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Exiled: A YA Science Fiction Romance (The Immortal Essence Duology Book 1)

by RaShelle Workman


On princess Venus’s planet of Kelari, her people go through a change at the age of sixteen, one that takes them from mortality to immortality. But on her birthday, before the change can take place, she’s hurled to Earth. It’s a planet she can’t survive on for long.
After pleading with the Gods, her guardian, Zaren counsels that the only way Venus can return home is if she helps someone find his soul mate. That seems a simple task. From her Earth Studies classes, she’s learned humans fall in love easily. But when she meets Michael her attitude changes. He’s broken, angry, and incredibly rude. Venus doesn’t even know if he can love.
With time running out, and an evil force trying to destroy her, she is determined to help Michael heal and find love. Her life, her planet, and her people depend on her success. If she doesn’t triumph, she’ll die, but if she does she might lose her heart.

“Michael and Venus have probably been the best pairing/couple that I’ve read about this year! GO READ THIS BOOK! You will love it. Seriously.” Nancy, reviewer Tumbling Books
“Writing that moves readers to ponder their hearts is good writing, and that’s what readers will find with Workman. Her protagonist is strong willed, her antagonist is easy to hate, and her mentor is easy to love.” Kathleen Brebes
“What a ride!” Taffy Lovell

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Weight Watchers Instant Pot Cookbook: Delicious Weight Watchers Smart Points Recipes That Improve Your Health And Melt Belly Fat

by Food For Life

Delicious Weight Watchers Smart Points Recipes That
Improve Your Health And Melt Belly Fat

There are different types of diet that promise a lot of health benefits. One of the diet regimens that you can follow to lose weight is the Weight Watchers diet. The Weight Watchers diet is a lifestyle-change program as it imparts dieters to eat healthier and engage in physical activities in order to lose weight.

The Weight Watchers is a membership diet program that offers you different services such as exercise programs, recipes, weekly meeting schedule, and one-on-one consultations. Unlike other types of diet regimens, Weight Watchers does not restrict dieters from eating certain foods thereby making this diet program great for people with different types of food preference.

The Weight Watchers is designed to provide dieters with all the help that they need in order to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Part of the Weight Watchers diet program is learning about how to shop and cook healthy foods by yourself.

Although the program also includes delivery of packaged foods, members are not strictly required to take this option. Another important facet of the Weight Watchers is that members can attend in-person meeting to learn more tips and tricks about dieting and weight loss. Moreover, they can also keep track of their progress with the app that is included with the program.
Discover the whole lot of new recipes with delicious and easy to make healthy meal.

90 Days in Italy: Traveler’s Notes

by Andy Valdez

What more can be said about Italys reputation? The rich culture, food and unparalleled history has influenced the world. Who hasn’t had a slice of pizza, a cup of gelato or seen photos of the legendary Colosseum. If you’ve been thinking about visiting Italy, your one of many who appreciate the Italian appeal and rightly so.

This short read is my experience having spent 90 days in the country. It’s all my mental notes in one book. This book exists to help you get the most of Italy. Whatever your timeframe for visiting is, you’ll come away with knowledge that will help you make the most of your trip. There’s a lot to do in Italy, inevitably the What to see? Where to go? of traversing Italy will keep you thinking. This book will help to answer those questions.

This is very much a cheat sheet and quick start guide to making the most of your trip. You’ve made a great choice choosing Italy as your next travel destination, one you’ll remember for a lifetime!

The Plague of Adonis – Book I: ( A Redon Geddes Novel )

by M. Rasheed

In the cover or darkness, a homeless man is kidnapped and dragged down to the bowels of New York City to a secluded place called The Palace where the face of evil awaits to take him and many others to their grave

Death sits beside him as his hapless victims fall prey to his traps

His pale skin and abnormal strength makes him unstoppable but it will take the strength of one man who’s grieving the loss of his brother to destroy the thing that lives far below the City of New York

With his mind crippled with panic attacks, Detective Redon Geddes is a man struggling to come to grips with the disappearance of his brother. As he hunts for the truth the closer he falters on the brink of insanity.
The homeless of the city are slowly vanishing. Hunted by Scouts, they’re brought to kneel at the feet of Adonis, a man with no mercy, a man who will kill anyone and anything to satisfy his thirst for power and greed.

Runes and Red Sails (Queenmaker Book 1)

by Ander Levisay

The thrilling first novel in the new fantasy adventure epic, the Queenmaker series! Dive into Heimgard, a land of old gods, shieldmaidens, restless spirits, and Viking longships!

Aelfhild never liked politics. Or knivesâ??and the two often go together in the royal court of Earnfold. But she carved out a quiet life for herself in serving the king’s daughter. It only took two days for that life to fall apart.

First, the king died. Then came assassins with swords and fire, looking for her mistress’ head.

Now Aelfhild is on the run with the kingdom’s rightful heir, and she cannot help but wonder which of the Gods she so greatly offended. Driven to the far, icy reaches of the world, the pair will contend with bloodthirsty raiders, slavers and scheming jarls, sky-splitting storms and beasts drawn from darkest legend.

Aelfhild’s world is reduced to one task: keep the would-be queen alive. It is a task that will require every last bit of her wits, her courage, and her strength. She may even have to learn how to handle a blade along the way.

Fate willing, they both might make it through this.

Runes and Red Sails is the first novel in the Queenmaker series, a roaring fantasy adventure set in a world inspired by Norse and Old English mythology.

Mediterranean Diet cookbook: With Over 100 Best Healthy Food Recipes, Meal Plan to Lose Weight

by Inna Volia

Mediterranean Diet cookbook, With Over 100 Best Healthy Food Recipes, Meal Plan to Lose Weight


The temperatures around the Mediterranean Sea are known to
produce some delicious dishes that are suitable for the overall
good health and well being. A typical Mediterranean diet
consist of lots of vegetables, legumes, wholegrain cereals, seeds
and nuts with moderate intake of fish and white meat
alongside very minimal intake of red meat. The diet also
includes consumption of healthy fats and mono-saturated oils
such as olive oil which plays such an integral part in the diet.
Polyunsaturated fats that are extracted from oily fish, nuts and
seeds also form part of Mediterranean diet.


Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Understanding Mediterranean Diet
  • Chapter 2: Benefits of being on Mediterranean Diet
  • Chapter 3: 100 Best Food Recipes
  • Chapter 4: Breakfast Recipes
  • Chapter 6: Lunch Recipes

  • Chapter 7: Snack Recipes
  • Chapter 8: Dinner Recipes
  • Chapter 9: Dessert Recipes
  • Chapter 10: Conclusion
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