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The Miraculous Black Seed Oil: The Cure to All Diseases Except Death

by Safwan K

The Miraculous black seed oil or black cumin oil is the cure for all diseases except death.

Black seed oil has been used in the middle east for centuries as an alternative medicine to hundreds of diseases known to man. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) himself declared “Black seed oil to be the greatest medicine of them all. He also said, Black Cumin heals every disease except for death”. This sentence alone shows how powerful this oil can be.

Many people drink this medicine for headaches, body aches, colds, respiratory issues, digestive issues, asthma, skin issues, hair loss etc.

This book will serve as an excellent source that will provide you with over 40 cures for everyday ailments. We have provided step by step techniques on how to use black seed oil and how it can cure you naturally. In addition, we have provided a few ways on how you can use black seed oil as a beauty aid and help in getting better skin and hair.

Black seed oil contains over 20-30 vitamins and minerals that the body requires to function properly on a daily basis. Black seed oil helps to nourish our body and replaces these vitamins to keep our body active, free from infections and diseases.

This book contains the cures for the following ailments:

1. Mental Ailments and Nervous Debility
2. Weak Memory
3. Alopecia & Bald Spots
4. Cancer
5. Asthma
6. Sore Throat
7. Indigestion
8. Eczema & Ringworm
9. Spleen Enlargement
10. Meningitis
11. Jaundice
12. Recurring Fever
13. Laziness & General Weakness
14. Hiccups
15. Epilepsy
16. Migraine
17. Diabetes
18. Teeth & Gums
19. Nausea & Vomiting
20. Beautiful Face & Fair Skin
21. Piles
22. Diarrhoea
23. Constipation
24. Flatulence
25. Cataract

and more

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome: AIWS, Migraines and Perceptual Distortion (Transcend Mediocrity Book 311)

by J.B. Snow

Some of my readers download this book because they have Alice In Wonderland Syndrome. Others download it because they are curious about this elusive disorder and the strange name that it is known by. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is listed as one of the top 8 rarest disorders in the world, however, I believe that a majority of Alice In Wonderland Syndrome sufferers experience this disorder in silence and without treatment, or they are too young to verbalize to their parents and physicians what their symptoms are in order to get a diagnosis.
This ebook will discuss what Alice In Wonderland Syndrome is (AIWS), age of onset of the symptoms, why it is named AIWS, where it might come from, what the symptoms of AIWS are, what distortions are included in AIWS, causes and therapies for AIWS. We will also cover Sensory Processing Disorder, Irlen Syndrome, Pineal Gland Cysts, Chiari Malformation, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Migraines, Cow Protein Intolerances, and other conditions related to Alice In Wonderland Syndrome.

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Devastation: The Narcissist’s Game (Transcend Mediocrity Book 313)

by J.B. Snow

Anyone who has ever been around a narcissist knows how nasty his game can be. The narcissist will gaslight you. He will destroy your business and your financial security. He will annihilate your relationships with almost everyone in your life. If you don’t like him, or if you speak ill of him, he will do whatever it takes to demean, devalue and destroy you. He will murder your inner character, and sometimes, he will even murder you.
If you listen to XM Radio HLN station 127, or watched Snapped television series, you will have your eyes opened to exactly how calculated and murderous the narcissist can be. Don’t count on the police or the FBI to catch a narcissist. He has been planning how to do bad things to other people for most of his life. He had fantasies of harming others for much of his life, and he might have even been prone to bullying his classmates or harming animals.
The source of the narcissism is often his genetics and his brain wiring. Sometimes, a normal child can be predisposed to having narcissism after a head injury or a specific illness. Childhood abuse or sexual molestation can cause narcissistic traits. The way in which the narcissist fell mentally ill is not your problem. You will never fix the narcissist, because the narcissist is convinced that there is nothing wrong with HIMâ?¦
In his mind, it’s you that is damaged, and he will let everyone in his life know that you are damaged so that he can drag your name through the mud and elicit sympathy from others. The narcissist is always either the controller or the victim. If you have boycotted his complete and ultimate control over you, he will make sure to make himself look like the victim to everyone around him. He will make you look like the bully just because you refused to be controlled by him!
The narcissist will constantly elicit sympathy and empathy from even the men in his circle by calling you â??clingy’, â??codependent’ or â??a nag’. The narcissist doesn’t strive to get to know your personality or how you relate to the word or how you communicate. All he knows is that you are being difficult and not letting him get his way. In his mind, you are a nag every time you open your mouth with a thought or opinion or idea or plan that conflicts with his â??ideal’ partner or relationship.
Many narcissists hate other people, but they are aware that other people are necessary for their own survival. They only hang with other people because they might get a high from it in the way that extroverts get energized in being around other people. They only hang with other people because they are aware that they need other people for their very survival. A narcissist knows that he cannot take care of himself in this world, thus he will seek out to network with other people in order to get himself ahead, even if he detests those other people and thinks that he is better than them!
The reward centers of their brain actually gives off chemicals that make them feel good when they get narcissistic attention from other people. They constantly seek this attention, which makes them extremely prone to cheating and flirting with nearly anyone who will give them attention. This is an addiction to him, and he behaves like an erratic addict trying to get his â??fix’ on a rather continuous basis.

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Acid Reflux: Proven Methods to Cure Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and GERD (acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn relief)

by Anthony Wilkenson


Proven Methods to Cure Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and GERD

This book, “Power of Habit: Building One Good Habit at a Time for Ultimate Success,” is about taking your life to the next level of success – but not through motivation or inspiration. We have none of those hyped transformations and overnight success stories in this book because they only trick you into doing too much too soon. This book will only teach you the things you really need to succeed – building good habits. The book explains why habits are powerful, how habits become habits, and how to replace the bad habits with the good habits creating a new “you” who is primed for success. You don’t need those overhyped inspirational overnight success stories to motivate you to reach greater heights. What you need is to develop the same habits those successful people have to propel you to success.

Acid Reflux is a health condition where acidic stomach fluid leaks back up the food pipe (the esophagus) causing heartburn – a burning pain felt internally around the lower chest area. It is quite common for people to experience occasional heartburn since acid reflux usually results from eating or drinking certain types of food or drink for some people. However, the frequent occurrence of heartburn may indicate a more severe form of acid reflux condition called GERD (Gastro- Esophageal Reflux Disease). Although the condition may not be life threatening, it may lead to more serious health conditions in the future such as cancer if left unattended or uncared for. The book will help you eradicate the condition for good and prevent it from recurring without resorting to medication or surgery. I hope you find the information and recommendations truly valuable.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • What Is Acid Reflux and Why People Have It?
  • How Do You Know for Sure You Have Acid Reflux
  • How Do You Know for Sure You Have Acid Reflux?
  • Conventional Treatment of the Acid Reflux Disease
  • The Medical Paradigm and the Sad Truth about Conventional Medicines
  • The Best Cure Is No Cure at All
  • The Gut Is Where Everything Begins
  • Plugging the Gaping Hole

>>>And much, much more

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Alternative Medicine Collection: 250 Proven Homemade Medicine Recipes to Healing Without Pills

by Ross Houston

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Alternative Medicine Collection: 250 Proven Homemade Medicine Recipes to Healing Without Pills

Home remedies include the treatment of illnesses via natural things. These things include vegetables, spices, herbs and different exercises that can be done at home. People have been following these ways since ancient times. Many of the today’s world remedies are the products of traditional folks. They believed in nature and remained strong internally as well as externally because of their pure lifestyle.

This book includes tips of treating different kinds of illnesses like fever, flu, body pains, infections, burns and cuts. Homemade remedies are easy, convenient as you don’t have to go out of the house, you can just turn towards your kitchen if you need something to get some kind of relief from your illness. The main thing which makes home remedies so perfect is that even if for the most remedies there are no scientific evidences, there are no side effects to them in contrast to modern medicine, which are most of the times ineffective, expensive and has dozens of side effects. So, this is the small guide for those who are not familiar with the use of homemade remedies and are unaware of the treasures they have in their houses for their illnesses.

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فÙ? اÙ?حرب (Arabic Edition)

by Sun Tzu

أحد Ø£Ù?Ù?Ù? اÙ?Ù?ؤÙ?Ù?فات اÙ?عسÙ?رÙ?Ø© عÙ?Ù? اÙ?إطÙ?اÙ?Ø? Ø£Ù?Ù?فÙ? اÙ?عبÙ?رÙ? اÙ?صÙ?Ù?Ù? «سÙ?Ù? تزÙ?» سÙ?Ø© 600 Ù?بÙ? اÙ?Ù?Ù?Ù?ادØ? إعتبر Ù?فترة Ø·Ù?Ù?Ù?Ø© Ù?رجعاÙ? Ù?اÙ?Ù?اÙ? Ù?Ù?إستراتÙ?جÙ?ات Ù?اÙ?Ù?سائÙ? اÙ?عسÙ?رÙ?Ø©. Ø­Ù?Ø« Ù?اÙ? Ù?Ù? تأثÙ?ر ضخÙ? عÙ?Ù? اÙ?تخطÙ?Ø· اÙ?عسÙ?رÙ? Ù?دÙ?Ù?اÙ? Ù? حدÙ?ثاÙ?.

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