alone and brokenhearted until a chance meeting with a mysterious and seductive stranger linked to a beloved island legend provides a chance at discovering forever love. But someone with strong familial ties to Tybee Island is desperate to expose its secrets and avenge a grudge decades in the making. An assailant so threatened by the forces of nature that defy explanation, he will stop at nothing to unmask ancient island lore…even if he must kill to prove it.

The Fire Raven: Welcome To Winter

by Alex Owumi

The journey to unlock her past has been a tough one for Raven. The search has taken her all over the world with people she never knew existed and committing crimes she never thought she was capable of. The road has been difficult and quite confusing for Raven but her main focus is to unlock her past at all cost. As she finds out more and more about her family and the love ones she has lost, she discovers that the one person missing from her life for the past ten years, her father all of a sudden finds his way back to her.
But as she wants answers about her past, her family wants her to switch her focus to something more important. They convince her to focus on the family business and join them in their venture to overtake the agency from the most dangerous people in the world.

The Hidden Genes of Professor K: A Medical Mystery Thriller (Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 3)

by Gabriel Farago

“Outstanding Thriller” of 2017
Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards

The Hidden Genes of Professor K combines imagination, history, and knowledge of the leading edge of medical science to weave an epic tale of greed and intrigue. It takes the reader into the recesses of the human psyche, the hidden corners of history, and the dark matter of the human genome. The secrets are all there.”
Professor John Mattick AO FAA,
Executive Director of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia

World-renowned scientist, Professor K knows he’s close to a ground-breaking discovery. He also knows he’s dying. With his last breath he anoints Dr Alexandra Delacroix as his successor and pleads with her to carry on his work. Delacroix unwittingly enters a dangerous world of unbridled ambition and greed that threatens to destroy her. Desperate and alone, she turns to celebrated author and journalist, Jack Rogan.

Alistair Macbeth, self-made billionaire and enigmatic founder of Blackburn Pharmaceuticals, has a murky past. He knows he must secure Professor K’s discovery for his empire, or perish. Powerful and ruthless, he will stop at nothing to achieve his dark and deep desires.

Meanwhile, when the parents of a famous rock star, Isis, are brutally murdered, Jack Rogan is asked to investigate.

On a perilous journey of discovery that takes them around the globe, Jack and Lola Rodriguezâ??Isis’ resourceful PAâ??join forces with Jana Gonski, a former police officer; Dr Bettany Rosen, a tireless campaigner for the destitute and forgotten; and Tristan, a gifted boy with psychic powers. Together, they expose a complex web of fiercely guarded secrets and heinous crimes of the past that can ruin them all and change history.

Will Rogan succeed? Will the dreams of a visionary scientist with the power to change the future of medicine fall into the wrong hands, or will his genius benefit mankind and prevent untold misery and suffering for generations to come?

An important message from the author

“Gabriel, you have a message for your readers regarding the order in which the books in the Jack Rogan Mysteries series can be read. Could you please explain?”

Gabriel Farago
“That’s right. It is important to keep in mind that the books in the series are NOT sequels, but â??stand alone,’ and can therefore be read in any order. In short, the reader does not have to start with book one and go from there to understand and fully appreciate the characters and the storyline.”

“But the books are of course linked – right?”

Gabriel Farago
” They are, but only loosely. Readers who are familiar with the earlier books will recognise subtle nuances, references and links which will add to the enjoyment of the book, but this is definitely not necessary. Each book can be read and enjoyed independently.”

“Because each book stands alone?”

Gabriel Farago
“Correct. I would therefore suggest that readers choose the books according to subject matter and not according to the number they occupy in the series, unless they would like to embark on the â??full journey.’ The best way to do this would be to purchase the books as a set and then read them in the order in which they appear in the series. A great literary adventure; promise!”

medical mysteries
medical thrillers
medical fiction

The Mystery of Ruby’s Sugar (Ruby Dove Mysteries Book 1)

by Rose Donovan

Christmas, 1934.

The snow lies heavy around Pauncefort Hall. Dress designers Ruby Dove and Fina Aubrey-Havelock leave behind their Oxford exams to rescue Lady Charlotte’s wardrobe. But what Lady Charlotte doesn’t know is that Ruby is on a missionâ??a mission to avenge her family and bring down an empire.

As the weather worsens, Ruby and Fina are drawn into the intrigues of Lady Charlotte’s other guests, who include a princess, a furiously left-wing don, a West End starletâ??and, it seems, a murderer. After the two resident cads are poisoned, Ruby and Fina must find the culprit and still carry out their secret plansâ??all before the law arrives. But Pauncefort Hall can remain snowbound for only so long. 

The Mystery of Ruby’s Sugar is the first book in the Ruby Dove historical cozy mystery series.

If you like Barbara Neely, Rhys Bowen, and G.M. Malliet, then you’ll love Rose Donovan’s fashion-spy-amateur sleuth heroes, Ruby Dove and Fina Aubrey-Havelock.

Pour yourself a warm beverage and nestle down with The Mystery of Ruby’s Sugar this evening.

Prowl (Nothing Else Matters But Survival Book 1)

by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Brooklyn, Drew, Symone, and Leah grew up the best of friends. Their parents co-own and operate Patterson Pharmaceutical Company, a thriving business that has continuously grown over the last ten years. But after the economy took a hard turn, the family business suffered significant losses, leaving the family’s income on pins and needles. To make matters worse, the property the Patterson’s inherited from their late grandparents is up for auction from missed payments the family was not aware they’d missed. With the family’s debt growing and relationships being tested, the four friends decide to take drastic measures to get the funds needed to secure generational survival. Being high-end thieves was not something they agreed on overnight. Taking from the less fortunate they couldn’t stomach, But stealing from those who already had plenty might just save the family from ruin.

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