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Red Dirt Zombies: The Battle for Roswell Georgia (Red Dirt Zombies Book 1)

by Michael Peirce

In the midst of a Zombie apocalypse and nuclear horror the libertarian governor of Georgia must impose martial law and act against her personal beliefs to enable the people of her state to survive.

Ultimately new problems arise: mass insanity and almost universal PTSD. Virtually everyone is armed and suicides actually threaten human viability.

Z-War I: The War Against the Re-Animated Dead.

The first hard evidence that dead bodies were re-animating and attacking human beings with terrifying ferocity was ignored by most. The official government line stated that this was a health crisis but very much under control.

In the United States there was one governor who initiated the actions necessary to just barely withstand the onslaught of those frantic, howling creatures when they did rise en masse and came close to destroying humanity. Georgia Governor Vera Selvedge’s own badly injured son and his comrades from the Guard had convinced her that the threat was real.

The footage of the frantic dead rampaging through a lunatic asylum in the Middle East could not be ignored. The Georgia Guardsmen had carefully documented that horror before the troopers blew the haunted building to fragments and then blasted it again, just to be sure.

Three years later it had become impossible to deny that outbreaks were occurring all over the world. Other states and other countries were trying desperately to play catch up, many of them looking to Georgia for a blueprint. Only Georgia had been able to really prepare in time, and put together a talented and eccentric cast of dedicated men and women who would do whatever it took to save their state.

In Georgia the National Guard, State Defense Forces and militia fought a series of desperate battles while the central government unleashed a frenzied and ill planned nuclear response that almost completed what the re-animates had failed to accomplish.

With Washington buried in radioactive dust, US Army troops joined the fight and put themselves under the command of Governor Selvedge and her Director of Public Safety, Stephen Harper.

There were battles and skirmishes all over the state of Georgia but this is the story of the fight that was later called The Battle for Roswell Georgia.

Swarm: A Bio-Terrorism Thriller (The F.A.S.T. Series Book 3)

by Shane M Brown

Mankind excels at killing.
We are especially creative when killing each other.
This was true ten thousand years ago.
This holds true now.
The only difference is the scale of destruction we have learned to unleash.
Few can comprehend the scale of the weapon that Krisko Borivoj (a.k.a Bora) has now unlocked. Within the last two weeks, Bora’s scientists have engineered a weapon surpassing the destructive power of a nuclear warhead.
Far surpassing.
Now he is ready to launch.
Right now, off the east coast of America, Bora’s hand-picked team of highly-skilled terrorists are securing the perfect location to launch their weapon. Within the next two hours, they will launch their attack.
An underwater power facility might seem an unlikely location from which to launch the most devastating weapon mankind has ever devised, but the small team of US Marines tasked to defend the facility will soon learn the truth.
They will learn how blood-thirsty some men can become.
They will learn that failure will leave our world in unrecognizable turmoil.
And they will learn that Mother Nature is still the world’s deadliest assassin.

The Gentleman Volunteer (Redcoat Book 1)

by J.S Cole

1745 and Europe is at war. Great armies march across the continent and for Great Britain and her allies there is only defeat. Even as the Austrian Netherlands slowly fall under the occupation of the victorious French there is talk again of a Jacobite rising, a resurgence of the old Stuart cause and bloody rebellion amongst the heather.

William Moore, young and naïve, taken suddenly from his gentle upbringing and expensive schooling, finds himself thrust unwillingly into the conflict. As a Gentleman Volunteer he is expected to serve honourably with the rank and file until rewarded a commission for bravery or competence. But being a soldier doesn’t come naturally; immature and inept he gradually finds himself ostracised and despised by both the officers and the redcoats campaigning alongside him. Fighting during the upheaval of the War of the Austrian Succession and the ‘Jacobite ’45’, Moore must quickly learn his trade and discover his place amongst the chaos.

Through skirmishes in Flanders, to the rout of Falkirk Muir and the final climatic Battle of Culloden, Moore gradually finds his courage and standing, helped by the men and the inspirational women around him.

With an array of real characters gleaned from the military records and rooted in extensive historical research, The Gentleman Volunteer is a novel of conflict, love and a â??coming of age’ story in the most trying of circumstances.

First in the series of â??The Redcoat’ novels.

Great Elephant

by Alan Scholefield

Under the mercy of a fearsome kingâ?¦

Robert Fraser Black had an unusual upbringing – raised in the heart of Zululand during the reign of King Chaka, The Great Elephant.

Years later, he recalls both the idyllic and horrifying memories of his childhood.

His father, Jamie Fraser Black was a wanted criminal and the family had to flee into the veld, to escape the law of King George.

Robert’s mother died when he was too young to even remember her, but his stepmother, Frances, is the mother he always had and adored.

Robert’s closest companion is his father’s friend Stone-Axe: a Bushman whom his father saved many years ago, and Stone-Axe pledged his life to him in thanks.

As they head further north, the knowledge that they are heading to Zululand is becoming unbearable – who knows if King Chaka would let them live?

But then a chance encounter saves them.

A dying bull elephant is struggling over to a wounded man. Rescuing him, they are shocked to realise the man is Mgobozi – known as “The Hammer of Chaka”.

They are taken to the Chaka’s royal Kraal at Bulawayo, where they are assured, at least, of safe passage.

What they witness in the Kraal makes the rumours of Chaka’s cruelty sound tame in comparison.

Brutal and swift executions – the number depending only on Chaka’s mood. Even a neutral glance or a sneeze would garner Chaka’s ire.

But to the Black’s, in thanks, Chaka offers cattle and land of their choosing. To Robert’s father, they have finally found their prized kingdom of milk and honey.

So on a hill they name “Ben Mhor” overlooking the veld, they build their modest house, “Morile” and become farmers.

Robert’s life in those early years is one of happiness. He learns from Stone-Axe how to hunt and how to be stealthy.

He learns to speak Xhosi – the Zulu language – and plays alongside Zulu children.

But soon, Robert’s idyll is shattered.

His father has grown close to Chaka, at the cost of being cold and distant to his family.

Seeing their farm prosper, the Zulus treat them with indifference and then horrifying disdain. Meanwhile, Chaka is on the warpath once more.

And when they rescue a young woman named Nerissa from two slavers, their home life is irrevocably alteredâ?¦

A historical novel like no other, Great Elephant is an unflinchingly brutal tale of a frontier family’s struggle to survive and the legendary Chaka Zulu.

Praise for Alan Scholefield

â??Suspense is more or less guaranteed’ – The Observer

Alan Scholefield was born in 1931 in Cape Town, South Africa. After leaving university he became a journalist and travelled widely in southern and central Africa, Europe, and America. He now lives in Hampshire with his wife and has three daughters. Most famous for his Macrae and Silver series, Scholefield has also written other novels, including Venom, which was made into a film in 1981.

These Our Noble Sons: An American Story

by Thomas Oliver

These Our Noble Sons, a novel about childhood friendships and selfless sacrifice, features two of Oliver’s most memorable characters; delicate and reserved Robert Debruijn, who dreams of one day becoming a physician like his father; and Patrick Bennett, a popular and outspoken all-American teenage athlete.
Within the historic confines of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Robert and Patrick form an unbreakable bond during their quest to graduate from high school together and eventually get Robert into medical school. But when Robert fails to grow out of his shyness and begins to struggle with his studies, Patrick learns a family secret that brings the boys’ paths to a startling crossroads.
Compulsively readable and often fearless in its honesty, These Our Noble Sons is another remarkable example of Oliver’s truly masterful and compassionate storytelling.

Killing Gracie: A Lesbian War Story: Complete

by Holly Champion

Sergeant Heather Knox has seen her share of combat. Too much according to her loving girlfriend Tammy and her own daughter. They both want her to put down the gun and come home. But Heather has one more deployment left. And when she heads to Afghanistan for the second time, she has one dangerous, final mission: to form the first ever All Female Gun Truck Crew and spend nine months patrolling the dangerous, treacherous roads there. A mission she doesn’t even believe in. Heather just wants to take the best crew she can find. With her all female crew comes one huge problem, too:
Gracie Campbell. A beautiful, lesbian immigrant from Jamaica. She’s a good soldier, she’s just scared. Grace only joined the Army to become a citizen and make a better life for her young son. She freezes during training missions, putting her life, the lives of everyone in the Gun Truck and everyone in the convoy in danger if Heather can’t get her straightened out, and fast. Sergeant Knox has to find a way to reach her, train her up, and do it fast, without falling in love with the beautiful half white, half black soldier along the way.
And once they get in country, Heather has an even bigger problem. Gracie is sick. Or is she faking to get out of combat? Heather comes down on Gracie’s side. But the drunk Medical Officer assigned to their unit doesn’t believe her, and with nowhere else to turn Heather has to take matters into her own hands to get Gracie the help she needs. In War the needs of the Army outweigh the needs of one confused soldier.
This story has a bit of Lesbian sex, some violence and cursing as well. It’s not for the faint hearted.


by Renit Nosikov


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