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Profetas de Dios Desnudan al Anticristo: Profecias, Secretos Biblicos Y Misterios Profeticos de Los Ultimos Tiempos (Spanish Edition)

by Pablo Román Caballero

Yo no predico a una iglesia asustada, temerosa, ni débil. Yo predico a una iglesia que ha de ser vestida de lino fino, una iglesia que será puesta sobre caballos blancos, caballos de victoria. Una iglesia que con solo mencionar a la sangre del cordero la tierra y el infierno tiemblan.

Es mi oración que Dios use este libro para bendecir a cada maestro de la Palabra de Dios y a cada estudiante que dedica su tiempo a la investigación de temas profundos en el conocimiento y revelación de nuestro Señor.

Aquí, podrás estudiar un tema profundo y usualmente difícil de comprender, en una forma sencilla, en una secuencia lógica, y dejando que la Biblia se interprete a ella misma.

En unas pocas horas, aprenderás más de quién y cómo será el anticristo que lo que podrías aprender en toda una vida.

Si usas este libro para enseñar en grupos o en la iglesia, tendrás a tu disposición 8 clases completas, incluyendo preguntas para los estudiantes al final de cada clase en el tema de las profecías del libro de Daniel y Apocalipsis sobre el futuro Imperio del Anticristo.

Le pido a nuestro Padre en el maravilloso nombre de Jesús que sobre todas las cosas, estos estudios aquí presentados sirvan para acercarte más a su dulce Presencia y para que tu vida como cristiano y ministro se expanda a otro nivel.

Y recuerda que la vida es hermosa desde que dejamos de ver problemas y comenzamos a ver oportunidades. “En Cristo somos más que vencedores.”

Te envio un sincero abrazo. Dios te bendiga siempre.

That Was Then: A Contemporary Christian Romance (Always Faithful Book 1)

by Leah Atwood

From a USA Today Bestselling Author, comes the first book of the Always Faithful series.

When her mother died, only one person came to mind for Meg Bailey to call. Wyatt Delucaâ??U.S. Marine, first love, ex-husband.

Seven years have passed since they’ve seen one another. To fulfill a parting promise to always be there for Meg if she needed him, Wyatt–scarred, broken, and in need of healing–returns to his small hometown of Lilston, Pennsylvania.

He went to comfort Meg. In Meg, he finds solace. Can time heal their battered spirits and restore their lost years?

A heartwarming inspirational romance for all those who seek life abundant in the midst of life’s trials.

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10 NKJV

Motivation 2.0: 31 Ways To Stay Motivated Until You Succeed! (Success Habits, Motivate Yourself, Motivate To Win, Staying Motivated)

by Subha Malik

Grab 31 Ways for Staying Motivated Until You Succeed!

You start something really important to you and feel the motivation and the initial excitement for the first few days or weeks, and then suddenly you get bored and ultimately stop pursuing that thing altogether.

Then again you repeat the same cycle with something different but the end result is still the same – you quit!!

Do you wonder why this does happen to you every time? This is all because you fail to maintain the motivation needed to achieve that particular thing or goal. All your goals you want to achieve require you to stay motivated until you actually achieve them.

Staying motivated is all about feeling the force or urge to carry on the task at hand and accomplish it.
We all have an inner motivation for the betterment of our lives but there are some motivation killers that eat away the motivation with the passage of time and you feel it difficult to concentrate on a particular goal.

This book will help you to cope with those motivation killers and also it will give you some really working ways to stay motivated until you succeed.

A Review Of What You Read Inside

  • What exactly is Motivation
  • Types Of Motivation
  • What Are Motivation Pit-Falls
  • Use Motivation To Achieve Your Goals
  • How To Stay Motivated Until You Success
  • 31 Ways To Stay Motivated

Who Is This Book For?

A very interesting thing about motivation is it has something to do with how you feel. If you feel like working, you are motivated and if you don’t feel like working, you aren’t motivated. And also if you feel like starting and doing a certain business, you are motivated. If you feel like going to church, you are motivated, if not, you just aren’t motivated and so onâ?¦

Life is all about motivation and by staying motivated you can achieve everything you want to achieve. But the problem is staying motivated isn’t that easy you face many negative setbacks and motivation pitfalls along the way.

This book is for those who want to achieve their dream success but fail to maintain an optimum level of motivation to make their way to that success. This Book is for you if you aren’t motivated to achieve something or you fail to maintain the excitement and urge to achieve your goals.

Purpose Of The Book

Keeping in view the power of motivation and its importance in our lives, I have crafted this Book to help people achieve what they love to achieve in life.

The very basic purpose of Book is to see you as a successful person – who is always motivated and full of energy to achieve whatever he/she wants. This Book is aimed at to give you a clear Idea of what actually motivation is, what are its types, what are motivation pitfalls and finally give you 31 surefire ways to stay motivated until you succeed.

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The One Who Shows The Way: Evolving Humanity From Psycho-Logical To Psycho-Spiritual Living

by Billy Grant

This book is an ongoing psychosynthesis of my inner conflict. It is initiated and occasionally guided by a holistic guidance that gradually differentiates itself and reveals itself as different levels and types of holistic guidance.
It synthesizes several perceptions of Christianity with a few present-day spiritual trainings and teachings, including the teachings of Jesus and Watchman Neeâ??a profound seer of divine revelation.
It invites us to see what has gone wrong in society since we abandoned the female-centred Celtic Christianity, for a distorted male-dominated Christianity, instead of finding the synthesis of both.



So ¿Are we being simulated? Well, maybe, but there are a few conditions that need to be met, obviously, we have no authority over this topic, so please take everything I say with a grain of salt, based on a modified version of the original simulation argument by Nick Bostrom, we have five assumptions for you, if they’re true, you dear reader are living in a simulation, it’s possible to simulate consciousness, but nobody knows what consciousness is, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that you could generate consciousness by simulating a brain, brains are pretty complex, if you count every interaction between synapses as one operation, your brain runs at about ten to the power of seventeen, for one hundred million billion operations per second, let’s generously assume we need ten to the power of twenty operations, to simulate one second of human consciousness, but, we don’t want to simulate just one human… We want to simulate all of human history at once, so we can skip around, let’s say we want to simulate two hundred billion humans, with an average life span of fifty years, one year has thirty million seconds times fifty years, times two hundred billion humans, times ten to the power of twenty operations, so we need a computer able to handle million, trillion, trillion, trillion operations per second, more operations than there are stars in the observable universe, a computer like this is just impossible, except, maybe it isn’t.

Letters to My Daughter: The story of how one family overcame tragedy and loss

by Tim Orr

The only thing predictable about life is its constant unpredictability. One moment you could be living the American Dream; the next, you could be immersed in grief. Regardless of where life takes you, it’s important to maintain faith in God.

Tim Orr’s life came crashing down when his wife passed away, leaving him to raise his young daughter by himself. However, an immovable faith in God guided him through the heartbreak, and he and his daughter found a new way forward.

In Letters to My Daughter, Orr tells the story of how he escaped a life of sin and depression and found one of faith and happiness. He and his wife had many wonderful years together and completed their family with Faith, a young daughter with Down syndrome. When Faith’s mother passed away, Orr wrote poignant yet comforting letters to prepare Faith for life without her mother.

Though difficult to accept, tragedy is a part of life. Letters to My Daughter proves that the love of family and God can help us rise from the deepest pits of despair to the great heights of hope.

Immersed in His Glory: Free Featured Sample

by Michael Lombardo

Enjoy this FREE featured sample from Michael Lombardo’s upcoming new book!”)

Spirit of Christmas (a novella)

by Kyle Andrews

Eight year old Aidan Shores has been pulled from the only home he’s ever known. Now living in unfamiliar surroundings during the happiest season of all, young Aidan begins to notice a growing fear within his parents. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more their worry builds. The more questions he asks, the more secretive they become.

Aidan’s concern for his family will lead him to a dark and unsettling discovery… The true nature Santa Claus.

This holiday tale is not intended for children.

Summer of Sweetness

by Julie Joseph

Twenty-something Laura Martin has always wanted to travel. She never thought she’d spend her first vacation outside of the Midwest on a little-known Florida resort island as someone’s nanny. With two rambunctious twins in tow, she has to deal with her snippy and emotionally distant rich employers the DeVilliers while trying to make the most of spending her every waking moment as the only responsible adult on the trip.

But when she meets Josh Philips, the handsome activities director at their luxury resort, the little time she gets to spend with him makes it all worthwhile. He shows her what life on the island can be like, and they talk about their shared dream of running a bed and breakfast one day.

There’s a storm brewing though, as she realizes the trip will only last so long. With a real tropical storm on the horizon, how will they make their summer romance last and become something more?

Jacobâ??s Tale: Amish Romance

by Hannah Miller

A standalone short story with HEA!

Naomi’s impression of Jacob was not all that pleasant. He came across as rude, selfish, and downright cold. The entire village realized that he was a bit of a troublemaker. When Naomi’s father requires some extra help around the farm, he reaches out for Jacob’s help at his father’s recommendation, much to Naomi’s dismay.

She spends her days avoiding him and being infuriated by him. She becomes so angry that she starts to notice when her sister starts to act and think the same way. And just before winter hits, her father needs even more help around the farm, Naomi steps up to help.

One of the family horses is rowdy and unruly, and Naomi has difficulty controlling her. Narrowly avoiding an accident, she discovers something unexpected about Jacob, something that could change the way she sees him for the rest of her life.

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Song Divine: A New Lyrical Rendition of the Bhagavad Gita

by Lissa Coffey

There has been a renaissance with all things Vedic these days. Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda have become an important part of our own western culture. Lissa Coffey saw this coming back in 2004 when her bestselling book “What’s Your Dosha, Baby” came out. “American Veda” by Phil Goldberg came out in 2010 and stoked the trend further.  It’s taken a while to get here, but we are definitely here now. It is a natural progression when we get into all this to search for more, and all roads lead to the spiritual aspect of it, the roots.

That’s what the Bhagavad Gita is all about. But even with the editions available in English, there hasn’t been one that has captured the attention of the west, one that is easily accessible, and easy to relate to without massive explanation. A long-time student of Vedanta, Lissa Coffey saw this need. She learned so much from the Bhagavad Gita that she wanted others to understand just how rich and wonderful it is, and how much it meant to her.


Lissa Coffey, an award-winning songwriter, put her skills to work. Song Divine is written in verse and rhyme, the way the Bhagavad Gita (translated to “The Song of God” from Sanskrit) was originally intended. It is poetic, taking away the heaviness of trying to decipher the original text and leaving the pure, simple, spiritual truths.

Song Divine includes illustrations by acclaimed artist Rajesh Nagulakonda, adding a colorful creative component to the text, as so much can be conveyed through images. Song Divine is appealing to all ages, and all cultures. It is a unique blend of east and west, ancient and modern, providing the universal spiritual messages that we so desperately need to hear right now.


A Real Good Man (1-4): Standalone African American Romance

by Temple Leery

So you know, I had an affair with an older man. Yes, I was a side chick. I’m not proud of that. On top of that, he wasnt just any older man. He’s a clergy. Cliché’ I know, but I fell for it. I thought I was in love. Turns out though, he wasn’t. Only I didn’t find that out until I got pregnant and he discarded me like a used dish rag.

To add insult to injury he insisted I get an abortion and when I refused, he threatened me. Now I’ve met a wonderful new guy. Someone my own age. We attend the same college. Things are heating up between us, but he doesn’t know that I’m pregnant. Until, that is the truth is revealed while I am in the hospital recovering from an accident.

In the hospital, I tried to keep it a secret who the father was, but I cracked under pressure. And when mama found out she went to confront pastor. That’s when the decision is made to ship me off to Martha’s Vineyard with my Aunt and Uncle. Mama said it was for my best, but she had a secret of her own. There are only three things I want: (1) A healthy baby (2) The man of my dreams and (3) Pastor David Monroe to die a slow and painful death. I’ll even settle for two out of three.

A Brief Introduction to Inner-Peace: Find your Inner-Peace E-Booklet

by Callum MB

“A Brief Introduction to Inner-Peace” will take you through; Meditation, friendships, sincereness, acceptance and various other topics to help you accomplish Inner-Peace in your life.

Praying on the Whole Armour of God

by Christopher Thomas

In a fresh visit to this sometimes neglected subject of the Armour of God, author, Chris Thomas, takes us on a journey through the Bible landscape to help us understand, and to apply, this truly awesome, spiritual blessing that is ours in Christ.

It endeavours to be both a Bible study and practitioner’s book in the truest sense, that is, it looks in detail at:

1. theology – what the Bible teaches us about God through prayer and His armour

2. practice – how we apply the truth of theology in everyday living as we walk and talk with God

The book is based upon the author’s own experience of praying on the whole armour of God for the last 16 years. It is full of theological reflections and practical hints that will profit the reader and will especially encourage those who commit themselves daily to follow Paul’s exhortation:

…be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armour of God… (Eph. 6:10-11)

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