Free religious fiction Kindle books for 27 Dec 17

Hearts on Fire: Amish and Firefighter Romance

by Etenia Hoffman

A Standalone Sweet Clean Amish Romance. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

This heartbreaking story begins with danger and suspense but ends with compassion, romance, and true love. The plight of the Amish Johannsen family follows a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs but love wins out in the end. The story covers interesting societal issues that anyone can relate to. Follow the trajectory of these young people’s lives as they make their way through loss, growing up, and reaching adulthood. A cast of interesting characters come in and out of the Johannsens’ lives as romantic love grows alongside great friendships.

Hearts on Fire has dynamic relationships at many different ages, from siblings and peers, children and adults, and adults of varying age. Get caught up in a mystery with a surprising twist on who the guilty parties are and the motive for the crime. Our firefighter hero is young, handsome, and Amish! He finds himself entangled in an unfolding drama with the woman that he loves but she doesn’t know he’s alive.

Can he save the lovely young woman before it’s too late, or will her drama bring an end to his life as he knows it? This great story with a happy ending will make you want to fall in love with our hero, too.

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A romance novel ending happily ever after PLUS free bonus clean romance short stories inside!

The Christmas Carousel (A Sweet Holiday Romance Book 1)

by Annabel Allen


The annual Christmas Festival is almost here and Ashley Kirby has been put in charge of decorating the church’s gym for the festivities. She was looking forward to the festival but can’t help but remember past Christmas festivals at Winterbourne, the now empty and derelict estate next to the church. For over a hundred years, the Winter family had hosted the Christmas Festival bringing yuletide cheer to every man, woman, and child of the town. Unfortunately all that came to an end ten years ago when old Mr. Winter died.

Ashley has fond memories of the Winterbourne Christmas Festival and even fonder memories of Mark Winter, the heir to the Winterbourne estate. So when she discovers that Mark has returned after a long ten year absence, she’s determined to recapture some of that old magic, as well as the man she loved and lost.


Mark Winter was forced to leave Winterbourne ten years ago after his grandfather died. If he had his way, he would have run away with the beautiful preacher’s daughter he had loved ever since they had kissed under the mistletoe one Christmas Eve long ago. But it wasn’t meant to be. Ashley was his best friend’s girl, off-limits, unattainable and, he was pretty sure, now married to the new preacher.

So he’s returned home with three goals in mind: sell Winterbourne, stay far away from Ashley as he possibly can, and then leave as quickly as possible. Preferably before Christmas.

There’s just one problem with his plan.
Ashley has a plan of her own and she’s not about to let Mark go.

The Christmas Carousel is a sweet holiday romantic comedy novella approximately 33,000 words in length.

The Gift of Christmas: The Novella Range

by Ian Shimwell

A young woman cycles precariously through a snowy wonderland, carrying the most precious gift of all…

A troubled family encounter a stranger on the bleakest of Christmas Eves – a man who knows far more about them than he possibly could. And what exactly is this ‘gift of Christmas’ he so reverently speaks of..?

Giving You the Best of My Love

by Sonya Visor

Chase Anderson was hauled off to jail, leaving his wife, Nicole with shattered dreams and puzzled pieces. It has taken Nicole a while to adjust but time has not healed her broken reality. Three years have passed, and Chase is “free at last”, begging Nicole to hear him out. Will Nicole choose to remain in Bittersville rather than forgive her lying and cheating man? Can Nicole sort through the pieces to get a clear picture or will her mind take her far from the man of her dreams?

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