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Amazon Echo Alexa: Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot Box Set 3 Books in 1 (Step by Step Amazon Alexa User Guide)

by John Slavio

Amazon Echo Box Set (3 Books in 1 with Free Gift)

Book 1: Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a smart device developed by Amazon to give voice responses to various queries. The Amazon Echo is a 9.15-inch wireless speaker which has an in-built seven-piece microphone array. The device uses the wake word Alexa but you can change it to either Echo or Amazon. The Amazon Echo device is capable of voice communication and can perform voice interaction tasks such as streaming podcasts, music playback, providing real-time information, playing audiobooks and making to-do lists, amongst others. The Amazon Echo can also be used as a home automation device to control smart devices such as your home lighting.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Setting Up Amazon Echo
  • Native Features
  • Easter Eggs
  • Applications in Daily Life
  • Connecting to Smart Home Appliances

Book 2: Advanced Amazon Echo Guide

If you have an Amazon Echo or thinking about purchasing an Amazon Echo, this book will give you all the information that you need to know. Learn the best insider tips, Amazon Echo IFTTT recipes and best ways to automate your smart home for maximum compatiblity. Did you know that one of the Amazon Smart Devices has a security feature that is a brilliant way to keep thieves away. It alternatively switches lights on and off in your rooms at regular intervals when you are away so as to make others think that you are in the house. It also teaches you the best thermostat solutions, best battery solutions and how to fix common troubleshooting errors with the Amazon Echo.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Introduction
  • An In-Depth Description of the Amazon Echo
  • 100 Compatible Devices for the Amazon Echo
  • 50 of the best Amazon Echo Recipes
  • Best uses for Smart Light Switches
  • Best Thermostats to use with Alexa
  • Amazon Echo Battery Solutions
  • Common Troubleshooting Problems
  • Conclusion

Book 3: IFTTT Recipes

Amazon Echo IFTTT recipes are the key to making your life simpler and easier. Whether you are looking to get the perfect recipe read to you while you are cooking, or automate the lights in your home so it adapts to the time of the day; this book is the answer.

Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Learn:

  • What is the Amazon Echo?
  • What are IFTTT recipes?
  • How to Set up a IFTTT Recipe
  • 454 IFTTT Recipes to Automate Your Home

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Digital Marketing

by Vinay Karwasra

1. The Basics of Internet Marketing
2. Web Analytics
3. The Basics of Conversion Optimization
4. The Basics of Search Engine Marketing
5. The Basics of Social Media Marketing
6. The Basics of Search Engine Optimization
7. Email Marketing
8. Affiliate Marketing
9. Steps to Develop Internet Marketing Strategy
10. Lead Generation
11. Internet Marketing for Mobile Devices
12. Internet Marketing Glossary

Agile Product Management: ( Box set ) Scaled Agile Scrum: Nexus & Product Owner 27 Tips to manage your product (scaled agile, scrum master, scrum of scrums, … agile program management Book 1)

by Paul VII

Agile Product Management Just Got Easier


Thank you and congratulations on taking this class, “Nexus: How to Deliver Large Projects with Scaled Agile Scrum and Manage Multiple Teams”.

In this class, you will be given a complete overview of Scrum Nexus used to scale scrum across multiple teams and deliver large projects. I promise that this class will be nothing short of informative and mind opening.
In the world today especially the business side, it is very difficult to develop a team to the level that most of us may like and still be able to maintain the team’s discipline and structure that will lead to high quality products. But with Nexus, you can solve these problems since it is a key framework for doing exactly that, even with huge teams.
I am certain that you are going to get value from this class, as it will give you a comprehensive introduction to Nexus (Scaled Scrum). In addition to that, I will walk you step by step through the history of Nexus, the practices and the principles. For a better understanding, I will provide you with lots of examples throughout this class.

-A brief recap of Agile Scrum

-What is Nexus and how it helps you to co-ordinate multiple product teams

-Why Nexus (Scaled Scrum) was created and how it can help you.

-How to increase communication to ovoid overlapping dependencies and integration issues

-How to implement the Nexus framework in your business

Without wasting time, let’s get started and let me educate you on what it takes for you to use the Nexus framework in your business.


Thank you and congratulations on taking this class, “Product Owner: 27 Tips To Manage Your Product And Work With Scrum Teams”.

In this class, you will be given a multitude of proven tips to effectively create a product and work with scrum teams.

I am confident that this class will enable you to learn a multitude of skills since it starts by giving you a full introduction to the concept of scrum and agile product development, scrum and agile principles and a host of other valuable information that will give you a full understanding of the topic. I then walk you through the process of understanding your role as a product owner, how your role differs from that of a traditional product manager, how to create products and a lot more. Once you’ve learnt all that, I will then give you valuable tips for effectively creating a product and working with teams. As you go through the class, you will come across a wide range of practical examples that you can use to understand the scrum framework a lot better. To break this class into easy to digest parts, you will learn:รข??

-A brief recap of agile and scrum, its principles and other concepts involved in scrum

-What your job as a product owner entails and how your work differs from that of a typical product manager

-How to create a product using the scrum framework

-How product creation in scrum differs from other agile frameworks like the Waterfall method.

-How to create a product roadmap

-27 tips that you can follow to create your product and to manage your scrum team

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