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Some Will be King Makers: A singe mother’s journey raising African American Males

by Deborah Watkins

This book captures the soul of a single African American mother while raising two successful sons. African American males are becoming an endangered species. They have different needs from other males in society. Why because they are not given the same regard in American society. It is a constant battle to be treated with the same respect and dignity as other males. They need stability, support, exposure, male role models, spirituality, mentoring and love. Not only do African American males need all of these elements, if you are a single mother, you have the same needs. This book reveals to single mothers the importance of building a life for themselves in order to build a life for their sons.
Raising sons is not an easy task. However if done right it can be so rewarding. This is a call to action to single moms. The charge is what do you want to release unto society? “Killers or Kings” If you are vigilant, you too will become a King Maker.

How to Talk to Your Child about Sex

by Alen Hosman

Sex, for some parents, is a taboo topic. But, it is important for these people to realize that it is better that their children would learn about the birds and the bees from their parents than from other kids their age.

This book will help parents on they can speak to their kids about sex; build a stronger relationship with their children, and to ensure that their kids are getting correct and accurate information about sexuality.

I hope that this book is able to help you understand your kids.

Good luck !

Get Over a Break Up: The Five Step Guide to Get Over Your Ex, Break Bad Habits and Learn to Love Yourself

by Robin Martel

One of the hardest times in your life is undoubtedly the breakdown of a relationship. If you were the one to end the partnership or you have been left heartbroken by your ex, the pain that you feel during this time is difficult to deal with.

I have been there – where you are right now. I’ve felt the pain, loss and rejection of a break up.

I have written this book to guide you through the break up and offer you advice and the comfort that you can and will get over this; just like I did. From sobbing myself to sleep to now feeling the best version of myself, I tackled my break up head on and came out on top.

The five steps I guide you through in this book include:

Getting to know the seven stages of grieving the relationship and how to handle each stage
Maintain zero contact and generating the willpower to do this
Breaking the emotional and mental bad habits you create after the break up
A guide to self-care and how to apply this to your life
Moving on

I offer a glimpse into my own break up and show you how you can come out of this on the other side even better than before.
Restore yourself and claim the confidence you deserve. Get Over a Break Up will teach you how to do this and leave you inspired to love the most important person: you.

First Time Pregnant: Go from Clueless to Confident during Your First Pregnancy (Super First Years Book 1)

by Elane Holloway

Congratulations on your expected baby!

Expecting a baby and becoming a new mom is a very exciting time in your life. Unfortunately, it can also be very stressful -and at times down right frightening- if you do not know what to expect.

If this is your first pregnancy, this is a must read.

This book is designed for the first time mom to be as a basic guide to help you make the most of your pregnancy and prepare yourself for the changes you will go through and your eventual delivery.

A Preview of What You Will Learn about Your Pregnancy and What You Can Expect During this Exciting Time of Your Life

-Discover the best nutrition practices to keep both you and baby healthy.
-Learn how to safely fit exercise into your pregnancy!
-Find out what to expect during each of your three trimesters.
-Become prepared for your delivery day and new baby!
-And Much more!

Packed full of practical tips for the pregnant mom that you can use to have the pregnancy of your dreams!

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My Anger (IMNarcEvil Book 7)

by I.M. Narcissist

I am the narcissist. I am allowed to get angry. I can unleash my anger in many forms, and it is socially acceptable to society. You, however, cannot unleash your anger on anyone. You are not allowed to do so, as society doesn’t like empaths who show their anger. You are expected to be prim and proper and put together at all costs and under all circumstances.
I expect you to be 100% obedient to me at all costs. Don’t you unleash your anger on me, or there will be consequences. I am your master. You are not allowed to talk back to me or to challenge my authority. I am the ruler of this world that I created; you asked me to create this world for you. I listened when you requested me to build a fantasy world for us to exist in. Why are you being so ungrateful now?
I love to use my anger to make people do whatever it is that I want them to do. I know that by asking for things, I am usually denied. I am not fond of social niceties, chit chat or trying to compromise with anyone. I only get what I want when I stomp on other people, stromp around or smash objects. I only get what I want when I threaten and intimidate others. I only get what I want by behaving like a bully and making people give me what I want.
My temper is my greatest asset. I can make people behave around me by showing my temper. I can make people respect me by slamming my fist down and spewing a few ill choice words. I can command all of the empaths in the world bow at my feet because they are scared, threatened and intimidated by my display of power.

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How to lose friends and irritate people by Victor Crow: Keep this in your bathroom for fun reading Authored by Victor Crow

by Victor Crow

Victor Crow


If you want a good laugh, you need to read this book. Send it to your friends or family members.

Remember to not take life so serious. Enjoy it and see what happens.

Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Steps For Sexual Abuse Recovery

by Hanna Monahan

Sexual abuse in children is a horrible thing many children experience yet they don’t know how to deal with it as a child, and they never learn how to deal with it as they become an adult. You’re about to discover how to overcome childhood sexual abuse once and for all and be on the path to sex abuse recovery and start your new life. There’s millions of sexually abused children that have experienced childhood sexual abuse and this often results in unhealthy relationships as a child becomes an adult.

Most victims realize how big of a problem this is, but still can’t get over the painful experience and cope with it properly. The truth is, if you have suffered from childhood sexual abuse it’s just a matter of getting the right help and support to start your sexual abuse recovery. This book goes into a step-by-step strategy for sexual abuse recovery and shows you how to free yourself from the pains that childhood sexual abuse can cause and set you free to take control of your life.

Protocolo de eventos familiares â?? Tomo I: Bautizo, primera comunión, quince años, matrimonio (Eventos Familiares Tomo I nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Maria C Gomez L

Las celebraciones familiares son los espacios con los que cuentan las familias para relacionarse y compartir, mantener una red social y mostrar sus tradiciones a los demás. Estas reuniones se convierten en acontecimientos familiares muy importantes donde los niños y los jóvenes tienen la oportunidad de relacionarse con otros parientes de distintas edades, los adultos de recordar viejos tiempos además de ser partícipes de las costumbres familiares y sentir la cercanía, el cariño y pertenencia.
No olvide involucrarse en proyectos familiares que beneficien a su familia y amigos, pero recuerde siempre que hay que mantener unas reglas de protocolo que son las que permiten que estos eventos se lleven con el mayor respeto entre las personas. En este primer tomo de “Protocolo de eventos familiares, les comparto las normas conocidas universalmente para la celebración del bautizo, primera comunión, 15 años y matrimonio de sus hijos; en los próximos tomos les compartiré aniversarios, grados, cumpleaños, confirmación, baby shower, y muchos más eventos que nos harán vivir momentos inolvidables en familia y amigos.

The Breakthrough Guide To Breaking Up: How to change your thinking and get off your ass

by Nancy Clarik

Been dumped? Feeling an epic sense of loss right now? Eaten two tubs of ice cream without pausing for breath? Praying for divine inspiration to stop your flow of negative thinking even though you don’t believe in god? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then I suggest you put the kettle, make a nice cup of tea and let me explain to you in very simple terms why it is that your brain seems to be on a mission to destroy you right now and most importantly how to make it stop!

Break ups need not be about you breaking down, they can also be about you breaking through. You just need to know how to change your thinking and get off your ass.

About The Author:
Nancy Clarik is brilliant. As well as writing the break through guide to breaking up she also can make a really nice cup of tea and devour a whole Victoria sponge cake in one sitting. When she’s not musing over relationship breakups she can be found in classrooms around the world teaching her favourite subject, Psychology.

“She’s dead funny” Some kid talking about her behind her back at school.

AUTISTIC CHILD PARENTING COURSE: Dealing With Autistic Child? You Need This!


This is the most complete video course to learn all about autistic children to train him/her.

Narcissist: The Real Truths About The Soul Crusher (Transcend Mediocrity Book 314)

by J.B. Snow

The narcissist is the ultimate soul crusher. He strategically locates and selects his prey. He usually preys on the weak, the broken and the empathetic and sympathetic. He loves people who don’t believe in guns or violence, because he knows that he can control them without them putting up much of a fuss. The narcissist is a weakling beneath his tough exterior, thus you can believe that he will run if a male who is tougher than him challenges him.
He also won’t mess with a tough female who has a significant following. He will pick out the introverted, the shy, and the females who are low in their own sense of self-worth. The narcissist will pick out the ones who are wavering in their own beliefs and morals. After all, these are the ones that will be the most easily manipulated, abused, putdown and controlled.
Most narcissists fit into the dark triad trifecta. They are lumped in and classified with sadists, psychopaths and serial killers. Most mental health disorders and psychological syndromes have the traits of self-centeredness and the low agreeableness associated with the dark triad personality types. The dark triad personality types fall low on the Big 5 Personality Types in the agreeableness feature. Thus, the narcissist is extremely easy to call out on his narcissism. He is the most disagreeable and fussy character in all the bunch.
This ebook refers to the narcissist as your partner. It refers to him as being male. However, narcissists can be female or even androgynous. Narcissists can be gay, straight, bisexual, asexual or any other sexual orientation. Narcissists can be engineers, doctors, lawyers, judges, police officers, nurses, garbage men, psychologists, psychiatrists, guardian ad litem and more.
When we refer to narcissist in this ebook, we refer to anyone with overly self-centered personality traits. People who are constantly low in agreeableness. They dislike helping others. They were always rebellious and obstinate as children. They constantly push the boundaries. Teachers, coaches and parents are continually frustrated with them if they do not recognize the narcissist’s natural bent toward leadership and move the narcissist toward a positive path of learning personal integrity.
Even presidents and leaders can be narcissists. In fact, many of the skills necessary to climb to the top of the ladder point to blatant narcissism traits. There was recently a protest in New York by many psychologists who are claiming openly that even our president is a narcissist. In this author’s opinion, Donald Trump’s reactivity, negative attitude, disagreeableness, and lack of empathy toward others are very good signs that he is narcissistic.

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Embracing Pregnancy, Your Child, and Parenting: Your Guide Book to Learn How to Unlock the Secrets of Successful Parenting (The Wonder of Parenting Your … Your Children, and Other Peoples Kids 4)

by Patrick Baldwin

Are You About to be a Parent for the First Time and Feeling a Little Overwhelmed – This Book is for You!

Let this Book help Guide You to Unlock the Secrets of Successful Parenting, and Embracing Your New Child – Find Out More Inside

The purpose of this book is to encourage new and soon-to-be-parents to embrace their role with joy and tenacity and to remember that being a parent is the most important job God has given us.

While none of us are perfect; meaning we all make parenting mistakes (and plenty of them), if we do our job to raise our children as directed by God in the Bible, we have nothing to worry about. You can do it as God fearing Parents that seek the Living God and honor Him by following His Word on how to raise your children. Don’t let things discourage or frighten you, along the way. There will always be ups and downs in life, but in all things God is an ever present help in a time of need – Trust in Him, Allow His Word to Inspire you to become a great parent who raises awesome kids.

Table of Contents

– Handle With Care
– The Miracle of Life
– Meant to be Parents
– We’re Having a Baby
– The First Trimester
– The Second Trimester
– The Third Trimester
– Let’s Do This
– Family
– Children are the Future

chottowaraerukanasiihanasigo (Japanese Edition)

by fukuma yuu

è?ªè¡?é??å?¤å??のã?とはまã?å¾?ç¨?æ?¸ãã?とにã?てã?èº«ã?ã??å?ºã?é??びとはäº?ã?ã?äº¬é?½ã?ã??é??ã?帰ã??ã??ã?に名古å±?にè??ã?æ?»ã£ã?私はã?ç?¬æ?¸å¸?のæ??館で仲å±?とã?てå?ã?てã?ã??ã?è¢?ã??訪ねã?ã??ã?è¢?ã??æ?ç??となっã?ç³?å°¿ç??ã?æ?ªå??ã?ã?æº?足にä»?äº?ã?å?ºæ¥ãªã?ã?とã?ã??ã?æ??館ã?ã??ã??ã?荷ç?©æ?±ã?ã?ã??ã?è¿?ã?にè¡?っã?私にã?ã??幸ã?とばã?ã??ã?ã«ã¹ã??ç?¡ã?å¿?対ã??ã?ã?のでã?é?­æ?ã¦è² ã?ã??ã??å¦?くã?è¦ªå­äº?人æ??ç?¶ã¨è?©ã??落とã?なã?ã??æ??館ã??ã?とにã?ã?ã??

In Search of Heroes Story: What Did Ralph Zuranski Discover in His Search for Internet Heroes? (In Search of Heroes Stories Book 5)

by Ralph Zuranski

Ralph Zuranski has researched heroes, heroism, and the 12 roles of the heroes’ journey for over 50 years. He discovered that heroism is easier to understand, when you analyze the different events and people in your life, in light of the 12 roles: Innocent, Orphan, Warrior, Caregiver, Seeker, Lover, Destroyer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Sage and Fool. It is much easier for you to deal with your triumphs, trials, tribulations, and transformations when you embrace and live your own unique heroes’ journey.

As a Special Features writer for the Coronado Eagle newspaper in San Diego, he wrote articles about local heroes who were making a positive difference in the community. He created the “In Search of Heroes” program to encourage high school journalism students to ask questions about heroes, heroism and the heroes’ journey.

The goal was to inspire young people to research the concept of heroes, heroism, and their own heroes’ journey, so they could write their own story, to thank and honor the heroes and heroines in their lives. Hopefully, their stories would inspire other students and the community.

During his research, Ralph realized the best way to honor the heroes in your life is to write an exciting, emotionally engaging story about your heroes’ journey. The goal is to share how the heroes and heroines in your life impacted your journey.

This book teaches you how to honor those who inspired you to be a better person, overcome difficult problems and accept the responsibility for your own decisions. Your story will give them the recognition they deserve and inspire future generations. It is important to thank and honor the people who made and continue to make a positive difference in your life.

You will discover there are many unexpected heroes and mentors in your life right now. They help you break free from the situations and thought processes that block your emotional and spiritual growth.

They help you to become the person you were created to be, so you can complete your unique mission here on earth. By writing your heroes’ journey story about them and their impact on your life, you pass on to future generations the wisdom you have gained.

SEPARATI CON STILE. Consigli, Segreti e Strategie Per Affrontare Una Separazione In Maniera Consapevole e Con I Giusti Strumenti. (Italian Edition)

by Emma Travet

Secondo le stime attuali, mediamente ogni anno in Italia circa 90.000 persone decidono di separarsi e di prendere strade diverse.  Inutile dire che dietro ad una decisione come questa, tanto dolorosa quanto difficile da prendere, si nascondono tutta una serie di pensieri e di problematiche che rendono questo passo uno scoglio in apparenza insormontabile: il mantenimento dei figli, le bollette da pagare, il mutuo da saldare ogni mese e molto altro ancora. Se invece esistesse un modo per prendere consapevolezza della tua situazione attuale così da fare questo passo in maniera assolutamente lucida, saresti curiosa di venirne a conoscenza? In questo libro, ti svelerò consigli, segreti e strategie per affrontare una separazione in maniera consapevole attraverso l’utilizzo di strumenti realmente efficaci.


  • Perché avere una tua indipendenza economica è fondamentale per affrontare una separazione nel migliore dei modi.
  • Come prenderti cura del tuo corpo e della tua anima in un momento del genere.
  • L’importanza di lavorare efficacemente su di te.


  • Come imparare a gestire la tensione e lo stress al fine di evitare colpi di testa.
  • Perché circondarti di persone affini a te è fondamentale per evolvere continuamente al meglio delle tue possibilità.
  • Come gestire al meglio le faccende di casa e le altre attività domestiche.


  • Perché rivolgersi ad una mediatrice specializzata in conflitti e negoziazione è la scelta migliore che potresti prendere.
  • Come fissare un obiettivo e raggiungerlo un passo alla volta.
  • L’errore principale da non fare per cercare di salvare un rapporto.


  • Quali sono le caratteristiche che deve avere il tuo legale per gestire al meglio il processo di separazione.
  • L’importanza di fare un elenco delle spese che dovrai affrontare.
  • Come pianificare al meglio il momento in cui dare la comunicazione al tuo partner e quali parole usare.


  • Come star vicina ai tuoi figli nel migliore dei modi subito dopo la separazione.
  • Perchè circondarti di persone in grado di aiutarti a gestire eventuali imprevisti è fondamentale nel periodo post-separazione.
  • L’unico vero segreto per vivere separata, felice e contenta.

My Propaganda (IMNarcEvil Book 3)

by I.M. Narcissist

I am the narcissist. I have propaganda. I have an agenda. Everything I do is executed with precision and purpose. If you don’t go along with my propaganda, I will do everything I can do to crush you. I will use whatever means necessary to defend my honor and to hide my true nature from the rest of the world.
I know that I am a monster deep inside. I will even sign up for an email address with â??demon’ in the title because I think it’s funny to forewarn people on the down-low. I know that other people would throw stones at me if they knew what kind of monster I was. They would try to put me into prison like those serial killers are locked away for much of their lives.
I cannot let that happen, thus I will do whatever it takes to put down the haters. I won’t be able to get the respect, adoration and admiration that I deserve while I am in prison. I cannot feed my hedonistic urges in prison, therefore I am undeserving of ever being locked up no matter what I do that is wrong. I will sick the police, FBI, CIA, attorneys and court system on anyone who tries to call out my true nature to others. I will kill them if I must. I will do whatever it takes to make them shut up

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